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Tom Quinn (Character)
from "MI-5" (2002)

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"MI-5: Episode #1.1" (2002)
Danny Hunter: Bloody Yanks. Everything's a bloody competition.
Tom Quinn: Harry, what do you think?
Harry Pearce: I think all kinds of things.

Helen Flynn: So go on, tell her. What have you got to lose?
Tom Quinn: Her.

Danny Hunter: Standby for lift.
Tom Quinn: What? You see that bag? She could have ten devices in there. You still want to go and give her a hug?

Tom Quinn: I want happy, chatty, verbal diarrhea, please.

Tom Quinn: So, we know who you are. We know you're friends with Mary Kane. We know what you're up to and who you're targeting Rachel... we even know what coffee you like for God's sake!

Tom Quinn: I thought we were equal partners?
Christine Dale: Well, we are. Which means that you don't get to stand around and mean well, Tom. You actually have to get off your butt sometimes and do exactly what we tell you.

Danny Hunter: How much explosive can you put on a hold-all?
Tom Quinn: Enought to turn this place into ground zero.

Mary Kane: That was unfortunate.
Tom Quinn: Really. Really? Well, here's something else really unfortunate, you'll be on death row by the time you give birth. We found the pregnancy kit by the way, in your rubbish. Blue. Congratulations.

Tessa Phillips: I'm not Mystic Meg, Tom.
Tom Quinn: No Tessa. You're something else.

Tom Quinn: I am in no mood to schmooze Christine Dale. I rather bite her head off.

"MI-5: Episode #1.4" (2002)
Tom Quinn: Once I tell you, there's no going back.
Ellie Simm: So what are you? A gangster?
Tom Quinn: I'm a spy. I work for MI5.
Ellie Simm: MI5. Jesus!

Tom Quinn: You can't expect me to go against my training, right.
Ellie Simm: Your training!
Tom Quinn: I am what I do.

Ellie Simm: So, now you know that I'm not bin Laden's sister, you can tell me?
Tom Quinn: I was scared that if I told you, you'd leave and everything flowed from that, I want to be with you.
Ellie Simm: No, everything flows from 'can I trust you?'
Ellie Simm: Is Matthew your real name?
Tom Quinn: No.

Peter Salter: I can operate independently? My style?
Tom Quinn: When have you ever not?

Tom Quinn: Anyway, a triumph.
Peter Salter: You reckon?
Tom Quinn: Yeah, I thought you were so off-piste, you weren't even on the mountain.

Tom Quinn: "Look out, not in." Salter's rule for preserving the sanity of the officer.

Ellie Simm: What did you say you did again?
Tom Quinn: Fell on a stapler.
Ellie Simm: That's an industrial strength stapler then, isn't it?
Tom Quinn: Yeah, it's a whopper.

Ellie Simm: You just got shot!
Tom Quinn: Well, there are perks.

Maisie Simm: Do I have to call you Tom now?
Tom Quinn: Do you mind?
Maisie Simm: [shrugs] Why did you say you Matthew?
Tom Quinn: Because Matthew is a secret name.
Maisie Simm: It wasn't secret because I know it. Tom is secret.

"MI-5: Episode #1.2" (2002)
Danny Hunter: I'm paranoid about how much extra training you're doing. Where's the extra energy coming from?
Tom Quinn: If I told you, I'd have to kill you.
Danny Hunter: You're already killing me.

Tom Quinn: What we need is good old-fashioned human intelligence.
Danny Hunter: You won't find any of that in here.
Tom Quinn: You'd be surprised.
Danny Hunter: I've always said, never trust what anyone tells you, especially if you're paying.
Tom Quinn: Fair enough. Nice jacket, by the way.
Danny Hunter: Thanks.

Harry Pearce: Didn't know she was a boozer, did we?
Tom Quinn: Well, she kept it well hidden.
Harry Pearce: We train our officers well.

Tom Quinn: I'll need a wife, of course.
Harry Pearce: Shouldn't have thought that too difficult. A dishy catch like you.

Tom Quinn: I just wanted to keep things simple.
Harry Pearce: Always a mistake, in my experience.

Tom Quinn: I want you to come and live with me. I have a big flat and er, it's big and it has a garden and I want you and Maisie in my flat and in my life as soon as possible. Will you do that?

