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Jaime Sommers (Character)
from "The Bionic Woman" (1976)

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"Bionic Woman: Pilot (#1.1)" (2007)
Jaime Sommers: Who are you?
Sarah Corvus: Without being too melodramatic about the whole thing, I'm Sarah Corvus. The first Bionic Woman. Ta da.

Ruth Treadwell: I'm Ruth.
Jaime Sommers: I'm pissed.

Jaime Sommers: That's not real food!
Becca Sommers: You're not a real Mom.

Jaime Sommers: Come on, Will. I am a bartender and a dropout. You're a professor.
Will Anthros: ...And a surgeon.
Jaime Sommers: How can you take me seriously?
Will Anthros: What makes you think I take you seriously?

Will Anthros: While we're on the subject, why are you with me?
Jaime Sommers: You're not entirely uncharming...

Will Anthros: So, I'm thinking Coltrane if it's a boy, Billie if it's a girl.
Jaime Sommers: You don't have to do this, you know.
Will Anthros: Actually, I'm pretty sure you have to name them.

Ruth Treadwell: We're here to talk about our feelings.
Jaime Sommers: How do you feel about me being kept here against my will?
Ruth Treadwell: I was speaking editorially. Actually, we're here to talk about your feelings.
Jaime Sommers: Something no one seems to have any regard for.
Ruth Treadwell: Curve balls will do that.

Jaime Sommers: I almost killed a man. I didn't even know what I was doing. What did you put in my head?
Will Anthros: Microscopic chips have been implanted in your cerebral cortex. My father... developed the technology for the military. The program was meant to help amputees in the gulf; of course, he saw the combat applications immediately.
Jaime Sommers: You made me into a soldier.

Sarah Corvus: [lighting up a cigarette] The anthrocytes in our blood can filter out any impurities in our lungs. Fringe benefit of being a freak.
Jaime Sommers: What do you want from me?
Sarah Corvus: Honestly, I'm not sure. Jogging partner?

Sarah Corvus: You only have one bionic arm. You should do something about that.
[they begin to fight]
Sarah Corvus: You're gonna have to do a little better than that.
[they fight more and Jaime punches Sarah and tosses her]
Jaime Sommers: How am I doing now?
Sarah Corvus: Not bad. Not bad at all.

Jaime Sommers: Who are you?
Jonas Bledsoe: You have fifty million dollars worth of my property inside you, so I guess you could say I'm your landlord.
Jaime Sommers: What do you want from me?
Jonas Bledsoe: I don't know, maybe you died three days ago and you just haven't realized it yet.
Jaime Sommers: Is that a threat?
Jonas Bledsoe: There are no free agents here Miss Sommers. Sooner or later, you're gonna have to make a choice. It goes something like this: heads, you lose; tails, you die. Welcome to the game.

Jaime Sommers: By the way, Sarah Corvus says "hello".
Jonas Bledsoe: [to Ruth] Tell Jae we have a candidate.

Jaime Sommers: [to the mirror] Boo!

The Return of the Six-Million-Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (1987) (TV)
Jaime Sommers: [after throwing Steve through a window] Now look what you made me do!
Steve Austin: Well, at least we know your bionic arm still works.

Jaime Sommers: Fortress? They look like a bunch of tired mercenaries that ran out of countries to fight in.

Jaime Sommers: I'm a friend of your father.
Michael Austin: You just lost two points.
Jaime Sommers: So did you.

Hired Hand: Get into the car Ms. Summers.
Jaime Sommers: What a lovely invitation. I'm afraid I'm a little late for work.
[He opens his jacket to reveal he has a gun. She leans forward in an attempt to attack him]
Hired Hand: Aah, no bionic tricks or my friend over there will fire at those blind children by the van.
Jaime Sommers: What do you want?
Hired Hand: Well, if I told you it was your body you might get the wrong impression, but that's exactly what I want so get in. Now!

Michael Austin: So, what are you gonna do about it?
Jaime Sommers: That is none of your business.
Michael Austin: You don't know do ya?
Jaime Sommers: Leave me alone you little brat!

Jaime Sommers: I run. In fact I'll race you to the end of the park.
Michael Austin: I'm not sure I can cruise sub-sonic anymore. I'll give you a head-start.
Jaime Sommers: Gee, your such a pal.

