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Gandolph Fitch (Character)
from "The Rockford Files" (1974)

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"The Rockford Files: Just Another Polish Wedding (#3.17)" (1977)
Gandolph Fitch: Shut up Gabby!
Jim Rockford: Gabby...?
Marcus 'Gabby' Hayes: [sighs] Yeah, that's what he calls me. Cute, huh?
Jim Rockford: [snorts in disbelief] Gabby and Gandy - sounds like a puppet show.

Gandolph Fitch: [limousine phone buzzes] Hey Gabby, you got your phone fixed.
Marcus 'Gabby' Hayes: ...yeah... Hello, Marcus Aurelius Hayes.
Tom Flannery: [condescending voice] Mr. Hayes this is Tom Flannery at Limousine World. How much longer are you going to need our car, sir, on a trial basis before you decide to buy it?
Marcus 'Gabby' Hayes: Well, Mr. Flannery, I may need it a little longer, you see, I've been thinking of buying a fleet of five or six...
Tom Flannery: [voice becomes obsequious] Of course, Mr Hayes! Take as long as you like!
Marcus 'Gabby' Hayes: [chuckles] Thanks my good man.
Gandolph Fitch: Hayes, without your mouth you'd be just like me!

"The Rockford Files: Second Chance (#4.4)" (1977)
Jim Rockford: [after a rough tustle with a pair of goons, Jim and his friend Gandy have won the upper hand, Gandy holding a shotgun in their faces] All right, I'll call the cops.
Gandolph Fitch: No! No cops!
Jim Rockford: Hey Gandy! Come on!
Gandolph Fitch: No cops! If they blow it I'm still on the hook for murder! Theda'll probably get killed in the process! Stay behind if you want, but this wimp's taking me to Theda!
Jim Rockford: Gandy there's no telling how many guys Shapiro bailed out with that second chance program! The night shift's probably loaded with apes just like these two!
Gandolph Fitch: We've got nothing to worry about.
Jim Rockford: Not we, Gandy, you!
Gandolph Fitch: I'm paying you to do a job, so stop wimping and punch in!
Jim Rockford: You can't pay me enough to handle this gig! It's a police matter now! Let them deal with it!
Gandolph Fitch: How about 25 percent of my 10 percent of Theda's recording deal? Contract's gonna be signed tomorrow.
Jim Rockford: Look, come on Gandy...
Gandolph Fitch: I really nead your help Rockford!
Jim Rockford: [look of disbelief] Rockford?
Gandolph Fitch: Y-y-yeah, Rockford.
[and that's enough to get Jim to help him]

Jim Rockford: [At a restaurant to celebrate a record deal, Rockford discovers that Angel has conned Gandolf by pretending to be a British record producer] Well, Gandy, how about that, you've just been conned by the worst in the business.
Gandolph Fitch: You mean you know Shep?
[he points toward Angel]
Jim Rockford: Oh yea, for 15 years. The first time I met him he tried to con me into a food wholesaling scheme.
Angel: [In a British accent trying to play it cool] Would have made a fortune.
Jim Rockford: Oh yea, trapping pigeons in the park and selling them to Chinese restaurants. He was looking to me for $25.00 for popcorn and wire.
Angel: [Losing his British accent] He's trying to set you up. I'm just following orders. He told me to do this to you, it's not me.
Gandolph Fitch: Hey Rockfish, you and this wimp trying to run a game on me or something?
Jim Rockford: It's my two grand, Gandy.
[Angel climbs over the back of the booth and runs off]
Jim Rockford: Hey, what happened to "Rockford"?
[Gandy chases after Angel]