Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski
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Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski (Character)
from "Happy Days" (1974)

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"Laverne & Shirley: The Slow Child (#3.15)" (1978)
Amy Babish: I'm having a good time, Uncle Frank.
Frank DeFazio: I'm glad, I'm glad, you're a big girl, you should have a good time.
[to Lenny]
Frank DeFazio: You lay one finger on her and I'm gonna break you.
Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski: It's a deal.

Andrew 'Squiggy' Squiggman: She's a retard, a dummy!
Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski: [Amy cries and runs out of the Pizza Bowl] Amy!
[grabs Squiggy]
Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski: You know who the dummy is? YOU ARE!
[shoves Squiggy against a table and knocks it down]

Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski: [Amy gives him the letter her mother wrote her] 'Amy, lock yourself in the'... what's this word?
Amy Babish: Bed-room.
Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski: She makes funny B's. 'Tell Lenny he should go, don't let him touch you.' Your mother thinks I'm going to hurt you.
Amy Babish: But I don't.

Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski: I think maybe I'll drift back up to my apartment then.
Laverne DeFazio: Aren't you going to stick around for the shenannigans?
Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski: No I think I had enough Irish food for one day.

Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski: [looking at Squiggy's leprechaun costume with a kilt, a green elf's hat, green stockings and a green jacket with curled coat tails] Boy don't you look sensational?
Andrew 'Squiggy' Squiggman: Yeah yeah, I would'a got you one but they didn't have a leprechaun costume in a 42 Husky.

Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski: You're not still upset about what Squiggy said, are you? Because he doesn't know nothing, he doesn't mean nothing.
Amy Babish: He's right, I am a dummy.
Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski: Don't say that. Now me, I've been around dummies all my life.

"Laverne & Shirley: Fakeout at the Stakeout (#1.11)" (1976)
Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski: Hey, chicken fight!

Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski: Come back, go away, we're questioning dogs out here!

"Laverne & Shirley: Hi Neighbor, Book 2 (#2.19)" (1977)
Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski: Well, girls. This is what we'd look like if we was handsome.

"Laverne & Shirley: Drive! She Said (#2.1)" (1976)
Laverne DeFazio: It's like some people have a fear of heights, or water, or the dark.
Andrew 'Squiggy' Squiggman: Well I know about that, Lenny's scared of all those things.
Laverne DeFazio: Then you understand how I feel, right?
Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski: No because even I know how to drive!

"Laverne & Shirley: Haunted House (#2.21)" (1977)
Laverne DeFazio: [after they rip off the banister] We better put the railing back, we don't want to offend these people.
Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski: Yeah, these aren't people you want mad at you.

"Laverne & Shirley: A Nun's Story (#1.4)" (1976)
Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski: Then I cheated on a hygeine quiz in 9th grade but I don't know if it counts because I flunked. I think I'm good through 10th grade because I was out that year with ringworm.
Anne Marie: I better go.
Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski: Oh you can't catch it from me now, I washed with that yellow soap.

"Laverne & Shirley: The Driving Test (#3.19)" (1978)
Leonard 'Lenny' Kosnowski: [Squiggy's drunk] You smell like you work in a brewery.
Andrew 'Squiggy' Squiggman: I smell like I *did* work in a brewery.