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Quotes for
Mr. Everett Beasley (Character)
from That Touch of Mink (1962)

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That Touch of Mink (1962)
Mr. Everett Beasley: Oh! Well, Miss Timberlake, back again for a little of the taxpayers' money, hmm? So did you work last week?
Cathy Timberlake: No.
Mr. Everett Beasley: Are you available for work?
Cathy Timberlake: Yes.
Mr. Everett Beasley: Did you turn down any jobs?
Cathy Timberlake: No.
Mr. Everett Beasley: Are you busy tonight?
Cathy Timberlake: Yes.
Mr. Everett Beasley: If, in our opinion, the applicant hasn't exercised proper diligence in seeking employment, we can withhold payment of checks... Perhaps tomorrow night? There's a wonderful little diner round the corner from where I live and after dinner we could, uh, well... perhaps...
Cathy Timberlake: Go up to your apartment?
Mr. Everett Beasley: Well, I, uh...
Cathy Timberlake: If you want me to go up to your apartment, come out and ask. That way I can think about it and make a decision.
Mr. Everett Beasley: Would you like to stop off at my place?
Cathy Timberlake: May I have my check?
Mr. Everett Beasley: Oh. Of course. Well?
Cathy Timberlake: I would enjoy going out with you, Mr Beasley... if I didn't find you so personally distasteful. You're a sneaky, crude, offensive man. That's just how I feel. I'm sure there are hundreds of girls who admire those qualities.