Terry Randall
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Terry Randall (Character)
from Stage Door (1937)

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Stage Door (1937)
Terry Randall: [delivering her opening speech in the play within the movie] The calla lilies are in bloom again. Such a strange flower, suitable to any occasion. I carried them on my wedding day and now I place them here in memory of something that has died.

Terry Randall: [giving her curtain speech at the end of a trimphant opening night performance of the play within the movie] The person you should be applauding died a few hours ago. I hope that wherever she is, she knows and understands and forgives.

Terry Randall: I see that, in addition to your other charms, you have that insolence generated by an inferior upbringing.
Jean Maitland: Hmm! Fancy clothes, fancy language and everything!
Terry Randall: Unfortunately, I learned to speak English correctly.
Jean Maitland: That won't be of much use to you here. We all talk pig latin.

Terry Randall: [entering the boarding house after trying the wrong door] How many doors are there to this place?
Jean Maitland: Well, there's the trap door, the humidor, and the cuspidor. How many doors would you like?

Jean Maitland: Do you mind if I ask a personal question?
Terry Randall: Another one?
Jean Maitland: Are these trunks full of bodies?
Terry Randall: Just those, but I don't intend to unpack them.

Terry Randall: [With a superior air, leaving the crowded living room of girls after many snappy wisecracks and lively banter among the group] It'd be a terrific innovation if you could get your minds stretched a little further than the next wisecrack.