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Neil Kittredge (Character)
from "The Colbys" (1985)

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"The Colbys: Fallen Idol (#1.8)" (1986)
Monica Colby: Ok, all right, so you don't like Country & Western.
Neil Kittredge: It has it's place. Barn raisings, square dances. When one of the Mandrell sisters get married, but not here.

Monica Colby: Well, you heard the applause.
Neil Kittredge: The ping of the spittoons kept drowning it out.

"The Colbys: Checkmate (#1.24)" (1986)
Monica Colby: [entering Neil's bedroom] Knock knock, Nurse Colby to the rescue with chicken soup.
Neil Kittredge: [instead of being sick, Neil is bed with a woman] Monica, I... this is my wife, Gail.
Gail Kittredge: And this is the bedroom. The kitchen's down the hall.
Monica Colby: Excuse me. I must have the wrong house. I certainly have the wrong man.

"The Colbys: The Turning Point (#1.10)" (1986)
Neil Kittredge: [enters Monica's office] We need to talk.
Monica Colby: Neil, it's a very strong door. It's meant to take knocks.

"The Colbys: The Letter (#1.9)" (1986)
Neil Kittredge: [to Monica] First of all, I don't resent women in business. I worked for the best: Dominique for four years. Her gender wasn't a problem and neither is yours. Man, woman or a smurf, you would've ticked me off just the same.

"The Colbys: Anniversary Waltz (#1.23)" (1986)
Monica Colby: Except for you, I, eh, I haven't been in a man's bed since I started at Titania.
Neil Kittredge: Is there a prize for that?
Monica Colby: You can be an insensitive clod sometimes.
Neil Kittredge: Yeah, but would a sensitive clod
[steals a kiss from her]
Neil Kittredge: be that much better?
[they resume kissing]