Sammy Jo Dean Carrington
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Sammy Jo Dean Carrington (Character)
from "Dynasty" (1981)

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"Dynasty: Adam's Son (#8.18)" (1988)
Jeff Colby: This morning at the beach, when we were, when we were kissing...
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Yeah?
Jeff Colby: In front of all the seagulls...
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: [laughs] Yeah?
Jeff Colby: They didn't seem to mind, did you?

Jeff Colby: You know, I'm realy impressed.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Oh, don't be. I've been playing frisbee since I was three.
Jeff Colby: No, not with your frisbee, today at the auction, the way you handled yourself.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Oh...
Jeff Colby: No, I really mean that. I thought you were just fixing your earring or something and the next thing I know, we bought an Arabian horse.

"Dynasty: The Reunion" (1991)
Samantha Josephine 'Sammy Jo' Dean Carrington Reece Fallmont: [to Alexis] Weren't you my mother-in-law at one time?

"Dynasty: The Accident (#6.16)" (1986)
Alexis Carrington Colby: [walking in on Sammy Jo at Delta Rho as she sits reading, barefoot and with legs stretched out] Well, well, Sammy Jo reading. And not a comic book. I'm impressed.
[takes off her leather gloves]
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: [sighs] What are you doing here, Alexis?
Alexis Carrington Colby: Oh, I came to visit my horses and to talk to you.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Well, why don't you go back to the stalls, because I don't want to talk to you.
Alexis Carrington Colby: Tsk, tsk. Why not? Is it because you're being your usual snippety self, or - -?
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Or what?
Alexis Carrington Colby: Or that you have something to hide about Auntie Krystle?
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: If I did, Alexis, you'd be the last person I'd tell.
[gets up from the couch as if she doesn't want to]
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: So, if you'll just get out of here...
[pads over to open the door for her, expecting of her to leave]
Alexis Carrington Colby: [knowingly] Rita Lesley.
[has a startling effect on Sammy Jo]
Alexis Carrington Colby: Yes, Rita Lesley. Wasn't that the name of the actress who was impersonating Krystle?
[turns around victoriously to face Sammy Jo]
Alexis Carrington Colby: Hmm? And you were the one who discovered her, weren't you? In a New York bar on West 51st. Do you want me to remind you of the date?
[Sammy Jo hurriedly closes the door, crossing her arms defensively, Alexis smiles sensing blood]
Alexis Carrington Colby: Colbyco has a New York office, and we have an excellent private investigator there. Who brings me all sorts of fascinating information. Which is what I want from you right now. Unless of course you want me to go to the police with all of this.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: [capitulating, suddenly meek] What is it that you want to know?

"Dynasty: The Baby (#2.16)" (1982)
Alexis Carrington Colby: [Alexis has offered Sammy Jo twenty thousand dollars to allow her marriage to Steven to be annuled] From now on, every word that you utter is going to cost you one thousand dollars. You've just said four words; that's now sixteen thousand dollars.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Hey!
Alexis Carrington Colby: Not exactly a word, but I'm going to count it anyway. Fifteen thousand dollars. Tell me something, my little nymphette: is this your way of upping the ante?

"Dynasty: The Dismissal (#6.19)" (1986)
Amanda Bedford Carrington: [spotting Sammy Jo leaving with Danny] Does Steven know that you are taking him out of the house?
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: [kneeling down to speak to Danny, obviously very much annoyed by Amanda] Danny, love, why don't you go onto the kitchen and ask Mrs. Gunnerson for some milk and cookies? I'll meet you in here, okay?
Danny Carrington: Okay mommy.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: All right.
[rises to face Amanda, a glint in her eyes]
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Afraid I'll kidnap him, Amanda?
Amanda Bedford Carrington: It's happened before.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Look, I'm taking my son for a walk, that's all.
Amanda Bedford Carrington: Well then, why don't I call Steven and ask him if it's all right?
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Well, what do we have here? Trying to fill Fallon's shoes as the young witch of the house, Amanda? No wonder your marriage is in trouble. You're so busy holding on to your broomstick that you can't even hold on to your own husband.

"Dynasty: The Warning (#6.26)" (1986)
Steven Carrington: [as she is returning Danny] Sammy Jo? Where'd you go with him?
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: We went to the zoo. Not that it's any business of yours.
Steven Carrington: You're only supposed to visit him here at the house.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: For God's sake, Steven, relax. I'm not gonna kidnap him. We were just having a good time.
Steven Carrington: You and Clay?
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Oh, that's it.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: It's all right for me to have boyfriends, Steven. I'm a girl.
Steven Carrington: [feigning indifference to her chide] I don't want you taking him out with you on dates. He's my son. I care how he's influenced.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Oh well, so do I. And just because there's no-one in your life, doesn't mean you can stop me from having someone in mine. It just so happens there's nothing wrong with Clay Fallmont as an influence or a role model for Danny.
[then adding pointedly:]
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: At least he's straight.
[leaving him to mull that over as she walks off]

"Dynasty: The Surrogate: Part 2 (#8.6)" (1987)
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: [to Josh] Hold it right there, hot shot. I'm not buying your dumb country boy routine. And if you don't let me out, you might find your self with an injury that will not only prevent you from playing next Sunday but from ever fathering a child.