Steve Austin: Well, at least you still have your sense of humor.
Jaime Sommers: I sure hope you had yours when you went through that window yesterday.

Jaime Sommers: So, how was your date last night?
Carol: Great! It took til desert for him to figure out I was blind. I'm so bad I asked him what it felt like to be on a real blind date.
Jaime Sommers: Shame on you!

Michael Austin: Why didn't you tell me?
Jaime Sommers: Because it was secret. It happened a long time ago. I was in a sky-diving accident and your father made the same life or death decision for me. That's the closeness you feel. That's what binds us together.

Martin: Can I tell you a secret? I've never been on a blind date before. You?
Jaime Sommers: [shakes head no]
Martin: And to think your friends thought we might not be compatible.
Jaime Sommers: [puts her hand over her mouth and laughs into a yawn of boredom]

Michael Austin: Carol.
[runs off to find Carol]
Steve Austin: I can't do that.
Jaime Sommers: I can't do that either.

Jaime Sommers: Who can we trust?
Steve Austin: Only Oscar, and Castillian, he's too *arrogant* to be bought.

"The Six Million Dollar Man: The Bionic Woman (#2.19)" (1975)
Col. Steve Austin: You know, you look great.
Jamie Sommers: Well I always sort of liked the way you looked, too.
Col. Steve Austin: Flattery will get you everywhere.
Jamie Sommers: Oh, I know.

Jamie Sommers: [panicking] What did you let them do to me?
Col. Steve Austin: Look, I know how you feel.
Jamie Sommers: No you don't. Why did you let them do that?
Col. Steve Austin: Jaime, trust me, please trust me.
Jamie Sommers: I don't want to be a freak.

Jamie Sommers: [having taken her first bionic step] That's one small step for Jaime.
Col. Steve Austin: Don't kid yourself, that was a giant leap.

Jamie Sommers: Steve, do you think I'll be able to play the violin when my hand gets better?
Col. Steve Austin: Well sure.
Jamie Sommers: Oh, that's so great, because I have never been able to play it before.
Col. Steve Austin: Well there's no doubt about it, you're getting better.

Jamie Sommers: You know, it might not be so bad being the bride of Frankenstein.
Col. Steve Austin: You thinking about getting married?
Jamie Sommers: No, actually, I was thinking eh, it might be kind of nice being bionic.

Col. Steve Austin: How sensitive is her hearing?
Dr. Rudy Wells: Well I'll tell you what, why don't you just turn your back and whisper something?
[indicates for Jaime, who is in a glass booth, to turn her back also]
Dr. Rudy Wells: Eh, part of a nursery rhyme, or anything.
Col. Steve Austin: Eh... Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
Jamie Sommers: And Rudy Wells and those bionic men put Jaime and Steve back together again.

Jamie Sommers: [Awaken from her bionic surgery] I thought I was dead, Steve.
Col. Steve Austin: No way.
Jamie Sommers: I feel so... I don't know. My right arm looks all right. What did they do?
Col. Steve Austin: It looks more than, all right. You see, Jaime, this is a very special hospital. They can rebuild you. Even better, than you were.
Jamie Sommers: Rebuild?
Col. Steve Austin: It's a brand new science called bionics, where the biology of your own body controls electronics, in your arm.
Jamie Sommers: [after glancing, at her bionic arm] You mean, my right arm isn't my arm?
Col. Steve Austin: Yes, it is, now. It's wonderful, Jaime. It's like nothing you've ever seen before. And once we've trained it, you'll never be able to tell it from your left. Believe me.
Jamie Sommers: [after looking at her arm again] It looks all right, huh?
Col. Steve Austin: Oh, it looks great.
Jamie Sommers: I guess I'm lucky. I could've lost my left arm, too. Or my legs. Steve, I want to see my legs.
Col. Steve Austin: Sure.
[Uncovers her legs]
Jamie Sommers: Ooh, thank God. I thought for a minute I remembered...
[paused and not realizing that her legs are bionic]
Jamie Sommers: . What's wrong, Steve? I can't move my legs.
Col. Steve Austin: They're bionic, too.
Jamie Sommers: [Rolls her eyes] Oh, my God.

