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Blake Carrington (Character)
from "Dynasty" (1981)

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"Dynasty: Oil (#1.1)" (1981)
Blake Carrington: Of course. I forgot. The American Psychiatric Association has decided that it's no longer a disease. That's too bad; I could have endowed a foundation. The Steven Carrington Institute for the Treatment and Study of Faggotry. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go get married.

Andrew Laird: [about Matthew Blaisdel] He'll, eh, transfer at Kennedy, arrive at Stapleton International tomorrow morning at ten A.M.
Blake Carrington: [grunts] Have his plane shot down over Kansas.
Andrew Laird: [pause] Eh, forgive my stupidity, Blake, but, eh, is that some kind of a joke?
Blake Carrington: [Grumbling] Yeah, it's a joke, I guess.

Fallon Carrington: [after being thrown off her horse into the water] I know you, Blake Carrington, you paid that horse to dump me.
Blake Carrington: I didn't have to pay him, he works for me.
Fallon Carrington: [panting] Is there anybody in Colorado who doesn't work for you?
Blake Carrington: Oh, a few people, but not for long.

Blake Carrington: And would it make you feel more comfortable if I divested myself of all my holdings? If I gave away every penny I've got?
Krystle Jennings: That wouldn't make any difference.
Blake Carrington: You're right, it wouldn't. Because if I started from dead scratch tomorrow, I'd have a million dollars by the end of the year and ten million by the year after that.

Krystle Carrington: Haven't I seen him on television?
Blake Carrington: Jerry Henderson? Of course you have. Best congressman money can buy.

"Dynasty: The Dinner Party (#1.3)" (1981)
Blake Carrington: Doing what I have to do, coming out here isn't easy for me. Fact is, I had no practise at it. You see, gentlemen, I've, eh, I've come to apologise.

Blake Carrington: [after dinner] Ladies and gentlemen, I have a survey report, says that we might strike brandy in the living room.

Cecil Colby: Too bad you had to cut your honeymoon short because of your overseas fiasco.
Blake Carrington: Not a fiasco, Cecil, minor setback at worst.
Cecil Colby: Blake, you can tell the other fellas in the room that, maybe they'll believe you, but you and I, we go back to the Ice Age.

Blake Carrington: [about Matthew Blaisdel] I gave him a chance to stay afloat. Now I'm gonna blow him right out of the water.

"Dynasty: The Verdict (#2.2)" (1981)
Fallon Carrington Colby: How could she hate a man like you? A wonderful man like you?
Blake Carrington: [dryly] Hm, hard to fathom, isn't it?

Blake Carrington: Get your hand off of me!
Ty Meredith: Or what, sir? More manslaughter?
Jeff Colby: Or just a punch in the gut! And I'd be happy to deliver it for him.

Alexis Carrington: You still despise me, don't you?
Blake Carrington: That's a good enough word.

Blake Carrington: [to Fallon] The decision to fire my chauffeur and your... in-house stud was mine.

"Dynasty: The Beating (#1.9)" (1981)
Fallon Carrington Colby: I was as much a part of it as he was! It wasn't even his idea; it was mine!
Blake Carrington: I know that.
Fallon Carrington Colby: So why don't you have *me* beaten up?
Blake Carrington: I probably should have, but I know that won't stop you.

Krystle Carrington: Moving, where?
Steven Carrington: A three-room apartment, eh, over on Kensington. It's over some stores, but it's roomy. It has high ceilings and, and, and tall windows. It's nice.
Blake Carrington: Not like your cramped quarters here, huh?

Blake Carrington: [to Steven] Oh, so you decided you needed more schooling, huh? Exactly how much Keats and Shelley does a 24-year old man need anyway?

Fallon Carrington Colby: You just can't go around beating up every man in Colorado I sleep with.
Blake Carrington: Try me, Fallon. Try me.

"Dynasty: Enter Alexis (#2.1)" (1981)
[last lines]
Blake Carrington: [to Krystle] I swear to you that after tomorrow if I'm freed, I'll be different.
[walks to the door, then to himself]
Blake Carrington: "If I'm freed." My God.