"MI-5: Episode #1.5" (2002)
Jools Siviter: Well, the trouble with whistleblowers is that they do tend to play their own tune.
Harry Pearce: Do you distrust Maynard?
Jools Siviter: I find there's a ambiguity there. Do you do ambiguity, Tom?
Tom Quinn: No. In the end a thing s either a lie or it's true.
Jools Siviter: What an admirable position.

Sergei Lermov: You're not MI6.
Tom Quinn: Why not?
Sergei Lermov: You have bad manners.

Tom Quinn: Cold War. We won, you lost.

Harry Pearce: I think I may have to have a drink with Mr Siviter.
Tom Quinn: And I think this thing stinks to high heaven. Have they just destroyed a good man?
Harry Pearce: Don't brood, Tom. Politicians are conniving, wheeler-dealing scum. Don't have a fit of morals over them, they wouldn't over you.

Tom Quinn: You lied about Richard Maynard.
Hampton Wilder: I don't think he'll ever forgive me.
Tom Quinn: Nor do I. You destroyed his career.
Hampton Wilder: I didn't mean him.

"MI-5: Episode #1.6" (2002)
Patrick McCann: There are people who'd fry my balls in batter if they knew what I was doing.
Tom Quinn: Suddenly grown a conscience, have we?
Patrick McCann: Well, I'll let you know what it feels like when I've worn it in.
Tom Quinn: Rich.

Tom Quinn: Lesser evil stops greater evil every single time.
Harry Pearce: You think this?
Tom Quinn: Yes.
Harry Pearce: Even when the greater evil exists only as a fiction?
Tom Quinn: It's a chance we have to take.
Harry Pearce: Not on my watch. We move. This bomb does not go off.

Tom Quinn: For the record, I hate this as much as you do.
Zoe Reynolds: That the real record, is it?

Tom Quinn: You always taught me to keep personal issues away from judgment. You didn't. I'm sorry.

Harry Pearce: You know, I feel about as welcome as a fart in a Wind Machine.
Tom Quinn: Sefton B?
Patrick McCann: Aye. It would take out everything south of Bristol. Not that anyone would miss Wales.

"MI-5: Episode #2.10" (2003)
Zoe Reynolds: That wasn't Joyce
Tom Quinn: Who the hell do you think it was?

Herb Ziegler: If you don't let this go, I'm telling you, Christine Dale would be jailed for leaking top-secret communication.
Tom Quinn: You'd crucify one of the best officers to stop British Security. Why?
Herb Ziegler: Let the big boys do what'd better, Tom. And Christine won't get hurt.

Tom Quinn: [quoting telex] translation reads; first voice: shark arriving london heathrow, what news of money?
Christine Dale: Kaharias's codename is shark.
Tom Quinn: second voice: four million is on the mountains.
Christine Dale: Switzerland.
Tom Quinn: first voice: please advise the movement of british eminent next 48 hours. greetings from Al Gala. Second voice: god is great. record of satellite reception ends.
Christine Dale: Al Gala is a small village near the skirt of Bagdad.
Tom Quinn: location of first quarter: riyadh, saudi arabia. location of second quarter: wimbledon, london, uk. action decided extreme weather, do not advise mice. message ends... So, someone with Iraqi connection is hiring American hit man come to London to kill an eminent man. We have not snip of this, Christine.
Christine Dale: Of course, not.
Tom Quinn: What extreme weather means?
Christine Dale: It's code for CIA clandestine operation. To decentralize individuals in foreign cell.
Tom Quinn: To kill... Okay, and who is the mice not told about this?
Christine Dale: MI-5. It's company joke, sorry.

"MI-5: Episode #3.1" (2004)
Danny Hunter: Tom... Not dead, I see.
Tom Quinn: No, I'm not dead... I feel pretty dead inside, but we don't want to go there, do we?

Christine Dale: It nearly destroyed me. It is destroying you.
Tom Quinn: No, I'm fine... dandy... cock-a-hoop.

