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Richie Brockelman (Character)
from "The Rockford Files" (1974)

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"The Rockford Files: The House on Willis Avenue (#4.21)" (1978)
Richie Brockelman: You know, I've been thinking, Mr. Rockford, that if you want my opinion, we may be barking up the wrong tree.
Jim Rockford: [nursing his shot gun wound] We're sure getting some strong feedback from the wrong tree.

Richie Brockelman: Look, this guy actually lives in a trailer.
Jim Rockford: Well what does that mean?
Richie Brockelman: Well, it just seems to me that living in a trailer is at the bottom.
Jim Rockford: I live in a trailer!
Richie Brockelman: [he quickly backpedals] Well, you know, not exactly the bottom, more like the middle. And of course, depending on what kind of trailer, it could be the upper middle. For instance I saw one in a magazine a couple of months ago. It could expand out into a two thousand foot home. Now a guy living in a place like that has the world by the...
Jim Rockford: Save yourself, son, it's not important...

Richie Brockelman: [Jim and Richie are sitting in Richie's car - Richie bemoaning how now that Tooley's either dead or missing, he has no one older to discuss cases with, bounce ideas off of, and, perhaps get advice] I just think sometimes it's good to sit down and talk things out, like you and I have been doing.
Jim Rockford: [Jim shifts uncomfortably in his seat] Yeah, well, I, uh... run some of this stuff by Rocky. He has his own ideas on most of it.
Richie Brockelman: Yeah? Like what?
Jim Rockford: Oh, you know
[Sniling at Richie, hoping that'll suffice as an answer]
Jim Rockford: .
Richie Brockelman: No, no, I'd really like to hear. I mean, what kind of advice does he give you?
Jim Rockford: Oh... 'life is like a red Ford,' that's one. And, it's better off keeping that Ford in neutral, than revving your engine all the time.'
Richie Brockelman: What's that got to do with being a private eye?
Jim Rockford: Nothing. Nothing. Doesn't have anything at all to do with it. Just something he says.