Andrew Laird: [about Alexis] She's really good, isn't she? Wait till I get her on the witness stand. I'm gonna tear her apart.
Blake Carrington: There's not gonna be any cross examination.

Blake Carrington: I did not premeditatedly kill Ted Dinard, I retained you to prove that. I expect you to do it.
Andrew Laird: And if I don't? If I can't?
Blake Carrington: 'Don't' and 'can't' are not in my vocabulary. You'll do it.

"Dynasty: Krystle's Lie (#1.7)" (1981)
Blake Carrington: Well, let me tell you something about friends, Krystle. My friends.
Blake Carrington: In this business, your only friend is a dead enemy. The minute you hit the ground, these friends would turn on you like a pack of hungry dogs.

Blake Carrington: I know you, Matthew. We've been friends and we've been enemies, too. I know one thing about you, that you're honest. So you look me right in the eye and you tell me that you still don't think about Krystle every night and every day, day and night. You do that and I'll call off my dogs.

Blake Carrington: My son is in love with a man... My daughter is in love with sex. She's probably still sleeping with every player on my football team.

"Dynasty: Fallon's Wedding (#1.4)" (1981)
Blake Carrington: [about Cecil Colby] I don't trust him any more than he'd trust me in this. Because he has the heart of a rattlesnake and soul of a streetwalker.

Blake Carrington: I expect loyalty. Loyalty to me is more important than life. Is that understood?
Michael Culhane: Yes, sir.
Blake Carrington: And if you ever cross me, you'll wish you hadn't.

"Dynasty: The Cliff (#2.22)" (1982)
Blake Carrington: [Nick has arrived at Scorpio Peak to confront Blake about his brother Gianni] Well, Nick... what are you doing here? Must be pretty important to get you all the way up here from Denver.
Dr. Nick Toscanni: [menacingly] For this I would have come all the way back from Hell.
Blake Carrington: What are you talking about?
Dr. Nick Toscanni: I'm talking about you and my brother Gianni... Farouk Ahmed told me. He told me, Blake, that you were in that miserable country when my brother was arrested and that my brother sent you a personal plea for help which you ignored!
Blake Carrington: Don't you understand? Ahmed is lying!
Dr. Nick Toscanni: You ignored him!
[Nick lunges at Blake and knocks him off his horse, both men fall to the ground fighting]
Dr. Nick Toscanni: You ignored it... because it would have jeopardized your lousy oil deal!
[he strikes Blake in the face]
Blake Carrington: [Blake falls and gets up] I told you... everything I told you is the truth! I was in Indonesia when that cable came about your brother dying... and I was in the country when your brother was arrested!
Dr. Nick Toscanni: And you didn't lift a finger to help him, you lying son of a...
[Blake ducks Nick's swing and flips him over, then gets him in a choke hold]
Blake Carrington: I couldn't help your brother... I had no power to intervene! I did call the State Department to try and get them to reduce his sentence. I had no way of knowing he was going to hang himself!
Dr. Nick Toscanni: You lie!
[Nick knocks Blake back off of him... both resume fighting]
Blake Carrington: Now you listen to me... I'm sick and tired of your insane need to blame somebody else for your brother's death. Face the fact... he was no innocent victim, he was involved with drugs! Now you listen to me once and for all, you leave me and my family alone!
[he mounts his horse and rides off, a snake spooks the horse and dumps Blake from it, causing him to tumble down the hill. Nick happens upon Blake and does nothing to help]

Blake Carrington: I think we've talked enough.
Farouk Ahmed: Mr. Carrington, please! I love my brother.
Blake Carrington: [unmoved] I'm touched by your story. Would you mind getting out.
Farouk Ahmed: [standing up] I could lose my brother because of you, Mr. Carrington. How would you feel to lose someone close to you?
Blake Carrington: Get out of here.
Farouk Ahmed: This I promise: the day you find out how it feels, I will smile at your agony.
[he storms out]

"Dynasty: The Honeymoon (#1.2)" (1981)
Blake Carrington: Fallon, how did you get in here?
Fallon Carrington: Oh, I told the guard at the door I was CIA. Undercover.

