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Zach Powers (Character)
from "Dynasty" (1981)

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"The Colbys: A House Divided (#1.6)" (1985)
Zach Powers: Colby and Powers together again. For the first time.

Sable Scott Colby: Do you ever take 'no' for an answer, Mr. Powers?
Zach Powers: Never! And the name is Zach.

Zach Powers: You know, eh, I've come to the conclusion we have a great deal in common.
Sable Scott Colby: Such as?
Zach Powers: Good looks, good taste... and an appetite for more.
Sable Scott Colby: More what?
Zach Powers: More of the best.

Sable Scott Colby: You know, you really are more charming than the scandal sheets make you out to be.
Zach Powers: True.

Zach Powers: What would you like to know?
Sable Scott Colby: Your secrets, of course.
Zach Powers: Oh, no, sorry. I save those for my most intimate acquaintances.

"The Colbys: Double Jeopardy (#1.20)" (1986)
Sean McAllister: Save the papa Powers act for your stepson.
Zach Powers: Spiro is not my blood, you are.

Sable Colby: Does it realy do so much for your ego, turning on a woman this hungry for love?
Zach Powers: No more hungry than I. Oh, stop fighting, Sabella. I adore you. And I want to have you.

Zach Powers: [to Sable] You owe me this. And more. Much more... One day, I'll collect everything. And you will pay, gladly.

"The Colbys: All Fall Down (#2.17)" (1987)
Sable Colby: [Zach's phone is ringing] Aren't you going to get that?
Zach Powers: Wrong number.
[both laugh]
Sable Colby: How do you know it's a wrong number if you don't answer it?
Zach Powers: Well, Sabella, anyone who would call me at a time like this has got to be a fool. And I don't give fools my phone number.

Zach Powers: Do you think I'm the only one who hates your father's guts? Huh? If you came here looking for a scapegoat, you knocked on the wrong door. Find another one.
Jeff Colby: Oh, I will. And I'm gonna keep looking, until I find you behind one of them.

"The Colbys: Checkmate (#1.24)" (1986)
Zach Powers: Think, Jason, think. You imagine it's easy for Zach Powers to admit that there's a woman, any woman, he couldn't have?

Zach Powers: For your mothers sake I tollerated you. But all that is over now. Make all the threats you want, my hands are clean. But you're not moving in on me and you're not moving in on the Colby girl. I'll risk sharing a prison cell with you first.
Spiro Koralis: I got a better idea, Zach: You take the mother, I'll take the daugher, we'll share the Colby fortune instead.

"The Colbys: The Turning Point (#1.10)" (1986)
Sable Colby: I turned down your gift once and I'll turn it down again. The painting no longer interests me.
Zach Powers: You don't seem to understand, there are no strings. I bought it for you as a gift. I want you to have it.
Sable Colby: [sarcastic] So that every time I look at it, I think of you.
Zach Powers: Ah, that would give me enormous pleasure.

Sable Colby: My mother warned me against Greeks bearing gifts.
Zach Powers: I'm Spanish, not Greek.
Sable Colby: Spanish, Greek, a Troyan horse is a Troyan horse. Now please, take your painting and go. This Helen of Troy is staying put.

"The Colbys: The Family Album (#1.4)" (1985)
Zach Powers: I am glad that, eh, you've come around to my way of thinking.
Jason Colby: You and I could never think the same way, Zach.

Sable Scott Colby: You can cut the act. At the musuem I found it flattering, now I know it has more to do with Jason's business than Sable's allure.
Zach Powers: Not true. I always mix business with pleasure. And I have an insatiable appetite for both, Sable Colby.

"The Colbys: Jason's Choice (#2.3)" (1986)
Dominique Deveraux: Forgive me, I have had a very difficult day.
Zach Powers: Oh, don't apologize for something so natural. Music touches our hearts, that's why we need it.
Dominique Deveraux: I think my heart has had a little too much touching, lately.

Zach Powers: I am sick and tired of being the scapegoat for all the Colby's problems.
Jason Colby: You are a lot of things, but innocent scapegoat is not one of them.

"The Colbys: No Exit (#2.2)" (1986)
Zach Powers: [there's a thunderstorm outside] Don't be a fool, Sable... stay here.
Sable Colby: With you? I'd rather walk through hell.

Jason Colby: You set up Miles for the Mahoney murder, Jeff for the Lavados Killing, now it's my turn, huh?
Zach Powers: There aren't enough hours in the day to do all that framing. Besides, I'm trying to cut down.
[smiles broadly at his own wit]
Jason Colby: I'll wipe that smile off your face if it kills me. And it might.

"The Colbys: The Matchmaker (#2.4)" (1986)
Sable Colby: Well how appropriate, enough flowers for a funeral.
Zach Powers: No one died, Sabella.
Sable Colby: You and I did, Zach, our relationship.

"The Colbys: The Gathering Storm (#2.1)" (1986)
Zach Powers: [Sable starts to undress] No. Not the body. Not yet. First I want your soul.
Sable Colby: My soul?
Zach Powers: The wedding ring. Take it off!

