Steven Carrington
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Steven Carrington (Character)
from "Dynasty" (1981)

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"Dynasty: The Siege: Part 2 (#8.2)" (1987)
Steven Carrington: How can you talk about a good place when a little while ago I saw you give an order to shoot a man in cold blood?
Matthew Blaisdel: I did him a favor, Steven. The soul has been released.

Steven Carrington: Look, whatever we do, we can't even think of using violence.
Leslie Carrington: Is that the voice of a coward I'm hearing?

"Dynasty: Oil (#1.1)" (1981)
Steven Carrington: [to Blake] How would you know anything about what I do or what I don't do? From the time mother left, I'm not sure you'd have known who I was if I didn't come into the house wearing a name tag.

Steven Carrington: Well, you know what Oscar Wilde said: "Work is the curse of the drinking classes".
[holds up his glass]
Jeff Colby: Clever man, Oscar Wilde, shame he was a homosexual.

"Dynasty: The Bracelet (#8.16)" (1988)
Steven Carrington: I was just talking to Danny about what he wanted to be when he grows up. He said three things: computer analyst, a lawyer and a rodeo champion. Can you believe this kid? I think we have a very ambitious tyke on our hands. Sammy Jo?
[she hasn't listened to a word Steven said]

Steven Carrington: [to Jeff] You've messed up my sisters life, I am not gonna let you do that to Sammy Jo!

"Dynasty: The Setup (#8.9)" (1987)
Steven Carrington: I have no choice. You sit on the bench on Sunday.
Josh Harris: I'll tell you what, I'll go you one better: I'll sit at home and watch you lose. I quit!

Steven Carrington: Oh, just admit it, Adam: the one thing that really bothers you is that I'm sitting in Blake's chair.
Adam Carrington: You're wrong! Everything about you bothers me.

"Dynasty: The Chauffeur Tells a Secret (#1.5)" (1981)
Steven Carrington: What is this, Blaisdel, Be-Kind-to-a-Faggot Week?

"Dynasty: The Surrogate: Part 1 (#8.5)" (1987)
Josh Harris: I mean your lifestyle isn't exaclty a secret in the lockerroom, so if there are any strings attached to this job...
Steven Carrington: Look Harris, I don't give a damn what you think you know or what you've heard. Believe me, the only place I want your body is down on that football field.

"Dynasty: The Testing (#8.8)" (1987)
Steven Carrington: It's too early for him to discuss turning over the company.
Adam Carrington: Is it? Steven, he didn't ask us to wait in here so he could bring us the weather report.

"Dynasty: Blake Goes to Jail (#1.12)" (1981)
Fallon Carrington Colby: What's going on in there, Steven?
Steven Carrington: They're selecting a jury of his peers.
Fallon Carrington Colby: Oh, that's a joke. Who are they to judge Blake Carrington?

"Dynasty: The Bordello (#1.6)" (1981)
Steven Carrington: Okay, I'm in love with a man. And you're married to a man you don't love. Now you tell me something, Fallon, which one is worse? Which one is more immoral?
Fallon Carrington Colby: What makes you think I don't love Jeff?
Steven Carrington: Come on, I can see the way you treat him. Jeff can't, he, he...
Fallon Carrington Colby: Well, does being gay also make you clairvoyant?

"Dynasty: Fallon's Wedding (#1.4)" (1981)
Krystle Carrington: [handing over a present] Something to lighten your shift. It's a new novel by Rupert Harper and a box of chocolates from Harrods, mind you.
Steven Carrington: Harper and Harrods. Sounds like a law firm.

"Dynasty: The Aftermath (#6.1)" (1985)
Luke Fuller: I'm going to die, Steven.
Steven Carrington: I don't want to hear that, do you understand?
Luke Fuller: I know it, and you know it, so let me just say what I'm going to say. Try not to forget me, what we had, too soon.