Blake Carrington: [adressing the house staff] The rest of you will understand that what I've tried to convey is that you are all dispensable to me. My wife is not.

"Dynasty: The Testimony (#1.13)" (1981)
Andrew Laird: Blake, this is not going to work. She's not a credible witness. She's a hooker. Please, let me call Claudia Blaisdel.
Blake Carrington: No.

Blake Carrington: I told you not to do this. I thought we had an understanding.
Andrew Laird: Blake, you and I have only one understanding, to keep you out of jail. Now, you have two choices: to go along with me or to fire me.

"Dynasty: The Party (#2.15)" (1982)
Blake Carrington: Who are you to bring that up? A man who'd stab his mother to make a deal!

"Dynasty: The Californians (#6.3)" (1985)
Jason Colby: Hello, Blake! How long has it been - twenty years, give or take a few?
Blake Carrington: Not long enough to suit me. What do you want, Jason?
Jason Colby: Well, I'd be glad of a little warmer hello.

"Dynasty: The Birthday (#4.23)" (1984)
Blake Carrington: The only thing that makes me more nervous than Alexis on a rampage is Alexis on a goodwill mission.

"Dynasty: The Siege: Part 2 (#8.2)" (1987)
Blake Carrington: [speaking through police bullhorn] I beg you as I've never begged any man for anything: please let my family go.

"Dynasty: The Treasure (#5.15)" (1985)
Alexis Carrington Colby: Good afternoon, Blake.
Blake Carrington: Sit down.
Alexis Carrington Colby: Did I hear you offer me a drink?
Blake Carrington: No, you didn't.

"Dynasty: The Proposal (#8.21)" (1988)
Adam Carrington: Father, what are you doing here, it's election night.
Blake Carrington: You're my son, aren't you? There's nothing more important than that.

"Dynasty: The Avenger (#5.13)" (1985)
Blake Carrington: Sometimes, you are very naive, Krystle.

"Dynasty: The Siege: Part 1 (#8.1)" (1987)
Policeman: [pointing a gun at Blake] You are under arrest.
Blake Carrington: Good! Get me down to headquarters as fast as you can.

"Dynasty: The Rifle (#8.15)" (1988)
LB Carrington: I'm trying to be grown up. Can you help me, Grandpa?
Blake Carrington: Help you do what?
LB Carrington: Find a place to live.
Blake Carrington: Why would you want to live some other place?
LB Carrington: Because I did something bad. Now my mom and dad don't wanna be my mom and dad anymore.

"Dynasty: The New Moguls (#8.11)" (1987)
Jeff Colby: I had a couple of interviews with out of state papers.
Blake Carrington: Let me guess. About that video tape, right?
Jeff Colby: Well, why talk about the real issues when you can exploit a good scandal?
Blake Carrington: Hm-hm. It comes with the territory. Good news is just but good, evil news, why, that's sensational.

"Dynasty: Blake Goes to Jail (#1.12)" (1981)
Krystle Carrington: Blake, I can't do that, I can't go to that meeting.
Blake Carrington: You've got to. The Sharks are beginning to circle and they think that I'm weak enough so that they can slip in anc chew me up, but you're going to stop them.

"Dynasty: The Iago Syndrome (#2.14)" (1982)
Blake Carrington: Remember how you once said to me 'whoever hurts me or my family' you never fail to pay them back?
Dr. Nick Toscanni: [confused] Did I say that?
Blake Carrington: [nods] Right in this office.
Dr. Nick Toscanni: Ah.
[shrugs and smiles]
Dr. Nick Toscanni: You know me, Blake. You grow up with Italian operas... lots of passion... big emotions.
Blake Carrington: [nods again] How about revenge? Now that's a big emotion. I know how that feels. The overwhelming need to pay back a man who's ruined your life.
Dr. Nick Toscanni: [interrupting] Wait a minute, Blake. Did you get me up here to talk about the guy who threw the bomb?
Blake Carrington: [shakes head] No, not my revenge. Yours... against me.
Dr. Nick Toscanni: [guardedly] What the hell are you talking about? Huh? Where'd you get this weird idea?
Blake Carrington: Weird? I've checked into your family background. I know all about your half-brother, Gianni Mulhany. I know that you blame me for his death. And for some God-forsaken reason, you're holding me to blame for your brother's death, aren't you? And you came here to Denver so you could...
Dr. Nick Toscanni: [low] ... make you pay, that's right.

