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Prince Michael of Moldavia (Character)
from "Dynasty" (1981)

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"Dynasty: The Crash (#5.24)" (1985)
Prince Michael of Moldavia: You'll love the winters in Moldavia. They're as cold as ice - just like you.

"Dynasty: The Alarm (#6.14)" (1986)
Amanda Bedford Carrington: [restaurant table, La Mirage] So, do we talk about her over the first course, or should we wait for dessert?
Prince Michael of Moldavia: Elena.
Amanda Bedford Carrington: The determined Duchess of Branagh who followed you all the way from Moldavia to Denver.
Prince Michael of Moldavia: To help my father regain his throne. There's nothing personal.
Amanda Bedford Carrington: If you insist. Look, Michael, as far as I'm concerned, you can do whatever you like with her. Just keep her out of my sight.
[Michael scoffs, raises his glass]
Elena, Duchess of Branagh: [enters restaurant, wearing bare-shouldered evening dress] Good evening, Your Highnesses. I couldn't help but notice the two most attractive people in the room.
[her manner very haughty towards Amanda, taunting]
Prince Michael of Moldavia: Elena, how nice to see you. Please, come and join us.
Elena, Duchess of Branagh: Thank you. Ahem.
[gives Amanda a smugly satisfied look]
Elena, Duchess of Branagh: Michael, I've heard from the underground. The man called Dmitrov, our key contact, he's been captured.
Amanda Bedford Carrington: [impatiently] Elena, my husband and I are having dinner right now. So, would you mind continuing your discussion tomorrow?
Prince Michael of Moldavia: Amanda!
Elena, Duchess of Branagh: Michael.
[quite satisfied with this development]
Elena, Duchess of Branagh: Allow me, please.
[leaning forward, thinly-veiled aggression]
Elena, Duchess of Branagh: There are people's lives at stake here, and every moment we delay could cost more.
Amanda Bedford Carrington: Every moment? Isn't that a little bit of an exaggeration?
Prince Michael of Moldavia: [intervening] Elena, why don't we meet on this first thing in the morning? You see, I did promise my wife a very special dinner.
Elena, Duchess of Branagh: Of course.
[derisive look at Amanda]
Elena, Duchess of Branagh: Excuse me, Your Highnesses.
[very coldly saying that last word, aimed at Amanda - then leaves, mission clearly accomplished]
Amanda Bedford Carrington: [to Michael, as she rises] Will you excuse me for a moment?
[clearly going after Elena, as Michael just sits there shaking his head]