Sable Scott Colby
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Sable Scott Colby (Character)
from "Dynasty" (1981)

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"The Colbys: A House Divided (#1.6)" (1985)
Sable Scott Colby: Jason, listen to me. Jeff is a Carrington masquerading as a Colby. Why is it that I see through him and you don't?
Jason Colby: Picking me up at the office was a nice idea. This conversation is not.

Sable Scott Colby: Do you ever take 'no' for an answer, Mr. Powers?
Zach Powers: Never! And the name is Zach.

Zach Powers: You know, eh, I've come to the conclusion we have a great deal in common.
Sable Scott Colby: Such as?
Zach Powers: Good looks, good taste... and an appetite for more.
Sable Scott Colby: More what?
Zach Powers: More of the best.

Sable Scott Colby: You know, you really are more charming than the scandal sheets make you out to be.
Zach Powers: True.

Zach Powers: What would you like to know?
Sable Scott Colby: Your secrets, of course.
Zach Powers: Oh, no, sorry. I save those for my most intimate acquaintances.

Sable Scott Colby: Jason, where are you going?
Jason Colby: I don't think I know you any more. I don't sleep with strangers.

"The Colbys: The Turning Point (#1.10)" (1986)
Sable Colby: I turned down your gift once and I'll turn it down again. The painting no longer interests me.
Zach Powers: You don't seem to understand, there are no strings. I bought it for you as a gift. I want you to have it.
Sable Colby: [sarcastic] So that every time I look at it, I think of you.
Zach Powers: Ah, that would give me enormous pleasure.

Sable Colby: My mother warned me against Greeks bearing gifts.
Zach Powers: I'm Spanish, not Greek.
Sable Colby: Spanish, Greek, a Troyan horse is a Troyan horse. Now please, take your painting and go. This Helen of Troy is staying put.

Sable Colby: [to Jason] Look, I've made us a little supper. Your favorite: caviar with egg potato and champagne.

Sable Colby: What was the plan, Jason? Out with sister one, in with sister two?

Sable Scott Colby: [to Jason] I know what you think about Frankie. Dear, sweet, saintly Frankie. Oh, have I got news for you, the halo is a little off-center.

"The Colbys: My Father's House (#1.16)" (1986)
Sable Colby: Finding out that your husband has fathered a child with your own sister is no way to live.

Sable Colby: Jason and I are through, he can go where he likes, see who he pleases. But my sister will always be a thorne in my flesh.

Sable Colby: The sophisticated Sable Colby behaving like a... virgin on her first encounter.
Zach Powers: Not an alltogether displeasing image.

Jason Colby: Look, I'll buy you another house, I'll, I'll build you one. An exact replica of this one if that's what you want. But I cannot give you this house.
Sable Colby: Jason, you know that I always insist on originals. I despise fakes, whether it's art, jewelry or husbands.

"The Colbys: The Outcast (#1.17)" (1986)
Jason Colby: I've told you, I'll tell you again and it's true as God: this house belongs to this family, all the Colbys, including Jeff.
Sable Colby: Fine. We'll share it. Jeff can stay here... for a while
[raising her voice]
Sable Colby: But I will not see him marry that girl in this house!

Sable Colby: Now, first of all: colour schemes. Since I think we can hardly get away with virginal white, or ivory or even beige, I had thought: persimmon.
Fallon Carrington Colby: Persimmon! Look, Sable, I'll choose my own wedding dress, thank you!

Sable Colby: Eavesdropping, Conny? Maybe we should get the keyholes raised to eye level. It'll be easier on your back.

Sable Colby: [to Frankie] Just remember: stay out of my way. And, if you can control yourself for a change, stay out of my husbands bed, too.

"The Colbys: The Honeymoon (#1.19)" (1986)
Sable Colby: [about Miles] Do you remember when he was about six, that dreadful nanny locked him in his room and he cried and he cried until we came home and we found him.
Jason Colby: Yeah, I remember. He's not six any more. He... he won't cry.

Sable Colby: [to Conny] I see. So you're not satisfied with destroying my son's marriage, you are determined to destroy mine.

Sable Colby: [to Conny] Oh, by the way, you know your favourite willow tree? Well, Mr. Milano said it had blight. So I had it chopped down. These things happen with old age. It really improves the view.

"The Colbys: The Letter (#1.9)" (1986)
Sable Colby: Darling, marriage is like a dance. I know your father's moves and he knows mine. Now, this waltz has gotten a little out of step at the moment, but... I know my partner. We'll finish together.