"Dynasty: The Bungalow (#4.2)" (1983)
Blake Carrington: Well, Alexis, I really must thank you. For once in your life, you've done me a favor - even though it was totally unintentional. You know, if you keep up this kind of behavior, people are going to start liking you.
Alexis Carrington Colby: Why, thank you, Blake. I don't know what you're talking about, but people either loathe me or adore me. There's no middle ground with Alexis Colby - never has been, never will be.

"Dynasty: Krystina (#5.10)" (1984)
Blake Carrington: I thought I'd seen everything. My wife is in the hospital. My baby is fighting for her life. And you... you come in here enraged because you might have to share Amanda with me. You call that love? You've never loved anyone but yourself. Now leave us alone; I can't stand the sight of you.

"Dynasty: Triangles (#5.17)" (1985)
Blake Carrington: Amanda? My God, it's the middle of the night! Are you all right?
Amanda Bedford Carrington: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you.
Blake Carrington: Nonsense. That's what children are for: to keep their parents from sleeping at night.

"Dynasty: The Separation (#1.11)" (1981)
Blake Carrington: Perhaps you'd like me to believe that Matthew Blaisdel should be some sort of charity of mine, that he lies somewhere between the Red Cross and Boys Town.

"Dynasty: The Threat (#3.23)" (1983)
Blake Carrington: If you go on ruining other people's lives, I wouldn't give a dime for your chances of holding on to your own.

"Dynasty: The Bracelet (#8.16)" (1988)
Blake Carrington: Well, lets look at it this way: if that bullet was meant for me, then she saved my life. But she's still got one hell of a fight on her hands, I'll tell you. A fight that I intend to win.

"The Colbys: The Family Album (#1.4)" (1985)
Jason Colby: Blake, you're pumping more oil out there than we agreed on, you'll just have to store the surplus in the mainland for a few months.
Blake Carrington: I don't pump oil to store it. Every second stored is money lost.

"Dynasty: The Spoiler (#8.12)" (1987)
Blake Carrington: [about Alexis] She sure knows how to ruin a man's appetite.

"Dynasty: The Will (#5.14)" (1985)
Blake Carrington: Alexis, I thought I made it quite clear that I didn't want you to come here!
Alexis Carrington Colby: Oh, yes, Blake, you made it quite clear. But I don't arrange my life to suit the Gospel According to Blake Carrington!

"Dynasty: A Little Girl (#4.16)" (1984)
Fallon Carrington Colby: Someone's been badmouthing Peter, and I want to know who it is. No, never mind, I know who it is. It's Jeff, isn't it?
Blake Carrington: No, it was your mother.
Fallon Carrington Colby: Oh, *THAT* paragon of sanctity!

"Dynasty: The Birthday Party (#1.10)" (1981)
Blake Carrington: [after winning a game of pool] That'll be five dollars.
Joseph: Considering the difference in our incomes, that doesn't seem very sportsmanlike to me.
Blake Carrington: Well, that's an old line of yours, Joseph, and it's not going to work. Besides, I need the money.
[snaps his fingers]

"Dynasty: The Necklace (#1.8)" (1981)
Fallon Carrington Colby: I hate the George Cinq Hotel.
Blake Carrington: Well, call him up, tell him you're coming and for him to move to the Meurice.
Fallon Carrington Colby: I loathe the Meurice.
Blake Carrington: Do you know they used it for Nazi headquarters during the war? Suppose I found myself sleeping in... Field Marshal Göring's favorite room?
Fallon Carrington Colby: I tell you, if it comes to a showdown between you and Göring's ghost, you know where I'd put my money.