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Adrienne Cassidy (Character)
from "The Colbys" (1985)

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"The Colbys: The Home Wrecker (#2.15)" (1987)
Adrienne Cassidy: So you wanna turn me into one of those desperate women who... who drink too much, who wear too much makeup, who have too much of everything except love? No, no. Not me, Cash.

"The Colbys: The Legacy (#2.14)" (1987)
Adrienne Cassidy: I remember: 'Why don't we call him Scott?'.
Cash Cassidy: Adrienne...
Adrienne Cassidy: You couldn't call him 'Colby', could you? So you gave him her mother's family name: Scott. My boy. I'm sure you thought I'd never catch on. Did you have fun with that? Did you smile every time you heard me say her name day in and day out for the last seven years?

"The Colbys: Power Plays (#2.13)" (1987)
Adrienne Cassidy: You invite me to lunch and expect me to sell you my son over desert? He is not a painting up for auction.
Sable Colby: No, he is my grandchild, my flesh and blood.
Adrienne Cassidy: He's mine! Morally and legally mine.

"The Colbys: And Baby Makes Four (#2.9)" (1986)
Adrienne Cassidy: Monica's aunt came to you?
Cash Cassidy: Constance. The family dragon. You couldn't make me take in your tramp's baby, so sweet Conny bullied me into it. She said: if I didn't let you adopt Scott, she'd drive you out of the senate.
Adrienne Cassidy: You agreed because she blackmailed you?
Cash Cassidy: No, because I loved you. I couldn't let her destroy you, so I swallowed my pride and took in your bastard.