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Malcolm Wynn-Jones (Character)
from "MI-5" (2002)

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"MI-5: Episode #7.1" (2008)
Malcolm Wynn-Jones: We've mapped the executioner's voice to a known Al-qaeda member, Aaqib Faris.
Lucas North: Christ, how old is he - nineteen, twenty?
Adam Carter: Welcome to the future.
Connie James: I'm afraid it's turned out to be something of a disappointment.

Malcolm Wynn-Jones: Is it really eight years?
Lucas North: Oh, it flew by. These Russian prisons, they're like holiday camps... they got mattresses and everything.

"MI-5: Episode #6.9" (2007)
Malcolm Wynn-Jones: [ordering in a café] Oh, please. Feel free to select anything from this list which resembles a brown caffeinated liquid in cup, with a dash of semi skimmed milk and half a teaspoon of sugar.

"MI-5: Episode #1.3" (2002)
Malcolm Wynn-Jones: Would they do that?
Tom Quinn: They wouldn't want to, I know where they live.

"MI-5: Episode #1.1" (2002)
Malcolm Wynn-Jones: I have a camp bed.

"MI-5: Episode #7.2" (2008)
Harry Pearce: ...and am I going to understand the next bit?
Malcolm Wynn-Jones: It was a low-power beam at 532 nanometers, a pulse of half a nanosecond.
Harry Pearce: I say again...

MI-5 (2015)
Will Holloway: [by radio] They're nearing position. Anything?
Malcolm Wynn-Jones: Not a sausage. The self-perpetuating algorithm I wrote last night is constantly updating, revising all potential vantage points.
Will Holloway: Sudoku not cutting it then?