Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers
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"The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: Payment in Blood (#1.3)" (2002)
Barbara Havers: [admiring Stinhurst's enormous castle] Is your pad in Cornwall this big?
Thomas Lynley: Size isn't everything, Havers, isn't that what you women keep telling us?

Barbara Havers: You resign, I resign.
Thomas Lynley: That's absurd. Why, for heaven's sake?
Barbara Havers: Well, do you want the truth?
Thomas Lynley: Yes!
Barbara Havers: No one else would work with me.
Thomas Lynley: This is you being nice to me, isn't it?
Barbara Havers: Yeah.
Barbara Havers: Shall we hit the pub?

Barbara Havers: You'd think she'd realize if she slept with a killer.
Thomas Lynley: Psychopaths can be extremely charming and manipulative.

"The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: For the Sake of Elena (#1.4)" (2002)
Barbara Havers: [Angrily referring to Troughton] He's the kind of man that gives women a bad name!

Troughton: Sorry you found my lecture so boring.
Barbara Havers: I'm more of the Countdown type. I like a challenge.
Troughton: [Silently mouthung] Oh.

Troughton: I'm not stupid! I don't have affairs with my students... even when they offer themselves to me, which they do with tedious frequency.
Barbara Havers: [Contemptuously] Poor deluded little beggers!
Troughton: [Nastily] Or uptight little virgins.
[Havers appeared shocked by what he says]
Troughton: I can spot one a mile off!

"The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: Word of God (#4.4)" (2005)
Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers: Good Morning!
Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley: Is it? I haven't noticed.

Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers: How'd you know that paper was ancient Arabic?
Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley: Benefits of a Liberal Arts education.
Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers: I suppose that makes you an expert on everything?
Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley: Of course! Uh, except... women.

Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers: And I thought love conquers all.
Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley: That's because you've never been married.

"The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: In the Guise of Death (#4.2)" (2005)
Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley: I just sense there's more to him than meets the eye.
Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers: With due respect Sir, you sensing that Lachlan's behind this all isn't the same as evidence that he actually is.
Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley: Fair point.

Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley: What's Cornwall famous for?
Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers: Pasties.
Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley: Yeah, well, besides that?
Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers: Smoked fish.
Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley: Forget the food!
Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers: I wish I could, but we came out here without breakfast, remember?

"The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: Well Schooled in Murder (#1.2)" (2002)
Barbara Havers: [Exiting her father's hospital room] Ah, how'd you know I was here?
Thomas Lynley: It's the only place you ever turn off your mobile.

Barbara Havers: [to the police squad searching the school] If you've got a key, use it! Otherwise kick the door down!

"The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: The Seed of Cunning (#4.3)" (2005)
Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers: I've joined one of those dating agencies.
Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley: Really?
Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers: What?
Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley: Just... really?

Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley: Let not the cross bind you to sin.
Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers: What is that, the Bible?
Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley: Experience.

"The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: Chinese Walls (#5.3)" (2006)
DC Winston Nkata: West Carriage Drive, which runs through the park, stays open until midnight.
Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers: Ah, that would give us a few hundred potential witnesses.
Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley: Or a few hundred potential suspects.

Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley: So I take it she ended the relationship.
Tony Wainwright: No, I did.
Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley: Why?
Tony Wainwright: Because... because she had a problem with intimacy and I was an impatient, insensitive idiot.
Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers: You mean she wouldn't have sex with you?
Tony Wainwright: Yes, if you want to get gynecological.

"The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: A Cry for Justice (#3.3)" (2004)
Barbara Havers: Well,I have to keep my mouth shut... do as I'm told.
Helen Lynley: That must be a challenge.

"The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: In the Presence of the Enemy (#2.2)" (2003)
Barbara Havers: Not a popular bloke then, your boss?
Rodney Aronson: You don't get to the top in Fleet Street without picking up a few enemies along the way.

"The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: Missing Joseph (#1.5)" (2002)
Barbara Havers: [Introducing Havers] Barbara Havers.
Tony Philips: Barbara Havers? Finally get to put a face to the name.
Barbara Havers: [laughs nervously, unsure of his meaning] Sorry?
Tony Philips: I was working with the Met last year. They were offering five to one that your partnership wouldn't make it out of the paddock.
Thomas Lynley: [Indignant] I beg your pardon?
Tony Philips: [Condescendinly] Just a bit of fun. I'm sure everyone's delighted that Barbara eventually found someone she's able to work with.
Barbara Havers: You know, call me snob, Tony, but given the choice between workin' with a clever, considerate man or a... mouthy git, I know who I'd choose.

"The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: Natural Causes (#5.1)" (2006)
D.I. Fiona Knight: You know what worms do when you dig them up in the garden?
Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers: [Knowingly] Squirm.

"The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: In the Blink of an Eye (#5.4)" (2006)
Peter Rooker: I've told you everything I know. Can I go now?
Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers: [laughs] No, you see, Rooker, every time you'e told us everything, there seems to be an all new thrilling installment.

"The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: Deception on His Mind (#2.4)" (2003)
Barbara Havers: So it was an arranged marriage?
Shala Malik: Arranged marriage, yes, but not a forced marriage.

"The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: A Great Deliverance (#1.1)" (2001)
D.S. Barbara Havers: Parents are supposed to take care of their kids, aren't they?
Inspector Thomas Lynley: That's the theory.