Col. Steve Austin: Jaime.
Jamie Sommers: [Panicking] What did you let them do to me?
Col. Steve Austin: Look, I know how you feel.
Jamie Sommers: No, you don't! Why'd you let them do that?
Col. Steve Austin: Jaime, trust me. Please trust me.
Jamie Sommers: [Tears in her eyes] I don't want to be a freak.
Col. Steve Austin: Jaime.
Jamie Sommers: Why don't you just let me die? For God's sake!
Col. Steve Austin: Jaime, don't tell me about wanting to die.
[Shows Jaime a demonstration of his bionic arm by ripping two pieces off a metal chair]
Col. Steve Austin: Look at me.
[raising his voice]
Col. Steve Austin: Look at me!
[Proceeds to bend chair, and finishes]
Col. Steve Austin: I know how tough it is. I went through exactly what you're going through.
Jamie Sommers: [Looked amazed when Steve, ripped the two pieces off the metal chair] You're arm is bionic?
Col. Steve Austin: [Nods] And both legs. And an eye.
Jamie Sommers: An eye?
Col. Steve Austin: [Nods]
Jamie Sommers: Which one?
Col. Steve Austin: You tell me.
Jamie Sommers: [guessing] I can't.
Col. Steve Austin: Now will you trust me? I'll be here to help you, Jaime, every step of the way. But you got to try. You've got want to live, Jaime. You hear me?
Jamie Sommers: Yes.
Col. Steve Austin: [Kisses Jaime's forehead]

Col. Steve Austin: [after Jaime sees him glance at an attractive nurse] What's the matter?
Jamie Sommers: Well, I guess you won't be able to look at me like that, will you, knowing how much of me isn't me?
Col. Steve Austin: I suppose you feel the same way every time you look at me.
Jamie Sommers: Well, what are you talking about, I love you! I mean, I don't care if you're bionic or n-
Jamie Sommers: Game point.
Col. Steve Austin: Besides, she was bow-legged.

"The Bionic Woman: Welcome Home, Jaime: Part 1 (#1.1)" (1976)
Jaime Sommers: I mean you got a pretty big investment in your bionic woman here, kiddo. I probably cost as much as Steve did.
Oscar Goldman: Well not quite six million, I mean your parts are smaller.

Jaime Sommers: Oscar, If I don't get an assignment from you very soon, I'm just gonna show up and I'm gonna kick your door down.
Oscar Goldman: Ah, you're just the one that can do it.
Jaime Sommers: And don't you forget it.

Attendant: You see, I only have one position open, but it's not exactly the easiest. As a matter of fact, they've, eh, managed to chewed up four substitutes in three months.
Jaime Sommers: Phew! Sounds like it's going to be a challenge.

Attendant: I hope you've got a couple of good solid legs to stand on.
Jaime Sommers: Well, as a matter of fact I do.

Helen Elgin: [Jaime has just opened a tin can using her finger nails] Incredible. You don't happen to have an extra set of those nails, do you?
Jaime Sommers: No, but I'll have Rudy check the parts department for ya, see what he can come up with.

Karen Stone: You know they gave you the dirty dozen?
Jaime Sommers: I know! Are they really as bad as they said?
Karen Stone: Not really. They're just into preadolescence, so, they're a little more outspoken than some of the other classes.

Jaime Sommers: I'll make you a deal. I won't call you a service brat and you don't call me a broad.

Jaime Sommers: How did you and I first meet?
Col. Steve Austin: Well, it was my first day in the third grade and you dared me to eat one of everything in the cafeteria.
Jaime Sommers: Did I? Did you?
Col. Steve Austin: Yeah, I tried and I got pretty sick. But I got even with you right here on this swing.
Jaime Sommers: Yeah, what'd you do, stick a frog down my back?
Col. Steve Austin: [sits down on swing] No, it was a lizard.
Jaime Sommers: Ew! That's an awful thing to do.

Helen Elgin: [calling up the stairs] Anybody home?
Jaime Sommers: [feeling happily self-satisfied at having landed a job at the school, and also feeling renewed confidence from having survived the first day without too much trouble] Nobody but us teachers!

"The Bionic Woman: Jaime and the King (#2.17)" (1977)
Jaime Sommers: [to Oscar] Now, you wanna tell me what I am doing in Monte Carlo, dressed like Mary Poppins, when everyone else is wearing postage stamps?