"Dynasty: The Alarm (#6.14)" (1986)
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Rita!
Rita, the imposter masquerading as Krystle Carrington: [as she hides The National Enquirer in favor of being seen with The Denver Chronicle] It's Krystle here, remember?
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Why are you giving Blake heart medicine? Why?
Rita, the imposter masquerading as Krystle Carrington: Heart medicine? Girl, I don't know what you are talking about.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: I just came from the laboratory. I had the contents of that bottle you dropped analysed. There'd been heart medicine in it. Now, what's going on?
Rita, the imposter masquerading as Krystle Carrington: Nothing. Now, for God's sake, will you stop this?
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: [adamant] I'm stopping nothing. Will you tell me the truth, damn it! I've gotta know what you and Joel are doing to that man?
Rita, the imposter masquerading as Krystle Carrington: [sighs] We're poisoning him.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: [shocked] You're - -?
Rita, the imposter masquerading as Krystle Carrington: Well, you asked, I answered. So, you can forget about our cut of your Daddy's estate. Blake Carrington's gonna sue, and I'm gonna inherit a lot. A whole lot, millions.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: It's Joel. He's been poisoning you, your mind. What's happened to you? No, Rita, you can't go through with this.
Rita, the imposter masquerading as Krystle Carrington: It's already done. Now, you're in this, just as deep as we are. So you'd better keep your mouth shut, you hear? Because if you don't, well, all of us go to jail.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: [thinks this over, clearly coming to a resolution, and scene changes, inside Steven's office, where she comes rushing in] Steven!
Steven Carrington: Sammy Jo, what are you doing here?
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: This is an emergency!
Steven Carrington: Which means you are in some kind of trouble.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Listen to me, this is serious.
Steven Carrington: Look, I've gotta get back to my office.
Sammy Jo Dean Carrington: Steven, it's about your father! I think he's gonna die!
Steven Carrington: What the hell are you talking about?

"Dynasty: Fallon's Father (#2.4)" (1981)
Steven Carrington: You know something, Cecil. You may care. My mother may care. But Blake Carrington? He doesn't care, not about me. You see, I'm his big disappointment.

"Dynasty: The Announcement (#8.4)" (1987)
Steven Carrington: [to Fallon, about her relationship with Jeff] I mean he's a great guy, but if there aren't any lines on the pad, he gets very nervous. And you have always colored outside the lines.

"Dynasty: Sammy Jo (#5.26)" (1985)
Steven Carrington: Mother, how do you keep from hurting people you care about?
Alexis Carrington Colby: Sometimes you can't, darling.

"Dynasty: Enter Alexis (#2.1)" (1981)
Fallon Carrington Colby: What's that supposed to mean?
Steven Carrington: That your garbage about me doesn't matter, that doesn't matter anymore. But our mother, that lady tried to explain why she came back here. But you, you just transferred your garbage and you dumped it on her!
Fallon Carrington Colby: Well, I finally seem to have found a career for myself after all these years of sweet, antesiptic indulgence. I'm Gertie the Garbageman... Or woman... Person... thing.

"Dynasty: Krystle's Lie (#1.7)" (1981)
Fallon Carrington Colby: Here I am, the scandal of Colorado. And here you are...
Steven Carrington: ...Blake Carrington's mistake. Boy, we are a pair.

"Dynasty: The Birthday Party (#1.10)" (1981)
Steven Carrington: [about Blake] Yeah? Maybe he could take out an ad in the Denver Chronicle. "My son slept with a woman. He's not a freak after all'.

"Dynasty: The Beating (#1.9)" (1981)
Krystle Carrington: Moving, where?
Steven Carrington: A three-room apartment, eh, over on Kensington. It's over some stores, but it's roomy. It has high ceilings and, and, and tall windows. It's nice.
Blake Carrington: Not like your cramped quarters here, huh?

"Dynasty: The Testimony (#1.13)" (1981)
Fallon Carrington Colby: How could you say what you did in there, that I lied?
Steven Carrington: It's the truth, isn't it, Fallon, it's judgment day for all of us.

"Dynasty: The Necklace (#1.8)" (1981)
Claudia Blaisdel: I just don't want to feel hurt anymore. Am I wrong?
Steven Carrington: No, you're not wrong. Wrong is when you hurt somebody. That's the only wrong I know.