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Quotes for
Bill (Character)
from Stage Door (1937)

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Stage Door (1937)
Bill: One of the best press campaigns...
[Offers Jean cigaret]
Jean Maitland: No thanks. Gave it up when I was seven.
Bill: Bright girl. Busy tonight?
Jean Maitland: Yes.
[Following routine lines omitted]
Bill: Well, you haven't given up eating, have you?
Jean Maitland: It isn't that. It's - just that I think we hadn't better see each other for a while.
Bill: Why?
Jean Maitland: I just think it's better, that's all.
Bill: [long pause] O-h-h-h.
Jean Maitland: Why do you say "o-h-h-h" like that?
Bill: Well, how would you say it?
Jean Maitland: You make it sound like it meant something else.
Bill: Well, does it?
Jean Maitland: Whatever I do is my own business.
Annie: Are you coming or aren't you?
Jean Maitland: Oh shut up.
Bill: Did you eat something sour for lunch today?