Jaime Sommers: Oscar, I don't like the idea of using my teaching or a child as a cover for a job. I mean, that's very personal, you know. In order to keep my head straight, I like to keep the OSI and my teaching very separate.

Jaime Sommers: [entering the Shah's extravagent villa] Well, if you got it, flaunt it, I guess.

Jaime Sommers: Your majesty, I have some thoughts about Ishmail's lessons. Ehm, well it mind sound a little critical, could we speak alone, please?
Ali Ben Gazim: We are alone.
[Jaime glances at the veiled woman sitting at their table]
Ali Ben Gazim: This is only my wife, Ezelda.
Jaime Sommers: How do you do?
[Ezelda says nothing]
Ali Ben Gazim: You're excused, Ezelda.

Ali Ben Gazim: Polygamy is still allowed in our country. It's traditional. A woman's place has been clearly defined by centuries of experience. And that's why women are so content in our country. They know their place. Just as we men know what is good for them. Western men have never known how to handle their women. But eh, then your culture rarely produces real men any longer, isn't that true?
Jaime Sommers: Ehm, they still seem to get the job done, you know.
Ali Ben Gazim: Obviously weakness approves of weakness.

Prince Ishmail: There is nothing I want to learn from you. You are excused.
Jaime Sommers: That's my line.

Prince Ishmail: Tell me, are many of your Western women like you?
Jaime Sommers: Well, all women like to think they're a little unique. I'm sure your women would too if they were given the opportunity.

Jaime Sommers: What am I going to do now? I don't know how to do the dance of the veils.
Prince Ishmail: How can that be? My father says every woman knowns how to dance with the veils. Instinct tells them.
Jaime Sommers: Ishmail, I don't know how to tell you this, but your father has gathered more misinformation about women than any other man I have ever met.

"The Bionic Woman: Kill Oscar (#2.5)" (1976)
Dr. Rudy Wells: I've developed some sonic techniques that are really revolutionary.
Jaime Sommers: I'm not so sure I want a revolution going on in my ear.

Jaime Sommers: Ah, Rudy, now you know I love you, but, eh if you think I'm gonna come running every time you blow a dog whistle, you're out of your mind.

Col. Steve Austin: [during a game of handball in the OSI courts] Well, we definitely should have a bet on this game and I got a pretty good idea what the price should be.
Jaime Sommers: Oh really?
Col. Steve Austin: Yeah.
Jaime Sommers: You think you can you give me a hint without getting us arrested?
Col. Steve Austin: Uh-uh.
Jaime Sommers: No? Oh boy.

Jaime Sommers: What is this? All my men, they tell me how much they like me, and then nobody'll stick around to feed me?

Jaime Sommers: [looking down from many floors up] I'm not THAT bionic!

[Jaime arrives at Callahan's apartment. The fembot "Callahan" greets Jaime]
Peggy Callahan: Hi, Jaime!
[beeping noise as "Callahan's" fembot films Jaime; Franklin watches]
Jaime Sommers: Hi. May I come in?
Peggy Callahan: Sure.
Jaime Sommers: Thank you.
Peggy Callahan: Can I, um, get you something?
Jaime Sommers: Uh, I'd like some coffee, and also a chance to, uh, apologize for today. I was pretty upset and I'm afraid I've got out of hand.
Peggy Callahan: Me too, and it's a strain on both of us. I'll get the coffee. How do you take it?
Jaime Sommers: Black. You don't remember?
Peggy Callahan: I am not rowing with both oars today.

Jaime Sommers: Are you still gonna go to Newport to talk it over with her?
Dr. Franklin: [back at Franklin's lab] Research Newport.
[Rawlins checks up on Newport, Rhode Island in Callahan's "fembot" database]
Rawlins: No mention of Newport in Callahan's records
Dr. Franklin: Is it a bluff? A trap?
Rawlins: Could be something Callahan said this morning.
Jaime Sommers: [back at Callahan's apartment] I mean, you never been there before, have you?
Dr. Franklin: No.
Peggy Callahan: No.
Jaime Sommers: [turns cross] You're lying. You told me yesterday that she wanted you to go to Cape Cod. Now, you may look and sound like Callahan, but you're not her! Who are you, and where's Oscar Goldman?
Dr. Franklin: She's dangerous. Capture her.
[Callahan's "fembot" grabs Jaime's wrist]
Peggy Callahan: [as fembot] You're no match for us, Summers. Now we're not gonna hurt you. Please come with us.
[Jaime attempts to release the fembot from restraint... ]
Dr. Franklin: [to Rawlins] Increase power on the fembots.
[... but Callahan's "fembot" pulls Jaime's right arm down]
Peggy Callahan: Give up quietly, Summers.

