Jo Portman
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Jo Portman (Character)
from "MI-5" (2002)

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"MI-5: Episode #6.10" (2007)
Adam Carter: It's nothing, it's just a recording. They're just trying to terrorize us, soften us up.
Jo Portman: They're succeeding.

Jo Portman: There have been men like this behind every war in history. Behind the one we're fighting now. It's what they do to women. It's what they do. Sick and incontinent as dogs.

Torturer: Ca va mon ange?
Jo Portman: [to Adam] It's alright.
Adam Carter: No, it's not actually.

"MI-5: Episode #6.5" (2007)
Jo Portman: You know what you've done so far? You've just removed one of the best officers from his job, you've left the security services vulnerable to becoming state-controlled. If that makes you sleep safer in your bed at night, then well done. A good day's work, I'd say.

"MI-5: Episode #6.9" (2007)
Connie James: I trained him to build it.
Jo Portman: Oh Jesus!
Connie James: Jesus had nothing to do with it!

"MI-5: Episode #7.2" (2008)
Harry Pearce: I have not been authorized to target the Russian operation in London.
Jo Portman: So what do we do?
Harry Pearce: We target the Russian operation in London.

"MI-5: Episode #8.2" (2009)
Lucas North: How do we set the honey trap and get him into a different hotel room?
Ros Myers: You heard what he said about the English rose. I think Jo just about falls into that category.
Jo Portman: Cheers, Ros.
Ros Myers: No worries.

"MI-5: Episode #4.9" (2005)
Jo Portman: Adam, something terrible's happened.
Adam Carter: What?
Jo Portman: The plan of the office, for the break in... I've just been going through everything. I can't find it anywhere. I think I left it on Pollard's desk.
Adam Carter: Well, that's it. We're dead. It's over.
Jo Portman: Oh, God...
[Adam pulls the map from his pocket and hands it to Jo]
Jo Portman: You bastard.
Adam Carter: Yeah, maybe. Sometimes.