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Sharon Brogan Crawford (Character)
from High Spirits (1988)

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High Spirits (1988)
Sharon: [looks over the seat at Brother Tony after everyone's clothing has been ripped off] Oh! So all the snakes weren't driven out of Ireland.
Brother Tony: What?
[trying to cover himself]
Sharon: Snakes. ha ha ha ha
[laughing hysterically]

[Mary has just aged 200 years]
Sharon: Jack, you threw me over for this? This... ugh! I mean I know you like passive women, Jack, but she's half dead. I hope she has a great personality, because this hurts.

[Sharon is flossing her teeth, seemingly unaware of Jack's presence]
Jack: Now that I'm dead, I though I'd let you know. You're as cold as a penquin on an iceburg. You're a dwarf. Yeah, clean those choppers so you can chew up the next jerk that comes along.
Jack: [Sharon slaps him] I'm not dead?
Sharon: No, but if I were you I wouldn't make any long term plans!

Sharon: My love, my reason for dying.

Martin Brogan: Tonight's the one night I turn to flesh so... what d'ya say to a wee bit o' skelpin', eh? Come on. At least tell me your name.
[He vanishes under the sheet]
Sharon: [She lifts up the sheet and sees his naked body] Wow!
Martin Brogan: Oh, really? I've got the best bahookies from here to Ballinderry. Come on, what do you say? Let's give it a twirl, eh?
Sharon: [She drops the sheet and continues filing her nails] Drop dead.
Martin Brogan: Ooooh, God, what a woman.

Jack: [Jack and Sharon are witnessing Mary and Martin's fatal argument] This is Mary the ghost, and that's Martin the ghost! They're having problems in their relationship.
Sharon: No, Jack. We're having problems in our relationship!

Martin Brogan: That was a dirty trick wasn't it, eh? Eh? Kicking me right in the bahoogies.
Sharon: You were going to stab your wife with a sword, you pig.
Martin Brogan: Ah, sure, that's no big thing. I do it every night.
Sharon: Oh, and I suppose watching other men's wives in the bathtub is no big deal either.
Martin Brogan: [backs Sharon against a wall] Sure, it's a grand thing if the wife happens to be you.
[leans in for a kiss]
Sharon: [moves away] You dirty peeping Tom.
Martin Brogan: My name's not Thomas. It's Martin.

Miranda: [after the hotel staff has 'performed', the hall is left in darkness] Where did they all go?
Sharon: Don't ask. They might come back.