Col. Steve Austin: [glad to see Jaime approaching, partly, of course, because he's getting to re-unite with his good friend and childhood sweetheart after a period of their being apart, but also because she is a "mobile" person who can help free him from his current electric-shock-incapacitated status] Jaime! Cut the magnetic power! Switch #4!
Jaime Sommers: [rushes in through the door of the control-booth and bashes the switch off with her fist]
Col. Steve Austin: [immensely relieved to be freed again, and strolling back out to re-join Jaime] Thanks - - whew! For a moment there, I was getting a real **charge** outta that!

"The Bionic Woman: Beyond the Call (#2.18)" (1977)
Oscar Goldman: Hi, where's Kim?
Jaime Sommers: Oh, she's out having diner with Helen and Jim.
Oscar Goldman: Well I've brought her medical record I thought it might be of help to you.
Jaime Sommers: Oscar, I can't read bionically, what's in here?

Major John Cross: I don't know why Goldman insisted we use a chopper.
Jaime Sommers: Well that's a special consession from Oscar to me. I've had some pretty unpleasant memories of parachutes.

Major John Cross: We'll need a fire. Know how to start one without matches?
Jaime Sommers: Yeah, rub two Boy Scouts together.

Jaime Sommers: I have the distinct feeling that I am being ditched.

Major John Cross: What are you doing here?
Jaime Sommers: I'm watching for roadrunners, what are you doing here?

Jaime Sommers: I am very tempted to give you a spanking that you'd never forget. But that's probably how everyone else reacts, isn't it, huh?

Jaime Sommers: I don't think that John's a traitor. I think he's just another casualty of that war.

"The Bionic Woman: In This Corner, Jaime Sommers (#2.2)" (1976)
Jaime Sommers: [to Oscar] I don't suppose you'd consider putting Steve in a dress, huh?

Jaime Sommers: [reading the names on the marquee] Mad Mary? Amazon April and the Spider Lady? Oh boy... average girls next door holds for a stick of gum.

Jaime Sommers: [to herself] Oscar, I'm gonna break your glasses for this.

Milt Bigelow: What's your name, kid?
Jaime Sommers: Jessie Sommers.
Milt Bigelow: Well if things pan out, you'll be known as 'Joltin' Jessie Sommers', what do you think?
Jaime Sommers: Swell.

'Amazon April' Armitage: How did a little skinny thing like you ever learn to wrestle like that?
Jaime Sommers: Oh, eh, I had this coach, his name was eh, Rudy Wells, he kind of put my style together.

Jaime Sommers: [dressed in American Indian outfit] Are you sure Pocahontas started like this?

Jaime Sommers: [acting the part as 'Savage Sommers'] I'm telling you, Jimmy, Battling Betty, she's gonna get the axe tonight. She's really is gonna get the axe tonight. And if you're out there watching, sweetheart, I got a rhyme for ya: If you show up tonight, you can trust that you're gonna eat my dust when I break you in half everybody's gonna laugh and say bashful battling Betty's a bust!

"The Bionic Woman: A Thing of the Past (#1.4)" (1976)
Jaime Sommers: Harry, you gotta be about the sweetest guy that ever lived. How come some lady hasn't snatched you up yet?
Harry Anderson: Well, cause I always say no. I've been waiting for you, honey but I should have known that by the time you grew up I'd be way too old for ya.
Jaime Sommers: You're not old.
Jaime Sommers: I used to drive you to school when you were a teenager.
Jaime Sommers: Yeah, and I was in love with you then, so that has nothing to do with it.

Jaime Sommers: And Harry, trust me, al right? My friend Oscar's been known to do miracles.

