Channing Carter
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Channing Carter (Character)
from "The Colbys" (1985)

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"The Colbys: Fallon's Baby (#2.19)" (1987)
Channing Carter: What's the matter, Fallon? Do you think I'm some sort of witch or something? Is that why you haven't touched the fruit that I sent you? Well it's not poisoned, and neither are these.
[picks up the flowers she brought and leaves]

Channing Carter: Why do I get the feeling you don't like me?
Jeff Colby: Trust your instincts.

"The Colbys: Jason's Choice (#2.3)" (1986)
Channing Carter: Well I don't wanna be in anyone's way.
Miles Colby: Hey, we've got bedrooms in this house even I've never seen. You won't be in the way.

Channing Carter: I've been in hotels smaller than this place. There should be numbers on the doors.
Miles Colby: [Miles laughs and she chuckles] That's a good line for your feature.
Channing Carter: [another coy chuckle] We just may use it.

"The Colbys: No Exit (#2.2)" (1986)
Lucas Carter: How're you doing with the Colbys? Making any progress?
Channing Carter: Fine... just fine. But I'd be making a lot more if it weren't for someone named Randall.

Channing Carter: Oh, I don't want to just shoot the house, we're a little more thorough than that, we have to be. After all we're asking our readers to live with you for a few pages. It's only right that I live with you first.

"The Colbys: All Fall Down (#2.17)" (1987)
Channing Carter: You don't want a wife, you want a bedpartner, a body to keep you warm. 'till Fallon's free again.
Miles Colby: So then we both got what we want: you got the Colby name and I got the warm body next to me. The rest of this marriage is a washout.

"The Colbys: The Home Wrecker (#2.15)" (1987)
Channing Carter: Miles, we are not gonna stay home and let Jeff and Fallon take all the bows.
Miles Colby: My God, I think I married my mother.

"The Colbys: The Matchmaker (#2.4)" (1986)
Channing Carter: [Riding a large merry go round] You reserved all this just for the two of us?
Miles Colby: I wanted to make sure I got my favorite horse.

"The Colbys: Crossroads (#2.25)" (1987)
Channing Carter: I'm scared, but I''m gonna make it. Just stick by me.
Miles Colby: Stick by you? Sweetheart, you just brought me back into this family. You just gave me back my name, my future. I'm gonna sticking by you like bubblegum to a bedpost.

"The Colbys: Answered Prayers (#2.20)" (1987)
Channing Carter: You hold on to dreams, I hold on to nightmares. Not too smart, huh?
Miles Colby: I think you got more guts than you know. Hell, you married me.

"The Colbys: Deceptions (#2.8)" (1986)
Sable Colby: [about Miles] I had some news for him, that's all. Something that would've cheered him up.
Channing Carter: Hm. I hadn't noticed that he was cheered down.
Sable Colby: Then you are not very observant.

"The Colbys: Bid for Freedom (#2.10)" (1986)
Channing Carter: I've never made angels in the snow before.
Miles Colby: Hm...
Channing Carter: Mine were prettier than yours.
Miles Colby: Beginners luck.
Channing Carter: Oh yeah? Well, I've never made love in the snow before either. Was that beginners luck?
Miles Colby: Well, that was, ehm, what you call the "Snowbunny innitiation". First come the angels...
Channing Carter: And then the devil?

"The Colbys: The Gala (#2.6)" (1986)
Channing Carter Colby: What do you think?
Miles Colby: I think whoever invented clothes ought to be shot.
Channing Carter Colby: Hm. you can't expect me to walk around half naked.
Miles Colby: Who said anything about half?

"The Colbys: Sanctuary (#2.11)" (1986)
Channing Carter: You planned this whole trip just to be near her. You wanna be in that marriage, in that bed, not this one.
Miles Colby: What about you? What about that cozy little chat last night with Jeff?
Channing Carter: [scoffs] Well at least he can tell me from Fallon!

"The Colbys: And Baby Makes Four (#2.9)" (1986)
Channing Carter: It's her, innit? Fallon. Fallon and her damn baby.
Miles Colby: Hey! Don't you dare say a word against that baby, it could be mine!