Zach Powers: Who outbid you?
Sable Colby: They won't tell me. Fortunately. I don't think I could stand the rigors of a murder trial just now.

Sable Colby: Oh my God, what have I done? Conny!

"The Colbys: The Pact (#1.12)" (1986)
Miles Colby: [sarcastig] Arhur Cates is going to convince Fallon she loves me?
Sable Colby: No, but together, we can remove the competition.
Miles Colby: Jeff? What with, an eraser?

Sable Colby: [to Hutch, who has brought Conny home from hospital] Thank you, cabbie, for seeing her in.
[hands over some dollar bills]
Constance Colby: Sable, this 'cabbie' is a very dear friend of mine, Hutch Corrigan. Hutch, this is my sister-in-law.

Sean McAllister: Just what don't you like about me, Mrs. Colby? Eh, my politics? My beard? My uncle?
Sable Colby: I respect your politics, I quite like your beard but your uncle is an entirely different matter.

"The Colbys: Fallen Idol (#1.8)" (1986)
Sable Scott Colby: And what am I supposed to say? Dear Constance, I wish I had half your integrity, half your wisdom, half your sense of honor.
Constance 'Conny' Colby Patterson: But you do, Sable, you do. Almost exactly half.

Jason Colby: When you attack Conny, you attack me.
Sable Scott Colby: And when she attacks our son, you simply turn the other cheek.

"The Colbys: Guilty Party (#2.18)" (1987)
Sable Colby: This baby may be yours, but the mother never will again, you have got to accept that.
Miles Colby: How? Saying it doesn't make it happen.

Monica Colby: But the night Scott was born...
[pushes back tears]
Monica Colby: when I was a little girl, I... always ran to daddy to make things better. Miles ran to you, I ran to daddy.
[starting to tear up]
Monica Colby: But that night, all I wanted was you. I just wanted you.
Sable Colby: Oh, Monica baby.
[they embrace]

"The Colbys: Fallon's Choice (#1.13)" (1986)
Sable Scott Colby: [to Connie] Oh, very good. The old wheels are still turning. Very slowly but they are still turning.

Sable Colby: Are you drunk?
Miles Colby: No, but I'm working on it.

"The Colbys: The Gathering Storm (#2.1)" (1986)
Francesca Colby: Why the hell should you be the only one in this house able to sleep?
Sable Colby: What on Earth are you talking about?
Francesca Colby: You, lying there sleeping while Rome burns.
[drops a newspaper on Sable's bed]
Sable Colby: Well, that was Nero, darling, and he was fiddling.
Francesca Colby: You're pretty good at fiddling, with everyone's lives. First Conny's and then Jeff's and now Jason's. Well, this is where it stops.
Sable Colby: I wasn't running off with your husband, Frankie, you were running off with mine. If anyone's on the fiddle, it is you.

Zach Powers: [Sable starts to undress] No. Not the body. Not yet. First I want your soul.
Sable Colby: My soul?
Zach Powers: The wedding ring. Take it off!

"The Colbys: The Reunion (#1.7)" (1985)
Sable Scott Colby: [about herself and Frankie] We've been arguing since we were in the nursery.

Sable Scott Colby: [about Constance] Look what's she's already done to Miles' future.
Jason Colby: What about her future? You going to chain her up in the attic, old crazy Conny?

"The Colbys: Bid for Freedom (#2.10)" (1986)
Zach Powers: Tell me, are we going to Brussels for my sake, or so you can be closer to Jason?
Sable Colby: Oh, really, Zach, when will you stop being so jealous of Jason?
Zach Powers: I've been jealous of him since the first day I saw his bride aboard that yacht.
Sable Colby: Well, now you have her all to yourself.
Zach Powers: Not quite, not quite.

Jason Colby: [to Bliss] Darling, if I could change the world for you, I'd do it. But I can't. You and Kolya, baby, it can never happen.
Sable Colby: But Jason, it has happened. Don't just stand there making speeches. You've got to help her.

"The Colbys: The Celebration (#1.1)" (1985)
Sable Scott Colby: [about Constance] Handing Jeff half the Colby empire on a silver platter, well I am not going to let her get away with it. Deprive my three chicks of their share of her estate. There must be a way to challenge this thing.
Jason Colby: Sable, I would like you to keep clear of this. I don't want any of Conny's Colby shares. I don't need them. Neither do my kids.

Sable Scott Colby: There is nothing devious about using your femininity.
Monica Colby: Well I think any woman who resorts to those kinds of tricks is letting down the team.
Sable Scott Colby: Team? This is not a locker room, darling, it's not us against them. When it comes to men, no two women are ever on the same team, believe me.