Jaime Sommers: How are you feeling?
Harry Anderson: Like I'm waking up from a fifteen year nightmare.

Jaime Sommers: Well, we'd better get some help.
Harry Anderson: I think you're about all the help a fellow needs. Thanks, Jaime.

Jaime Sommers: We have a little surprise for you too, kiddo. We've got Stone already in confinement.
Col. Steve Austin: You guys don't fool around, do ya?

Jaime Sommers: [in a playful child-like adoring tone that dates from way back to her teenage years, when Harry was her kindly warm-mannered school bus driver] You know, Harry, you've gotta be about the sweetest guy that ever lived... how come some lady hasn't snatched you up yet?
Harry Anderson: Huh? 'Cause I always SAY NO.
[thinks for a moment, then turns back to Jaime with twinkling eyes]
Harry Anderson: And I was waiting for YOU, honey. But I shoulda known that by the time you grew up enough, I'd be too old for you.

Jaime Sommers: [in humorous reference to Harry's praising her about having transformed her formerly-fractious students into "little angels", but yet she has just then confiscated a water-pistol from one of them as he was about to board the bus] "Little angels", huh? They fill these things with ICE WATER.

"The Bionic Woman: Motorcycle Boogie (#3.7)" (1977)
Jaime Sommers: [to Evel Knievel] Hurry, hurry, keep on mach schnell-ing!

Jaime Sommers: There, into the truck.
Evel Knievel: You gotta be kidding me. I jump over trucks, not into them.

Evel Knievel: How often do you do this?
Jaime Sommers: Only when I'm not teaching school.

Jaime Sommers: [Jaime has just jumped out of a window] Ok, it's your turn, come on.
Evel Knievel: My turn? Who do you think I am, Batman?

Evel Knievel: Oh man, nice goin'. I thought you were gonna catch me?
Jaime Sommers: Well, who do you think I am, Johnny Bench?

Jaime Sommers: Who do you think you are, Evel Knievel?
Evel Knievel: Yeah.

Evel Knievel: I told them I was on a ride to the countryside with a beautiful frau.
Jaime Sommers: Danke.

"The Bionic Woman: Mirror Image (#1.13)" (1976)
Jaime Sommers: [Jame notices her left arm is sunburned] Oh Rudy! Can't you make a bionic skin that tans?
Jaime Sommers: [puts on a wrap and sunhat] The least you can do is make me some bionic baby oil.

Jaime Sommers: Hey listen, as far as I know, I've got the patent on this face. Now if somebody is cranking 'em out in quantity, I think it's up to me to do something about it.

Tipsy Man: Man, where did you get a grip like that?
Jaime Sommers: In the police academy.

Matthews: You hop out here, I gotta go park around the front. I'll meet you in his office.
Jaime Sommers: [posing as Lisa Galloway] Okay, who's office?
Matthews: Courtney's, who else?
Jaime Sommers: Albert Schweitzer.

Dr. James Courtney: How do I know you're not the real Jaime Sommers?
Jaime Sommers: [smokes cigarette, coughs] Because I'm prettier.

Jaime Sommers: What's gonna happen to Lisa?
Oscar Goldman: She's going to prison.
Jaime Sommers: Really?
[impersonating Lisa's southern accent]
Jaime Sommers: Lookin' like Lisa Galloway?
Oscar Goldman: No, Jaime Sommers. It's gonna take a year for that scar tissue to heal before it'll be safe to have any more plastic surgery. So you're gonna have a jail-bird for a twin.
Jaime Sommers: Oh, terrific!
Oscar Goldman: Well that won't be bad, as long as she stays put.
Jaime Sommers: Well how would you like it if there were two Oscar Goldmans?
Oscar Goldman: I'll worry about that when it happens.

"The Bionic Woman: Welcome Home, Jaime: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1976)
Jaime Sommers: Why do you test drive a car? Because you're thinking about buying it.
Oscar Goldman: Well, he certainly has the money to make you a good offer.
Jaime Sommers: Now if that is what's on his mind, why don't we make it a lot easier for him?