"Dynasty: Danny (#3.13)" (1983)
Alexis Carrington Colby: I said I would better his offer! Didn't you hear me?
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Yes, I did. So start bettering. What am I offered?
Alexis Carrington Colby: Name your price, my dear. Whatever you want.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: From you? Nothing. You haven't got enough to even get my attention, Alexis, because what I really want is to see you eating your rotten heart out over my baby. Well, lady, start eating, because Danny stays right where he is.
[she leaves the room, then pauses at the door]
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: What's the matter? Didn't one tramp hear what the other tramp just said?

"Dynasty: The Alarm (#6.14)" (1986)
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Rita!
Rita, the imposter masquerading as Krystle Carrington: [as she hides The National Enquirer in favor of being seen with The Denver Chronicle] It's Krystle here, remember?
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Why are you giving Blake heart medicine? Why?
Rita, the imposter masquerading as Krystle Carrington: Heart medicine? Girl, I don't know what you are talking about.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: I just came from the laboratory. I had the contents of that bottle you dropped analysed. There'd been heart medicine in it. Now, what's going on?
Rita, the imposter masquerading as Krystle Carrington: Nothing. Now, for God's sake, will you stop this?
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: [adamant] I'm stopping nothing. Will you tell me the truth, damn it! I've gotta know what you and Joel are doing to that man?
Rita, the imposter masquerading as Krystle Carrington: [sighs] We're poisoning him.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: [shocked] You're - -?
Rita, the imposter masquerading as Krystle Carrington: Well, you asked, I answered. So, you can forget about our cut of your Daddy's estate. Blake Carrington's gonna sue, and I'm gonna inherit a lot. A whole lot, millions.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: It's Joel. He's been poisoning you, your mind. What's happened to you? No, Rita, you can't go through with this.
Rita, the imposter masquerading as Krystle Carrington: It's already done. Now, you're in this, just as deep as we are. So you'd better keep your mouth shut, you hear? Because if you don't, well, all of us go to jail.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: [thinks this over, clearly coming to a resolution, and scene changes, inside Steven's office, where she comes rushing in] Steven!
Steven Carrington: Sammy Jo, what are you doing here?
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: This is an emergency!
Steven Carrington: Which means you are in some kind of trouble.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Listen to me, this is serious.
Steven Carrington: Look, I've gotta get back to my office.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Steven, it's about your father! I think he's gonna die!
Steven Carrington: What the hell are you talking about?

"Dynasty: The Primary (#8.7)" (1987)
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Maybe Josh is what I need. Curring horses every day doesn't exactly fulfill a woman's needs.

"Dynasty: The Fair (#8.10)" (1987)
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: I know all about running away. I wrote the book. When things got rough, Sammy Jo got going.

"Dynasty: The Bracelet (#8.16)" (1988)
Tony: [grabbing hold of Sammy Jo] I saw the way you looked at me this afternoon.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Let go of me!
Tony: In this neighborhood, sweetheart, it doesn't work like that. No, in this neighborhood what you show, you owe.

"Dynasty: Blake's Blindness (#2.12)" (1982)
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Enjoy church! That *is* where you're going, isn't it?

"Dynasty: Disappearance (#5.1)" (1984)
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: My gay ex-husband saying it straight?

"Dynasty: The Triple-Cross (#6.29)" (1986)
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: My maid said you phoned, but you said you weren't gonna be here till three.
Amanda Bedford Carrington: [disdainfully] Well, I hope I'm not interrupting your snack or your big business dealings.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: [wants to get this over with] What is it, Amanda?
Amanda Bedford Carrington: [irksome] I don't appreciate your telling Clay Fallmont about what happened to me.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: The pills.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: I'm sorry, Amanda. I shouldn't have opened my mouth.
Amanda Bedford Carrington: [aggressive] You damned well know it.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: [impatient now] I said, I'm sorry.
Amanda Bedford Carrington: Well, from what I've heard, Sammy Jo, there's a big risk in believing anything you say. Just let me make it clear. What I do with my life is my personal business.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Oh, could that personal business be a good-looking guy named Clay Fallmont?
[knows she's right]
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Tell me something, Amanda. Would you have come here at all if I had told some Joe Doe about what happened and not Clay? That's what's bothering you, isn't it? I just told the wrong guy.
Amanda Bedford Carrington: Clay Fallmont has absolutely nothing to do with this.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Look, I might have been born dirt-poor, but it seems like a senator's son prefers me over born-rich types like you, so I'm riding high, Amanda.
Amanda Bedford Carrington: [sneering] Or heading for a fall, Sammy Jo.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Look, I've got work to do, so there's the door.
[points, scooting Amanda out, and as the tennis-outfitted heiress storms out petulantly, reaches for the phone]
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: I'd like to speak to Clay Fallmont, please.

"Dynasty: The Vendetta (#6.30)" (1986)
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: [wet and bedraggled in the pool after having been pushed in by Amanda, who fell in along with her] Well, Miss Perfection. You look like a cat on a rainy night.
Amanda Bedford Carrington: [sputtering] You pathetic little twit!
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: You'll never get Clay, Amanda. He wants a real woman, not a plastic excuse for one.
[turns her back on her, wading out]
Amanda Bedford Carrington: [grabbing her by her hair from behind, pulling her back] I haven't finished with you yet!

"Dynasty: The Hearing (#2.13)" (1982)
Alexis Carrington: What do you think would happen if I told Mr. Carrington what you just said?
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: And what do you think would happen if I told your daughter what Steven told me: that who her real daddy is, is anyone's guess?