"The Colbys: The Wedding (#1.18)" (1986)
Francesca Colby: So much for the truce.
Sable Colby: Yes well, it was beginning to drag on a bit, wasn't it? See you tomorrow, Frankie and oh, eh... don't be the last guest to leave.

Sable Colby: [surprised to see Jason in the reflection of her mirror] Jason, how long have you been standing there?
Jason Colby: 'Bout 28 years.

"The Colbys: The Gala (#2.6)" (1986)
Zach Powers: Sabella, you must insist on class 'C' stock, not class 'A'.
Sable Colby: Don't be ridiculous, 'A' is always better than 'C', in everything.
Zach Powers: 'C' for 'Colby', my love. A special class of family stock.

Sable Colby: You're still in love with her, aren't you?
Miles Colby: We were just dancing, mother.
Sable Colby: No. She was just dancing, you were making love.

"The Colbys: The Family Album (#1.4)" (1985)
Sable Scott Colby: [to Constance] This is maddening. I'm trying to talk to you about the future of my son and all you're interested in is a piece of junk jewelry.

Sable Scott Colby: You can cut the act. At the musuem I found it flattering, now I know it has more to do with Jason's business than Sable's allure.
Zach Powers: Not true. I always mix business with pleasure. And I have an insatiable appetite for both, Sable Colby.

"The Colbys: No Exit (#2.2)" (1986)
Zach Powers: [there's a thunderstorm outside] Don't be a fool, Sable... stay here.
Sable Colby: With you? I'd rather walk through hell.

Sable Colby: Oh, well I must say husband stealing agrees with you, darling. You are a walking ad for adultery. Do they need a poster child?
Francesca Colby: You can't steal what's already lost. You know the rules, Sable: finders, keepers.
Sable Colby: Yes, I've been trying to find your keeper for years, darling. No man is safe.

"The Colbys: The Reckoning (#1.22)" (1986)
Sable Colby: That'll look perfect in front of the fireplace in our bedroom. I think that's our favourite place in the house.

Sable Colby: [to Conny] You and Frankie, what a perfect pair: the Snoop sisters of Bel Air.

"The Colbys: Power Plays (#2.13)" (1987)
Adrienne Cassidy: You invite me to lunch and expect me to sell you my son over desert? He is not a painting up for auction.
Sable Colby: No, he is my grandchild, my flesh and blood.
Adrienne Cassidy: He's mine! Morally and legally mine.

Monica Colby: I may have lost a son...
Sable Colby: No, Arthur Cates says we- you have very good chance of getting him back.
Monica Colby: ...but you'll lose a daughtr, I promise you. I'm not asking you mother, I'm telling you: stay the hell out of my life.

"The Colbys: And Baby Makes Four (#2.9)" (1986)
Sable Colby: And you: stealing my husband, lying about who's son Jeff is, helping those two deceive Miles about this baby. Oh, they shot Mata Hari for less.
Francesca Colby: If she'd had a sister like you, she'd have volunteered.

Zach Powers: I want to take you away.
Sable Colby: Ah...
Zach Powers: Just for a few days...
Sable Colby: Impossible.
Zach Powers: A long weekend before they name you Woman of the Year.
[Sable laughs]
Zach Powers: Anywhere you like: the South of France, the, eh... Chez Shelle's, the back of the moon...
Sable Colby: Anywhere?
Zach Powers: Just name it.
Sable Colby: All right, take me to Brussels.
Sable Colby: Brussels?
Sable Colby: Hm. Where the sprouts come from.

"The Colbys: Anniversary Waltz (#1.23)" (1986)
Sable Colby: Listen darling, the Anniversary Waltz. Yes, you may.
Jason Colby: What?
Sable Colby: [girlish laughter] Have this dance with me.

Sable Colby: Oh what a waste my life has been. 29 years of loving you. And you loved her all the time.

"The Colbys: Shadow of the Past (#1.5)" (1985)
Sable Scott Colby: [to Miles] You fell in love with a little lost girl. You married a Carrington. Don't you understand, you've created a dynasty. The Colby-Carrington dynasty.

"The Colbys: All Fall Down (#2.17)" (1987)
Sable Colby: [Zach's phone is ringing] Aren't you going to get that?
Zach Powers: Wrong number.
[both laugh]
Sable Colby: How do you know it's a wrong number if you don't answer it?
Zach Powers: Well, Sabella, anyone who would call me at a time like this has got to be a fool. And I don't give fools my phone number.

