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Quotes for
Plunkett Senior (Character)
from High Spirits (1988)

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High Spirits (1988)
Mrs. Plunkett: Good morning, darling!
Plunkett Senior: Good morning dear! Well, our son is an idiot!
Mrs. Plunkett: We've known that for years, haven't we, darling?
Plunkett Senior: Well, this time he has surpassed himself. The ghosts are furious!
Mrs. Plunkett: Why?
Plunkett Senior: Well, they've heard that that Jim Brogan fellow is going to move the castle to Malibu!
Mrs. Plunkett: Oh, how nice! All that sunshine and all those movie stars!
Plunkett Senior: No respectable ghost would live in California!

Peter Plunkett: [speaking to the ghost of his father in the office] What did you have to give me this place for? You knew I was an incompetent! All I wanted to be was happily useless. You made me miserably useless. What did you give me this place for?
[starts throwing papers up into the air]
Peter Plunkett: baths to run, bills to be paid, and then dying on me, just like that! Most people give some warning, you know. Premature senility, angina, gout, bed-ridden for years... but not you. Oh, no, no, no. Healthy as an old goat, you pop off one day in the orchard. And what then? Not a god-damned word, not a whisper? Did it never occur to you I might need some advice?... I missed you Daddy
Plunkett Senior: Aww! Give your daddy a hug...
[goes to hug his father, and falls through him, landing on the floor]
Plunkett Senior: Oh, sorry. Peter.