Herman Joyce: So, what are you gonna do? Take me in?
Tom Quinn: Yeah, that's the idea.
Herman Joyce: You remember my CV, who I am. I spent a year in Lubyanka, a prisoner of the KGB. You think English gents and MI-5 are gonna get me to confess with a few sleepless nights and psychological games? Hell, they'd have to burn my genitals off with red-hot metal and even then I probably won't tell them how I set you up.

"MI-5: Episode #3.2" (2004)
Tom Quinn: You are a free man, you are a free man. You don't have to do this.
Prof. Fred Roberts: I want to. I'm paid much for this.
Tom Quinn: I'm afraid, I'm begging you, please don't.

Harry Pearce: I'm decommissioning you, Tom.
Tom Quinn: That would be ridiculous, Harry.
Harry Pearce: You are no longer in our service.
Tom Quinn: Danny, Zoe, come on!
Zoe Reynolds: ...Just leave it.
Tom Quinn: Come on, back me up!
Danny Hunter: How come we do that?
Tom Quinn: Because we understand each other, we always have.
Danny Hunter: Not any more.

Tom Quinn: Everybody safe? Fred's family? What about Lawrence Sayle? We got him?
[laughs wryly]
Tom Quinn: You can't, you can't tell me. I'm in the public now.
Harry Pearce: Yeah... I envy you.
Tom Quinn: I doubt that.
Harry Pearce: No, I mean... this thing is really... leaving you.
Tom Quinn: The spy thing? Habitual secrecy, given false name, false life?
Harry Pearce: You get really generous pension.
Tom Quinn: Pay off.

"MI-5: Spiders (#2.3)" (2003)
Ruth Evershed: Inflammatory?! You said it yourself, we've just been raped-
Tom Quinn: No, no. No, Harry said we were groped, we weren't penetrated.

Tom Quinn: My name is Tom Quinn. And I'm an officer for Her Majesty's Secret Service.
Vicki Westbrook: I've read about Secret Service. You all wear the same colour tie.

Tom Quinn: That means everyone's life is in danger. So, wear tight sweater tomorrow.
Zoe Reynolds: What?
Tom Quinn: It'll maximize what he fancies you to put you on a connection.
Zoe Reynolds: What particular sweater in your mind?
Tom Quinn: The blue one.
Danny Hunter: [at the same time with Tom] The blue one.

"MI-5: Episode #2.9" (2003)
Harry Pearce: ...I want to make one thing clear now: the next person who breaks the rules, the next person who messes up, the next paper clip that goes astray from this office and you are out. Is that clear?
Tom Quinn: Oh, physician heal thyself...

Female customs officer: You've got kids, haven't you?
Tom Quinn: Yeah, I've got two. Zoe and Danny. Um, Zoe's great. She's great. She's too clever for her own good sometimes. Danny's at a... difficult age. He's always getting into trouble.

Tom Quinn: I'm in the middle of an operation right now, and maybe, afterwards, you and I can maybe take stock.
Christine Dale: Take stock! God, you are a nation of shop-keepers after all.
Tom Quinn: Something happened, which shouldn't have.

"MI-5: Episode #2.1" (2003)
Tom Quinn: I'm driving down to Ellie's parent' place, she won't speak to me on the phone.
Danny Hunter: What makes you think she'll speak to you in person?
Tom Quinn: Oh, reckless optimism.

Female Doctor: [In hospital, to Danny] Mr Palmer?
Tom Quinn: He may have broken a rib.
Female Doctor: You're the boyfriend, are you?
Tom Quinn: No.
Female Doctor: Well, there is a god.

Vicki Westbrook: Expecting anyone else?
Tom Quinn: Yeah, Queen of Sheba.
Vicki Westbrook: Yeah, she's always in here.

"MI-5: Episode #1.3" (2002)
Tom Quinn: Great. The government want a worse case scenario so if this thing does go down, they can shove the blame on poor old intelligence and halve the budget.

Malcolm Wynn-Jones: Would they do that?
Tom Quinn: They wouldn't want to, I know where they live.

"MI-5: Episode #2.2" (2003)
Vicki Westbrook: Tom Quinn.
Tom Quinn: That's my real name.
Vicki Westbrook: Really? You use false name to doctors you dine and bed with, do you?
Tom Quinn: Sometimes.

"MI-5: Episode #2.4" (2003)
Tom Quinn: Colin, when the word "Yes" will do, use it.