Cecil Colby
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Cecil Colby (Character)
from "Dynasty" (1981)

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"Dynasty: The Honeymoon (#1.2)" (1981)
Cecil Colby: [to Fallon] You listen to me, my dear. Passion dies. Power remains.

Cecil Colby: Let's just say that, at my age, vengeance is as sweet as sex.

"Dynasty: The Dinner Party (#1.3)" (1981)
Cecil Colby: Too bad you had to cut your honeymoon short because of your overseas fiasco.
Blake Carrington: Not a fiasco, Cecil, minor setback at worst.
Cecil Colby: Blake, you can tell the other fellas in the room that, maybe they'll believe you, but you and I, we go back to the Ice Age.

"Dynasty: The Baby (#2.16)" (1982)
Claudia Blaisdel Carrington: You've made a prostitute out of me.
Cecil Colby: I taught you how to use sex for gain. And it apparently upsets you.
Claudia Blaisdel Carrington: It disgusts me.
Cecil Colby: How naive you are for a bright young woman, Claudia. Don't you know that if you want something in this world, you have to pay for it?

"Dynasty: Oil (#1.1)" (1981)
Cecil Colby: I expect, bright as you are, you'll end up running your father's company.
Fallon Carrington: Not likely. See, there's an unwritten law at Denver-Carrington. At the upper-management level there are no blacks, no jews, no Eskimos and... no women.
Cecil Colby: Well, maybe I should give you a company to run. I'm sure I've got a couple of small ones lying around.

"Dynasty: Fallon's Wedding (#1.4)" (1981)
Cecil Colby: Here's to you, Krystle. In honour of you having married the second richest and the second hansomest and the second smartest man in Colorado.

"Dynasty: The Cliff (#2.22)" (1982)
Cecil Colby: [Cecil has a heart attack while making love to Alexis] I can't breathe!
[gasps in horror]
Alexis Carrington Colby: [slapping him] Cecil! Cecil! Don't you dare die on me! Cecil, you can't die on me! We're getting married tomorrow! You can't die on me, Cecil! I need you, Cecil! Don't you die on me! I need you to get Blake! Cecil! Cecil!
[he lapses into unconsciousness]

"Dynasty: The Birthday Party (#1.10)" (1981)
Fallon Carrington Colby: Sounds almost like a wedding invitation.
Cecil Colby: If it were... could you find it in your heart to RSVP gracefully?