Dr. Nick Toscanni
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Dr. Nick Toscanni (Character)
from "Dynasty" (1981)

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"Dynasty: The Cliff (#2.22)" (1982)
Blake Carrington: [Nick has arrived at Scorpio Peak to confront Blake about his brother Gianni] Well, Nick... what are you doing here? Must be pretty important to get you all the way up here from Denver.
Dr. Nick Toscanni: [menacingly] For this I would have come all the way back from Hell.
Blake Carrington: What are you talking about?
Dr. Nick Toscanni: I'm talking about you and my brother Gianni... Farouk Ahmed told me. He told me, Blake, that you were in that miserable country when my brother was arrested and that my brother sent you a personal plea for help which you ignored!
Blake Carrington: Don't you understand? Ahmed is lying!
Dr. Nick Toscanni: You ignored him!
[Nick lunges at Blake and knocks him off his horse, both men fall to the ground fighting]
Dr. Nick Toscanni: You ignored it... because it would have jeopardized your lousy oil deal!
[he strikes Blake in the face]
Blake Carrington: [Blake falls and gets up] I told you... everything I told you is the truth! I was in Indonesia when that cable came about your brother dying... and I was in the country when your brother was arrested!
Dr. Nick Toscanni: And you didn't lift a finger to help him, you lying son of a...
[Blake ducks Nick's swing and flips him over, then gets him in a choke hold]
Blake Carrington: I couldn't help your brother... I had no power to intervene! I did call the State Department to try and get them to reduce his sentence. I had no way of knowing he was going to hang himself!
Dr. Nick Toscanni: You lie!
[Nick knocks Blake back off of him... both resume fighting]
Blake Carrington: Now you listen to me... I'm sick and tired of your insane need to blame somebody else for your brother's death. Face the fact... he was no innocent victim, he was involved with drugs! Now you listen to me once and for all, you leave me and my family alone!
[he mounts his horse and rides off, a snake spooks the horse and dumps Blake from it, causing him to tumble down the hill. Nick happens upon Blake and does nothing to help]

Dr. Nick Toscanni: [on a pay phone] Before I left town, I told you what to do. Now you go get what I want and bring it to my house and keep your mouth shut!
[he slams down the receiver and walks to his vehicle and gets in... Krystle happens upon him]
Krystle Carrington: Nick! Nick!
[she sees his black eye]
Krystle Carrington: You're hurt, what happened to you?
Dr. Nick Toscanni: I took a fall.
Dr. Nick Toscanni: I'm not as good a rider as I thought I was, I guess.
Krystle Carrington: Did you see Blake?
Dr. Nick Toscanni: No, I didn't. I looked for him, but I couldn't find him, Krystle.
Krystle Carrington: I talked to him... he knew you were coming.
Dr. Nick Toscanni: Yes, well it's a big mountain.
Krystle Carrington: Well, I don't see how you could have missed him.
Krystle Carrington: Do you think something happened to him?
Dr. Nick Toscanni: [starts engine] Goodbye, Krystle.
[drives off]

Jeff Colby: I want you to know that Fallon and I are going to take a stab at making our marriage work.
[Nick nods]
Jeff Colby: So take this as a warning: stay out of our lives.
Dr. Nick Toscanni: Is that it?
Jeff Colby: No, that's not all of it. The last time I took a swing at you, you said 'one punch per customer'. Well, if I catch you near my wife again, I'm only gonna need one.
Dr. Nick Toscanni: [both exchange frosty smiles] Come off it, pal. You don't have a wife... you got yourself a Carrington. And about your baby, does it belong to you, or is it like everything else in that mansion? And this building, practically everywhere you look. Is it another possession of Blake Carrington's?

"Dynasty: The Shakedown (#2.20)" (1982)
Dr. Nick Toscanni: Fallon! Call me - when you grow up.

"Dynasty: The Iago Syndrome (#2.14)" (1982)
Blake Carrington: Remember how you once said to me 'whoever hurts me or my family' you never fail to pay them back?
Dr. Nick Toscanni: [confused] Did I say that?
Blake Carrington: [nods] Right in this office.
Dr. Nick Toscanni: Ah.
[shrugs and smiles]
Dr. Nick Toscanni: You know me, Blake. You grow up with Italian operas... lots of passion... big emotions.
Blake Carrington: [nods again] How about revenge? Now that's a big emotion. I know how that feels. The overwhelming need to pay back a man who's ruined your life.
Dr. Nick Toscanni: [interrupting] Wait a minute, Blake. Did you get me up here to talk about the guy who threw the bomb?
Blake Carrington: [shakes head] No, not my revenge. Yours... against me.
Dr. Nick Toscanni: [guardedly] What the hell are you talking about? Huh? Where'd you get this weird idea?
Blake Carrington: Weird? I've checked into your family background. I know all about your half-brother, Gianni Mulhany. I know that you blame me for his death. And for some God-forsaken reason, you're holding me to blame for your brother's death, aren't you? And you came here to Denver so you could...
Dr. Nick Toscanni: [low] ... make you pay, that's right.

"Dynasty: The Psychiatrist (#2.9)" (1982)
Dr. Nick Toscanni: [Fallon has misinterpreted a call from Krystle to Nick] Mrs. Carrington is a patient of mine.
Fallon Carrington Colby: Is she really.
Dr. Nick Toscanni: Yes, and you're not entitled to know even that much. Now get the hell out of here, Fallon, and don't you ever pull the jealousy bit with me again. Your father's lived with it since he married Krystle; that's his problem. But I don't have to take it from you - *especially* not from you. Is that clear?

"Dynasty: The Hearing (#2.13)" (1982)
Fallon Carrington Colby: Hello, Nick. Did I wake you?
Dr. Nick Toscanni: [checks the clock] Wake me? Whatever gave you the idea you'd be waking me at three o'clock in the morning?