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Madame Defarge (Character)
from A Tale of Two Cities (1958)

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A Tale of Two Cities (1935)
[the mercenary troops are marching through Paris]
Jacques ll6: How many thousands of these foreign soldiers are they bringing in?
Madame Defarge: It doesn't matter how many; it will do them no good.
The Vengeance: It will do them no good. Ha!
Madame Defarge: The starving people of Paris might wait a long time before rising up to fight French soldiers; but against hired, foreign troops... any day... any hour...
The Vengeance: Any minute!

[Madame DeFarge has come looking for Lucie and the child. Miss Pross bars her way out]
Miss Pross: Oh no you don't!
Madame Defarge: Let me pass.
Miss Pross: Never! I know what you want. I know what you're after. And thank heaven I'm put here to stop you - for stop you I will!
Madame Defarge: In the name of the Republic...
Miss Pross: In the name of no one, you evil woman. You've killed many innocent people. No doubt you'll kill many more; but my ladybird you shall never touch.
Madame Defarge: No? Do you know who I am?
Miss Pross: You might - from your appearance - be the wife of Lucifer; yet you shall not get the better of me. I'm an Englishwoman! I'm your match!
Madame Defarge: Pig, get out of my way or I'll break you in pieces.
Miss Pross: Break away, then. I don't care an English tuppence for myself; but I know that the longer I keep you here... the greater hope there is for my ladybird.
[they fight]

Madame Defarge: Do you know who I am?
Miss Pross: You might - from your appearance - be the wife of Lucifer; yet you shall not get the better of me for I'm an Englishwoman!

Madame Defarge: You make a mistake when you call my husband Jacques, his name is Ernest. I don't want to make a mistake in your name. Are there two D's is Barsad?

History of the World: Part I (1981)
Madame DeFarge: We are so poor, we do not even have a language! Just this stupid accent!
Fellow Revolutionist: She's right, she's right! We all talk like Maurice Chevalier!
[impersonates the Chevalier laugh]
Fellow Revolutionist: Au-haw-haw.
Crowd: Au-haw-haw.

Madame DeFarge: We, the people of France...
Fellow Revolutionist: Fraunce.
Madame DeFarge: Fraunce...

"Wishbone: A Tale of Two Sitters (#1.16)" (1995)
Madame DeFarge: The knot of revenge must be tied around his neck!

"A Tale of Two Cities: Episode #1.2" (1989)
Madame Defarge: Tell wind and fire when to stop... but don't tell me!