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Peggy Callahan (Character)
from "The Six Million Dollar Man" (1974)

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"The Six Million Dollar Man: Steve Austin, Fugitive (#2.22)" (1975)
Peggy Callahan: Oh dear, you're 'the' colonel Austin?
Col. Steve Austin: I'm the only one I know.
Peggy Callahan: Oh golly.

Peggy Callahan: He wants me to help you in any way I can.
Col. Steve Austin: Good. first off, you can start by giving me your home adress and telephone number.
Peggy Callahan: Oh... is that the routine here?

Peggy Callahan: How did you get in? My door is very, very locked.
Col. Steve Austin: Window.

Col. Steve Austin: What's your security clearance?
Peggy Callahan: I'm a three.
Col. Steve Austin: You're about to be jumped to a six.

Store Clerk: Well by golly, it appears to me you're building nothing short of a robot.
Peggy Callahan: That's right, how did you know?

Col. Steve Austin: By the way, Callahan, you have a first name?
Peggy Callahan: Yes.

"The Bionic Woman: Kill Oscar (#2.5)" (1976)
Peggy Callahan: I'm not rowing with both oars today.

[Jaime arrives at Callahan's apartment. The fembot "Callahan" greets Jaime]
Peggy Callahan: Hi, Jaime!
[beeping noise as "Callahan's" fembot films Jaime; Franklin watches]
Jaime Sommers: Hi. May I come in?
Peggy Callahan: Sure.
Jaime Sommers: Thank you.
Peggy Callahan: Can I, um, get you something?
Jaime Sommers: Uh, I'd like some coffee, and also a chance to, uh, apologize for today. I was pretty upset and I'm afraid I've got out of hand.
Peggy Callahan: Me too, and it's a strain on both of us. I'll get the coffee. How do you take it?
Jaime Sommers: Black. You don't remember?
Peggy Callahan: I am not rowing with both oars today.

Jaime Sommers: Are you still gonna go to Newport to talk it over with her?
Dr. Franklin: [back at Franklin's lab] Research Newport.
[Rawlins checks up on Newport, Rhode Island in Callahan's "fembot" database]
Rawlins: No mention of Newport in Callahan's records
Dr. Franklin: Is it a bluff? A trap?
Rawlins: Could be something Callahan said this morning.
Jaime Sommers: [back at Callahan's apartment] I mean, you never been there before, have you?
Dr. Franklin: No.
Peggy Callahan: No.
Jaime Sommers: [turns cross] You're lying. You told me yesterday that she wanted you to go to Cape Cod. Now, you may look and sound like Callahan, but you're not her! Who are you, and where's Oscar Goldman?
Dr. Franklin: She's dangerous. Capture her.
[Callahan's "fembot" grabs Jaime's wrist]
Peggy Callahan: [as fembot] You're no match for us, Summers. Now we're not gonna hurt you. Please come with us.
[Jaime attempts to release the fembot from restraint... ]
Dr. Franklin: [to Rawlins] Increase power on the fembots.
[... but Callahan's "fembot" pulls Jaime's right arm down]
Peggy Callahan: Give up quietly, Summers.

"The Bionic Woman: Fembots in Las Vegas (#3.3)" (1977)
Peggy Callahan: [glancing at the inactive fembot and her own facemask beside it] Oooh... that thing is like seeing myself dead. I can't stand to look at it.

Fembot Peggy Callahan: We have come for the energy ray weapon. And we're going to get it.

"The Bionic Woman: Which One Is Jaime? (#3.18)" (1978)
Peggy Callahan: [very upset] You, you guys! You guys are really something, aren't you? Your picking on animals and women!
Ray Burns: Take it easy, lady. He was just knocked out like you were.
Peggy Callahan: You creep!

Peggy Callahan: Oh, this is fantastic. This is great. A simple pair of handcuffs and your bionics are useless.

"The Six Million Dollar Man: The Winning Smile (#3.14)" (1975)
Col. Steve Austin: Open your mouth, Callahan.
Peggy Callahan: I wll not.
Col. Steve Austin: Look, if you wanna prove that your fiancée is innocent, open your mouth.

Peggy Callahan: My mother is the only person in the whole world who loves me completely. And she'll be broken hearted when she learns about you.
Gene Finney: Learns what about me?
Peggy Callahan: That you're a cad. Perhaps the caddiest cad I have ever met.

"The Bionic Woman: Brain Wash (#3.8)" (1977)
Peggy Callahan: Hey listen kid?
John Bernard: Yeah?
Peggy Callahan: How about a wash and a set? I mean I could really use it, look at this thing
[takes off her hat]
John Bernard: For you my love, the world. How 'bout you, Jaime, you wanna get done too?
Jaime Sommers: Oh, no thanks.
John Bernard: You sure?
Jaime Sommers: Yeah, but I'll take a rain check.

Peggy Callahan: [on phone in bed] What's all this about? I mean why are you dragging him into this?
Jaime Sommers: [on other line, also in bed] Because I think he's doing more to our heads than just making them look good. And I'm gonna go to his salon and find out.
Jaime Sommers: That's a cheap shot, Jaime.

"The Bionic Woman: Kill Oscar: Part 3 (#2.6)" (1976)
Peggy Callahan: Thunder terrifies me.
Oscar Goldman: The time for terror is when the thunder stops, Callahan.

"The Bionic Woman: The Antidote (#3.14)" (1978)
Dmitri Zhukov: Ah! My favorite food. You must have caviar. It is the Soviet gift to the capitalist world.
Peggy Callahan: No, I, I can't really, my weight is a highly classified secret too, and I was a pound heavier this morning...