"The Colbys: My Father's House (#1.16)" (1986)
Sable Colby: The sophisticated Sable Colby behaving like a... virgin on her first encounter.
Zach Powers: Not an alltogether displeasing image.

"The Colbys: The Legacy (#2.14)" (1987)
Zach Powers: [about Conny] We met many times. The last time in your office. Remember, I told you, she invited me in, sat me behind your desk. 'Enjoy it', she said. 'As long as I'm alive, you'll never sit in that chair again'. She was right. I never did. As long as she was alive. But now she's gone.

"The Colbys: Bid for Freedom (#2.10)" (1986)
Zach Powers: Tell me, are we going to Brussels for my sake, or so you can be closer to Jason?
Sable Colby: Oh, really, Zach, when will you stop being so jealous of Jason?
Zach Powers: I've been jealous of him since the first day I saw his bride aboard that yacht.
Sable Colby: Well, now you have her all to yourself.
Zach Powers: Not quite, not quite.

"The Colbys: A Family Affair (#1.21)" (1986)
Zach Powers: I don't know anything about these murders or why your boys have been charged. But I admit I'm enjoying this. Perhaps it's the fisherman in me. The great Jason Colby squirming like a worm on a hook.
Jason Colby: Whatever happened, it wasn't in my time.
Zach Powers: In your father's. And the father's sins are visited on his sons. Phillip is dead, so is Cecil. There is only you, Jason. Only you to pay for it.

"The Colbys: The Wedding (#1.18)" (1986)
Zach Powers: I say the word and you go back to signing proxies like the other shareholders.
Spiro Koralis: And the day you try that, is the day the police will reopen the investigation into my mothers mysterious drowning.

"The Colbys: The Gala (#2.6)" (1986)
Zach Powers: Sabella, you must insist on class 'C' stock, not class 'A'.
Sable Colby: Don't be ridiculous, 'A' is always better than 'C', in everything.
Zach Powers: 'C' for 'Colby', my love. A special class of family stock.

"The Colbys: The Honeymoon (#1.19)" (1986)
Zach Powers: You think I had something to do with Miles' arrest. You're wrong, believe me.
Jason Colby: You believe me: if I find your hand in this, as God is my witness, I'll cut it off.

"The Colbys: The Letter (#1.9)" (1986)
Zach Powers: Who outbid you?
Sable Colby: They won't tell me. Fortunately. I don't think I could stand the rigors of a murder trial just now.

"The Colbys: The Reckoning (#1.22)" (1986)
Zach Powers: What man with any sense or taste would keep Constance Patterson waiting?
Constance Colby: [polite chuckle] You always spread your charm so thick.
Zach Powers: No, I mean it, I'm a great admirer of yours. Sincerely. I'd like to get to know you, really know you.
Constance Colby: Really?
Zach Powers: I mean as a collector, not a conqueror.

"The Colbys: Power Plays (#2.13)" (1987)
Zach Powers: Now listen carefully, Sabella. I am about to give you your first taste of power. Real power.

"The Colbys: Conspiracy of Silence (#1.2)" (1985)
Zach Powers: Oh, beautiful paintings excite me almost as much as beautiful women.

"The Colbys: The Trial (#1.14)" (1986)
Zach Powers: You have my sympathy, my friend.
Jason Colby: I don't need your sympathy, Zach, I need your super tankers.
[to himself]
Jason Colby: Unfortunately...

"The Colbys: Devil's Advocate (#2.22)" (1987)
Sable Colby: [on phone] Sorry, I'm busy today for lunch and for dinner and tomorrow in case you were going to ask.
Zach Powers: [on other line] Well, you're either very hungry or very angry. Is that the game, Sabella? Trying to make me jealous?

"The Colbys: The Dead End (#2.24)" (1987)
Zach Powers: He's the wrong man for you, Sabella. I wish to God you weren't as wrong for me.
[a beat]
Zach Powers: Goodbye...

"The Colbys: And Baby Makes Four (#2.9)" (1986)
Zach Powers: I want to take you away.
Sable Colby: Ah...
Zach Powers: Just for a few days...
Sable Colby: Impossible.
Zach Powers: A long weekend before they name you Woman of the Year.
[Sable laughs]
Zach Powers: Anywhere you like: the South of France, the, eh... Chez Shelle's, the back of the moon...
Sable Colby: Anywhere?
Zach Powers: Just name it.
Sable Colby: All right, take me to Brussels.
Sable Colby: Brussels?
Sable Colby: Hm. Where the sprouts come from.

"The Colbys: Betrayals (#2.23)" (1987)
Zach Powers: Some women throw dishes. You a twenty thousand dollar vase. My darling Sabella, it's so good to have you back.

"The Colbys: Anniversary Waltz (#1.23)" (1986)
Zach Powers: Forget about Colby's daughter and concentrate on his son.
Spiro Koralis: Well, the daughter's better lookin'.
Zach Powers: Look at this: the police are still trying to hang the Mahoney murder on Miles. For once I agree with Jason. I think the boy was set up.
Spiro Koralis: Well, lucky for you the police don't believe that.
Zach Powers: I told you: my hands are clean.