"The Colbys: Something Old, Something New (#2.5)" (1986)
Sable Colby: Tell me, Channing, do you intend to finish the article for Modern Design or was that just a ploy to meet Miles?

"The Colbys: The Matchmaker (#2.4)" (1986)
Sable Colby: Well how appropriate, enough flowers for a funeral.
Zach Powers: No one died, Sabella.
Sable Colby: You and I did, Zach, our relationship.

"The Colbys: Burden of Proof (#1.15)" (1986)
Sable Colby: [to Conny] This is my wedding album. Mine. And you are in every photo, at Jason's side. You put down roots there and you never left.

"The Colbys: Reaching Out (#2.12)" (1986)
Sable Colby: [referring to Conny] Damn that meddlesome old witch! And damn you, too. How could you give away my only grandchild and not even tell me? I'll never trust you again.
Arthur Cates: That's exactly why you can trust me, because I can keep a confidence.

"The Colbys: Crossroads (#2.25)" (1987)
Scott Cassidy: Are you crying?
Sable Colby: Only because you called me grandma.

"The Colbys: Manhunt (#2.16)" (1987)
Sable Colby: Unlike money, Kolya, good ballerina's do not grow on trees in America.

"The Colbys: Thursday's Child (#1.11)" (1986)
Jason Colby: [having been summoned into Sable's room] Sable?
Sable Colby: [taking a bath] I'm in here, darling.
Jason Colby: Said the spider to the fly.

"The Colbys: Double Jeopardy (#1.20)" (1986)
Sable Colby: Does it realy do so much for your ego, turning on a woman this hungry for love?
Zach Powers: No more hungry than I. Oh, stop fighting, Sabella. I adore you. And I want to have you.

"Dynasty: Ginger Snaps (#9.9)" (1989)
Sable Colby: [about Alexis] She's already made contact with the royal family down there. You know how easily impressed they are with cheap trinkets like herself.

"The Colbys: Answered Prayers (#2.20)" (1987)
Sable Colby: [after finally signing her divorce papers] I had a plan... You know that pen of mine that always leaks, well I was going to sign with that and hope that a huge... inkblot would invalidate everything.
Jason Colby: You all right?
[offering her a drink of water]
Sable Colby: I'm fine.
[takes a sip]
Sable Colby: Pathetic, my plans...

"The Colbys: Deceptions (#2.8)" (1986)
Sable Colby: [about Miles] I had some news for him, that's all. Something that would've cheered him up.
Channing Carter: Hm. I hadn't noticed that he was cheered down.
Sable Colby: Then you are not very observant.

"Dynasty: The Titans (#6.6)" (1985)
Sable Colby: She's not my daughter - at least, not today, she isn't.

"The Colbys: Moment of Truth (#1.3)" (1985)
Sable Scott Colby: I thought you were above eavesdropping, Constance?
Constance Colby: I was not eavesdropping, I live here.

"The Colbys: Conspiracy of Silence (#1.2)" (1985)
Sable Scott Colby: [about Jeff] He has done very well. Considering...
Francesca Colby: Considering what?
Sable Scott Colby: He was handed power and fortune on a platinum platter. He's hardly worked for it.
Francesca Colby: Unlike Miles, who had to work very hard of course, over a hot polo mallet.

"The Colbys: The Trial (#1.14)" (1986)
Sable Colby: [to Bliss] I know that you're very upset about Sean still, but there's a whole world out there. It's full of hideous music, ghastly clothes and dreadful young men for you to bring home to shock us.

"The Colbys: Bloodlines (#2.7)" (1986)
Sable Colby: It's bad enought that you and Channing are having problems already, but this, this war that you're having with Jeff, fighting in the pool like a couple of water rats, what is going on?
Miles Colby: Why don't you ask Jeff, he started it.

"The Colbys: Devil's Advocate (#2.22)" (1987)
Sable Colby: [on phone] Sorry, I'm busy today for lunch and for dinner and tomorrow in case you were going to ask.
Zach Powers: [on other line] Well, you're either very hungry or very angry. Is that the game, Sabella? Trying to make me jealous?

"The Colbys: Betrayals (#2.23)" (1987)
Sable Colby: [about Zach] He wouldn't betray me. Other people, perhaps, but... not me. He loves me.
Monica Colby: Does he loves you as much as he hates daddy?

"Dynasty: Catch 22 (#9.22)" (1989)
Alexis Morrell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan: No coffee for me, thank you.
Sable Colby: Not even laced with something?