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Lianne Sweeny (Character)
from "The Rockford Files" (1974)

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"The Rockford Files: To Protect and Serve: Part 1 (#3.19)" (1977)
Lianne Sweeny: Jim Rockford, Jim Rockford...Newton Street Division, 1968, Watts Riots!
Jim Rockford: No...
Lianne Sweeny: No, don't tell me, don't tell me! Metro!
Dennis Becker: Jim Rockford's a private investigator, Lianne.
Lianne Sweeny: [looking as though she smells something bad] Oh...

Lianne Sweeny: It may interest you to know that Sergeant Becker rolled a code three to a major four-fifteen which could have turned out to be a one-eighty-seven.
Jim Rockford: I flunked math.

Lianne Sweeny: Hey, who's that who just walked into the shooting review?
Off. Al Mazursky: Oh, Lieutenant Chapman, ma'am.
Lianne Sweeny: Lieutenant, huh? Anyone told him he looks a little bit like Kirk Douglas?

"The Rockford Files: To Protect and Serve: Part 2 (#3.20)" (1977)
Lianne Sweeny: [after the shoot out, Lt. Chapman is walking, when Lianne Sweeny approaches him - with her 'assessment' of what happened] Hi, Doug. Hey, Doug, Doug. I just want to say that I think Dennis Becker handled this situation very, very well. Even if that civilian hadn't done what he did, I think that Dennis would have nailed those turkeys, with no harm to the victim.
[Full of herself]
Lianne Sweeny: I think it was quite a collar, a feather in everyone's cap. The way I look at it, there's sure as hell enough glory to go around from this baby.
Lt. Doug Chapman: [Chapman - who really wasn't listening, and has not only had enough of Lianne Sweeny, he's trying to control himself over the possible outcome which might have occurred because of her involvement] Ms. Sweeney, why don't you go home?
Lianne Sweeny: [Taken aback] What?
Lt. Doug Chapman: I said go home. Go back to your family. Go back to your job, whatever it is, and for God's sake, let us do ours. The police don't have many friends these days, so we have a tendency to take whatever comes our way, and that our mistake.
Lianne Sweeny: Doug, I don't know what you're talking about. I just love what you guys do, that's all. I - I hate crime and criminals.
[Lt. Chapman walks away - never looking at her, silently, and with anger and disgust at what might have happened because of her]