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Adam Carter (Character)
from "MI-5" (2002)

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"MI-5: Episode #3.9" (2004)
Adam Carter: You're not gonna weaken on me, are you, Harry?
Harry Pearce: Never been known to.

Adam Carter: You know what I like about you, Harry, is you never say that 'imagine if it was your daughter' stuff.
Harry Pearce: 'Imagine' and 'if' compassion may be a very good thing but it's not always useful in this job.

Adam Carter: I know what you're thinking: if I can hold out another 24 hours, another 36... if I can hold out that long... I know what you've trained yourself to think about because I devised the course.

Adam Carter: Now, tell me what the target is and when you're planning the attack or I will make things so bad, that everything that's happened to you in the last few hours will seem like a pleasant memory.

Adam Carter: Look at him, hmm? You probably think this has been a classic 'good cop/bad cop' routine, don't you? But if even my colleague doesn't know how far I'm prepared to go, then how comfortable are you feeling right now?

"MI-5: Episode #6.10" (2007)
Adam Carter: He called me a monkey and questioned my sexuality.
Harry Pearce: Yeah, the monkey insult crossed the line.

Harry Pearce: There's something about him I like. He's the opposite of you.
Adam Carter: Am I supposed to take that as a compliment?
Harry Pearce: We need different types. He's got brains.
Adam Carter: This just gets better and better.

Adam Carter: It's nothing, it's just a recording. They're just trying to terrorize us, soften us up.
Jo Portman: They're succeeding.

Torturer: Ca va mon ange?
Jo Portman: [to Adam] It's alright.
Adam Carter: No, it's not actually.

"MI-5: Episode #3.1" (2004)
Carmen Joyce: Quinn is dead?
Adam Carter: Dogfish ate half his face away. Apparently there's a lot of dogfish in the North Sea.

Adam Carter: How did you set up an operation like that?
Carmen Joyce: It was financed out of Damascus.
Adam Carter: Fun town.

Harry Pearce: So, we lure a United States citizen into our country, and force confession out of her. That is a totally illegal, madcap scheme. I like it, great idea, Adam.
Adam Carter: It's not mine, Tom's.

"MI-5: Episode #3.8" (2004)
Adam Carter: I've never handled kidnapping before.
Harry Pearce: And this we are all that. Please keep that unit's bible, Abduction Procedures, read it and speedily digest it.

Harry Pearce: How's Fiona?
Adam Carter: She's okay, still in a hospital.
Danny Hunter: [seeing Fiona in office] Ah, I don't think she is.
Adam Carter: Oh, no...
[Fiona comes into a meeting room]
Adam Carter: Fi.
Fiona Carter: [to Adam] You, come.
[to others]
Fiona Carter: I would claim special contingencies.
Harry Pearce: I don't think I can sing...
Fiona Carter: It's all right. I don't like him hang out.

"MI-5: Episode #4.2" (2005)
Adam Carter: It's not me asking - this is for your country.
Tash: Oh yeah? What's the country ever done for me?
Harry Pearce: Educated you, provided you with opportunities to find employment, offered you financial assistance if you can't, looked after you when you were sick, ensured you were clothed, housed and fed, protected rather than persecuted you and allowed you to choose your own government. Actually, you're one of the luckier citizens of this planet.

"MI-5: Episode #3.10" (2004)
Khatera Abuzeid: We only care about the ones we love.
Adam Carter: I think the suffering of strangers can also move us.

"MI-5: Episode #5.5" (2006)
Adam Carter: Have you heard the news, Oliver?
Oliver Mace: No. Is it good?
Adam Carter: The defense secretary is with the PM now, resigning. The PM himself is going to have to face Parliament. God knows what they're going to do with you.
Oliver Mace: I'll get my wrists slapped. They'll re-invent my post. You can't stop the inevitable.
Adam Carter: Oh, I think we can.

"MI-5: Episode #3.6" (2004)
Adam Carter: [to Gillian Doyan] We creep around in a dark, because we have to. There're people also moving in a dark. You can question a method we did, all time. But don't question our motives.

"MI-5: Episode #6.7" (2007)
Ros Myers: You're in early.
Adam Carter: Yesterday I gave Iran the power to destroy the planet, so for some reason I found sleep a stranger.

"MI-5: Episode #3.4" (2004)
Adam Carter: [about planting a bug on a subject] I have an idea, but it requires a woman who's ruthless, immoral, vicious and utterly lacking in human sympathy.
Zoe Reynolds: Who?
Adam Carter: My wife.

"MI-5: Episode #3.5" (2004)
Adam Carter: [via phone] Only person we should be worried about right now is Danny Hunter, okay?
Danny Hunter: Me?

"MI-5: Episode #4.9" (2005)
Jo Portman: Adam, something terrible's happened.
Adam Carter: What?
Jo Portman: The plan of the office, for the break in... I've just been going through everything. I can't find it anywhere. I think I left it on Pollard's desk.
Adam Carter: Well, that's it. We're dead. It's over.
Jo Portman: Oh, God...
[Adam pulls the map from his pocket and hands it to Jo]
Jo Portman: You bastard.
Adam Carter: Yeah, maybe. Sometimes.

"MI-5: Episode #7.1" (2008)
Malcolm Wynn-Jones: We've mapped the executioner's voice to a known Al-qaeda member, Aaqib Faris.
Lucas North: Christ, how old is he - nineteen, twenty?
Adam Carter: Welcome to the future.
Connie James: I'm afraid it's turned out to be something of a disappointment.