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Leslie Carrington (Character)
from "Dynasty" (1981)

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"Dynasty: The Aftermath (#8.3)" (1987)
Leslie Carrington: Impressed?
Dex Dexter: Not unimpressed.
Leslie Carrington: My pal Dex, always heavy with the compliments.

"Dynasty: The Siege: Part 2 (#8.2)" (1987)
Steven Carrington: Look, whatever we do, we can't even think of using violence.
Leslie Carrington: Is that the voice of a coward I'm hearing?

"Dynasty: Adam's Son (#8.18)" (1988)
Leslie Carrington: Are you trying to threaten me?
Sean Rowan: No, I don't need to threaten. I just call the shots and you listen. Don't you?
[kisses her on the cheek]

"Dynasty: The Testing (#8.8)" (1987)
Dex Dexter: I wanted to see if you were doing anything for lunch.
Leslie Carrington: Sorry, but I have plans.
Dex Dexter: Maybe you could cancel the dead?
Leslie Carrington: With Prince Edward of England? He's just passing through Denver and obviously dying to buy me a cheeseburger.
Dex Dexter: Those Buckingham Palace boys, they do have good taste in women.

"Dynasty: The Rifle (#8.15)" (1988)
Dex: [touching Leslie's face] You're like a smoldering of fire. Hot and inviting. But as soon as anyone gets too close, they run the risk of being burned.
Leslie Carrington: [pulls away from him] Maybe you're just not man enough to take the heat.

"Dynasty: The Surrogate: Part 2 (#8.6)" (1987)
Dex Dexter: [arguing about Alexis' job offer to Leslie] Leslie, this has nothing to do with you, don't you realize she is using you to get at me?
Leslie Carrington: Oh! You're ego is a work of art. You can't believe that it's simply one woman helping another.
Dex Dexter: If the woman weren't Alexis Colby, I might buy it.

"Dynasty: The Spoiler (#8.12)" (1987)
Sean Rowan: [pouring champagne into a glass] Is this enough for you?
Leslie Carrington: I like to think that we... never get enough in life. You should always stay a little hungry. It keeps you wanting more.

"Dynasty: The Trial (#8.20)" (1988)
Leslie Carrington: No problem, you know, it probably wouldn't have worked, I mean I never could stand anybody who didn't squeeze the toothpaste from the middle. Bye Jeff, I won't bother you again.