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Quotes for
Miranda (Character)
from High Spirits (1988)

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High Spirits (1988)
Miranda: Father Tony... What are you doing in the pool?
Brother Tony: The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Miranda: So, I was seeing this guy and he's a devil worshiper, right? Well, he's a hairdresser really, but he devil-worships on the side. And we booked this dumb tour because, you know, he likes ghosts, dead gerbils, that kind of thing... and he ran off with this Bhuddist monk! I mean, how I was supposed to know he was gay? So what about you, are you gay too?
Brother Tony: Uh, no, I'm not. I'm - I'm chaste!
Miranda: Just kidding! Trick question!

Miranda: [after the hotel staff has 'performed', the hall is left in darkness] Where did they all go?
Sharon: Don't ask. They might come back.