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Danny Hunter (Character)
from "MI-5" (2002)

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"MI-5: Episode #1.1" (2002)
Danny Hunter: Bloody Yanks. Everything's a bloody competition.
Tom Quinn: Harry, what do you think?
Harry Pearce: I think all kinds of things.

Helen Flynn: Creature of the night, two o'clock.
Danny Hunter: Oh, Foreign Office, get out the garlic.

Danny Hunter: Standby for lift.
Tom Quinn: What? You see that bag? She could have ten devices in there. You still want to go and give her a hug?

Danny Hunter: Right ladies and gents, your MC for today is DJ Spookman.

Danny Hunter: How much explosive can you put on a hold-all?
Tom Quinn: Enought to turn this place into ground zero.

"MI-5: Episode #1.2" (2002)
Danny Hunter: I'm paranoid about how much extra training you're doing. Where's the extra energy coming from?
Tom Quinn: If I told you, I'd have to kill you.
Danny Hunter: You're already killing me.

Tom Quinn: What we need is good old-fashioned human intelligence.
Danny Hunter: You won't find any of that in here.
Tom Quinn: You'd be surprised.
Danny Hunter: I've always said, never trust what anyone tells you, especially if you're paying.
Tom Quinn: Fair enough. Nice jacket, by the way.
Danny Hunter: Thanks.

"MI-5: Episode #3.7" (2004)
Ruth Evershed: You're lucky.
Danny Hunter: I can't feel lucky.
Ruth Evershed: You should.

Ruth Evershed: Now, you can absolutely count on someone, anytime anywhere to be there for you.
Danny Hunter: ...Don't you have a wonder about this path we've chosen?
Ruth Evershed: Every night.

"MI-5: Episode #1.5" (2002)
Danny Hunter: Sergeant Malhorn has been suspended from duty and at this moment is having a nasty experience with Special branch.
Mark Hodd: You can't do this.
Danny Hunter: We can't do everything we'd like but we can do a great deal.

Danny Hunter: So Tess has been taking you into her confidence.
Zoe Reynolds: She gave me money.
Danny Hunter: You mean the ten grand next door, behind the plug socket?

"MI-5: Episode #3.4" (2004)
Danny Hunter: [explaining his presence in an office] I haven't got the internet at home. Some nights I let myself in to use it.
Catherine Townsend: Searching for porn?
Danny Hunter: Do I look like the kind of guy who would collude in the objectification of women's bodies?
Catherine Townsend: In the sense that you look like a guy: Yes.

Harry Pearce: Bad business.
Danny Hunter: Adam knew Patricia well.
Harry Pearce: Always best to keep personal feelings out, those matters. How's going on the campaign?

"MI-5: Episode #3.10" (2004)
Danny Hunter: You will never win. If I'd been born somewhere else, it might have been me holding the gun now. If you'd been born somewhere else it might have been you sitting where I am. For all your talk about choices, we don't get to choose those things. But I guess you're just unlucky, because somehow you've lost your humanity and now have no kindness or pity left in you. But I still have those things. Acts of hatred also produce acts of love, so you, my friend, will never win.
Ahmed: I'm unlucky?
Danny Hunter: Look at all the cake and presents, Fiona.
Fiona Carter: [crying] Danny, no - please don't! Danny please don't do this!
Danny Hunter: If I weren't chained to this chair, I would be right up in your face. And you know what I'd be saying to you? Fuck you, you death-worshipping fascist!

"MI-5: Episode #3.1" (2004)
Danny Hunter: Tom... Not dead, I see.
Tom Quinn: No, I'm not dead... I feel pretty dead inside, but we don't want to go there, do we?

"MI-5: Episode #3.2" (2004)
Harry Pearce: I'm decommissioning you, Tom.
Tom Quinn: That would be ridiculous, Harry.
Harry Pearce: You are no longer in our service.
Tom Quinn: Danny, Zoe, come on!
Zoe Reynolds: ...Just leave it.
Tom Quinn: Come on, back me up!
Danny Hunter: How come we do that?
Tom Quinn: Because we understand each other, we always have.
Danny Hunter: Not any more.

"MI-5: Spiders (#2.3)" (2003)
Tom Quinn: That means everyone's life is in danger. So, wear tight sweater tomorrow.
Zoe Reynolds: What?
Tom Quinn: It'll maximize what he fancies you to put you on a connection.
Zoe Reynolds: What particular sweater in your mind?
Tom Quinn: The blue one.
Danny Hunter: [at the same time with Tom] The blue one.

"MI-5: Episode #2.5" (2003)
Sam Buxton: Do what? The rest of us dying, no country to run?
Danny Hunter: I don't know. Running a country no people sounds like a politicians' dream.

"MI-5: Episode #3.8" (2004)
Harry Pearce: How's Fiona?
Adam Carter: She's okay, still in a hospital.
Danny Hunter: [seeing Fiona in office] Ah, I don't think she is.
Adam Carter: Oh, no...
[Fiona comes into a meeting room]
Adam Carter: Fi.
Fiona Carter: [to Adam] You, come.
[to others]
Fiona Carter: I would claim special contingencies.
Harry Pearce: I don't think I can sing...
Fiona Carter: It's all right. I don't like him hang out.

"MI-5: Episode #3.3" (2004)
Danny Hunter: [to Harakat, quotes CIA's motto] You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

"MI-5: Episode #1.6" (2002)
Danny Hunter: There's not just a sign outside saying "Beware of the sheep." It's *protected*.

"MI-5: Episode #3.5" (2004)
Adam Carter: [via phone] Only person we should be worried about right now is Danny Hunter, okay?
Danny Hunter: Me?

"MI-5: Episode #2.4" (2003)
Danny Hunter: Me? Undercover in a bank?
Harry Pearce: You have a history of swindling credit cards. I would have thought that made you perfect for the job.

"MI-5: Episode #2.1" (2003)
Tom Quinn: I'm driving down to Ellie's parent' place, she won't speak to me on the phone.
Danny Hunter: What makes you think she'll speak to you in person?
Tom Quinn: Oh, reckless optimism.