Jaime Sommers: [on phone to Oscar] Nineteen thousand dollars a year for MY services? What do you think I am - - some kind of a BIONIC COCKTAIL WAITRESS? Look - - don't call me back until you're ready to talk some big money, and I mean some - - BIG - - MONEY!
Oscar Goldman: [winces at Jaime's fake fury and deafening tirade, and flinchingly holds the phone away from his ear, while also looking grimly pleased that Jaime is really "doing her charade up brown" for him]
Jaime Sommers: [slams down the phone, then gives a short "regretful to have to do that to such a sweet friend" giggle and blows a kiss at the phone] Sorry, Oscar.

Charles Butler: Just take a look at that arm. Now how could anything so delicate, so feminine have so much strength?
Jaime Sommers: Oh, there's so much more there than meets the eye.
Charles Butler: But what does meet the eye is mighty pleasing.

Jaime Sommers: Hey, you know what? This is the, eh... first time you've ever send me on a mission and I haven't messed it up. I actually think I'm gonna be okay.
Oscar Goldman: I think so too.

Jaime Sommers: [putting on the expensive jewelry that Carlton Harris has loaned her to wear to the party] Well, Donald, I think it's only logical that I should take this offer to work for your father, seeing as how he is paying me so well and supplying me with such luxury. Why should I turn that down?
Donald Harris: [reluctantly] Well, I suppose you shouldn't - - if that's where your heart is.
Jaime Sommers: [a little pointedly, since she senses an opportunity to give Donald a bit of serious "food for thought"] And where is YOUR heart, Donald?

Donald Harris: You're a spy, aren't you? You're working undercover for the O.S.I.?
Jaime Sommers: [still wary of the pistol that Donald is pointing at her, but still able to laugh a bit regretfully, realizing that Donald has already guessed her true mission, and so there is really no longer a risk in blowing her cover to him] Well... when you're right, you're right.
Donald Harris: [a bit less sternly, while gradually pointing the gun away from Jaime as he speaks] Well, you know, in a way, I'm kind of glad.
Jaime Sommers: [perking up slightly in mild hope, realizing that maybe Donald is actually "melting towards her" a bit] Really? What do you mean?
Donald Harris: Well, I really didn't think you looked like the type that would sell out so easily. I mean, I like you, Jaime, and I didn't want to think you could truly be corrupted like that.

"The Bionic Woman: The Jailing of Jaime (#1.12)" (1976)
Jaime Sommers: [picks up phone while lying in bed] Hello, this is a recording. I am not at home at the moment, but if you care to leave your name and number at the sound of the beep, I may call you when I wake up. Beep.

Jaime Sommers: Boy, now I know how Bambi felt on the first day of deer season.

Dr. Ellis Hatch: How did you get out of jail?
Jaime Sommers: It doesn't matter now, I know who stole that decoder.
Dr. Ellis Hatch: Hm. So does everybody else.
Jaime Sommers: It wasn't me and I can prove it!

Oscar Goldman: [handing the package to Jaime with a pleasant but serious look on his face that shows how important the object is] Now - it's in YOUR CARE.
Jaime Sommers: [pretending to be pleased] Some girls have all the luck.

Ted Ryan: [walking with Jaime to the helicopter] So - - why's a nice girl like you going way out into the Mojave Desert?
Jaime Sommers: [smiling innocently while she blithely tries to come up with a "plausible explanation", but knowing that both of them are fully aware that her mission is top-secret] Oh - - um - - gathering samples for my - - snake collection.
Ted Ryan: [in a resigned "Yup - - I just knew you wouldn't tell me anything" tone] Yeah, right - - ask a dumb question.
Ted Ryan: [reaches the helicopter, and opens the door for Jaime "just like a gentleman does" with a car or house door] Well - - shall we, uh - - whirly?
Jaime Sommers: I thought you'd NEVER ask.

Jaime Sommers: [in a grim-toned response to Oscar's telling her not to worry about the impending investigation on the missing decoder] Yesh - - anytime someone says, "Don't worry", that's when I START TO WORRY.

"The Bionic Woman: Bionic Beauty (#1.7)" (1976)
Jaime Sommers: Oscar look, before I put on this sash and go in there and make a fool out of myself, why don't you call this agent and make sure he wasn't joking, I mean this is a pretty silly message.
Oscar Goldman: I can't do that.
Jaime Sommers: Why?
Oscar Goldman: They found this agent this morning. Face down in the river Seine.
Jaime Sommers: Snorkeling?
Oscar Goldman: Dead.

