Ruth Evershed
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Ruth Evershed (Character)
from "MI-5" (2002)

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"MI-5: Episode #3.7" (2004)
Ruth Evershed: You're lucky.
Danny Hunter: I can't feel lucky.
Ruth Evershed: You should.

Ruth Evershed: Now, you can absolutely count on someone, anytime anywhere to be there for you.
Danny Hunter: ...Don't you have a wonder about this path we've chosen?
Ruth Evershed: Every night.

"MI-5: Episode #8.8" (2009)
Harry Pearce: Do you still sing, in your choir?
Ruth Evershed: Yes... we're doing Beethoven tonight... Ode To Joy
Harry Pearce: Alle menschen...
Ruth Evershed: ...werden bruder
Harry Pearce: All men will be brothers
Ruth Evershed: Under gentle wings...
[Harry turns away, overcome by emotion for a moment, Ruth lays a hand on his arm]
Ruth Evershed: Harry? Harry all men are brothers, that's why we shed tears for people we don't know

"MI-5: Episode #3.10" (2004)
Harry Pearce: Something is wrong?
Ruth Evershed: How do you know?
Harry Pearce: You knocked.
Ruth Evershed: It's Adam.
Harry Pearce: What's the matter?
Ruth Evershed: He just called a cancel of the meeting because he says he's with Danny and Fiona.
Harry Pearce: Well, just routine briefing could wait.
Ruth Evershed: Yes, but...
Harry Pearce: But what?
Ruth Evershed: He said that he bought Fiona chocolates for her birthday as I suggested.
Harry Pearce: That was my suggestion.
Ruth Evershed: Exactly, and...
Harry Pearce: Well, it's probably he's just mixed up.
Ruth Evershed: Harry, I talked Adam. There is no way in this world he'd like to buy Fiona chocolates for her birthday, no matter who suggested it. Not there is anything wrong with chocolates as a birthday present of course. He just wasn't going to do it.

"MI-5: Episode #3.9" (2004)
Ruth Evershed: Harry, is there any area we don't touch?
Harry Pearce: Ethics, here.
Ruth Evershed: I'm serious. Say, to do with his family. Morgan's daughter, Mary, she's eight. She needs liver transplant, looking for a donor. She has a mother's surname we didn't find before. And he calls her all the time. I mean, it's quite possible that I just never came across this particular piece of information.
Harry Pearce: Because you don't trust Adam and I to use that?

"MI-5: Episode #3.1" (2004)
Ruth Evershed: We had a spook taxi outside the hotel. Carmen hired it.
Harry Pearce: Spook taxi?
Ruth Evershed: I've been recruiting taxi drivers. It is cheaper than having cars.

"MI-5: Episode #2.2" (2003)
Ruth Evershed: Why don't we just close the place down?
Harry Pearce: Home Office directive. Community-sensitive policy parameters. In real speak, they don't want a riot.
Ruth Evershed: Bugger the Home Office.
Harry Pearce: Mmm, if only...

"MI-5: Spiders (#2.3)" (2003)
Ruth Evershed: Inflammatory?! You said it yourself, we've just been raped-
Tom Quinn: No, no. No, Harry said we were groped, we weren't penetrated.

"MI-5: Episode #3.8" (2004)
Harry Pearce: Dear God, Ruth. Is any institution in this country safe from you?
Ruth Evershed: I like to think not.

"MI-5: Episode #8.3" (2009)
Ruth Evershed: You're all flustered.
Harry Pearce: Yes, well, that happens sometimes... such as when a group of armed thugs kidnap eight of the wealthiest and most politically powerful men on the planet.
Ruth Evershed: And on my first day back, too. Harry, you shouldn't have.
Harry Pearce: What? Either that or a basket of muffins.

"MI-5: Episode #4.10" (2005)
Harry Pearce: Thats adrenaline withdrawal
Ruth Evershed: Is that what it is? Oh good

"MI-5: Episode #9.3" (2010)
Harry Pearce: It appears I have allowed us to be played by Moscow right from the start
Ruth Evershed: Well not right from the start Harry, that wasn't why you let Aibek go
Harry Pearce: But by allowing him to escape I did the Russians a favour and I have to admit, that was my mistake
Ruth Evershed: A mistake of judgement maybe... but not of decency... Sometimes you have to do what's necessary Harry

"MI-5: Episode #8.4" (2009)
Ruth Evershed: Wasn't there something you wanted to talk to me about?
Harry Pearce: I asked you here today because I needed to talk about Jo to someone.
Ruth Evershed: But there was something else, too.
Harry Pearce: There'll always be something else, Ruth.