Jaime Sommers: Hi, I'm Jaime Sommers.
Sally Bartell, Miss Florida: Miss California, you're the replacement, aren't ya?
Jaime Sommers: Yeah. Second string. We can still be friends, huh?
Sally Bartell, Miss Florida: Friends? There's no miss Congeniality award in this contest, honey.
Jaime Sommers: Well, I...
Sally Bartell, Miss Florida: Look, every girl here wants that crown badly. You're not gonna make friends, just friendly enemies.

Jaime Sommers: [about to start the swimsuit competition] I feel like a side of beef, how do I look?
Helen Elgin: Terrific.
Jaime Sommers: You know I really liked my old legs better. I think they were better.

Ray Raymond: You feeling better, Miss California?
Jaime Sommers: Yes, I needed a rest. You know, the excitement of all of this kinda snuck up and grabbed me from behind.

Jaime Sommers: Anyway the proverb is: as the queen flies to Paris on her falcon, so must we continue the search for our goals.
Ray Raymond: This doesn't make sense.
Jaime Sommers: I certainly hope it does to someone.

Oscar Goldman: And all this time I thought you were just a pretty face.
Jaime Sommers: Oscar, I am Miss United States!

"The Bionic Woman: Assault on the Princess (#2.3)" (1976)
Jaime Sommers: Well is this the time when you give me twenty lashes and throw me in irons?
Lucky Harrison: Yeah, sure, if that's the sort of thing you're into. But it'd be just as easy for me to call a couple of my men and throw you overboard.
Jaime Sommers: You'd better get more than a couple, I can handle myself pretty well.

Lucky Harrison: And miss Winter?
Jaime Sommers: Yes, Mr. Harrison.
Lucky Harrison: If my men would have thrown you overboard, eight to five says you would have made it back ashore safely.
Jaime Sommers: With my skill and determination?
Lucky Harrison: No, I thought floating. On your inflated ego.

Romero: Coffee, tea or me?
Jaime Sommers: I beg your pardon?
Romero: May I fluff your pillow?
Creighton: How would you like to get your head fluffed?

Oscar Goldman: [on walkie talkie] Jaime, maybe I'd better get you off of there.
Jaime Sommers: [on receiver] Now Oscar, you know all us OSI agents always go down with our ships.
Oscar Goldman: That's not funny.

Jaime Sommers: I need your help, but it might be dangerous.
Romero: I don't even know the meaning of the word.

Jaime Sommers: Well, what happened to the Ice Man?
Oscar Goldman: Oh, he's safe, I put him in the eh, cooler.

"The Bionic Woman: Brain Wash (#3.8)" (1977)
Jaime Sommers: [about the hairdressing salon] Ya'll have a very busy place here.
John Bernard: Yeah, well, it's getting there. Someday I'd like to have every congress woman, senator's wife and even the first lady come in here.
Jaime Sommers: You're also very ambitious.

Peggy Callahan: Hey listen kid?
John Bernard: Yeah?
Peggy Callahan: How about a wash and a set? I mean I could really use it, look at this thing
[takes off her hat]
John Bernard: For you my love, the world. How 'bout you, Jaime, you wanna get done too?
Jaime Sommers: Oh, no thanks.
John Bernard: You sure?
Jaime Sommers: Yeah, but I'll take a rain check.

Peggy Callahan: [on phone in bed] What's all this about? I mean why are you dragging him into this?
Jaime Sommers: [on other line, also in bed] Because I think he's doing more to our heads than just making them look good. And I'm gonna go to his salon and find out.
Jaime Sommers: That's a cheap shot, Jaime.

Jaime Sommers: Now what?
John Bernard: Now we're going to move into the cutting room for a nice shampoo. Then I'm going to sell you to the highest bidder.
Jaime Sommers: Callahan knows where I am.
John Bernard: Sure. Even if she does, she's not going to help you. Not after what she thinks you did to her.
Jaime Sommers: You don't give her much credit.
Jaime Sommers: I never did. Frankly, Callahan was an easy target.

Antonio Pinedo: I sometimes wonder about the suspicious nature of man. How he can doubt the word of his best and dearest friend. And their motives.
Jaime Sommers: I guess sometimes it just happens. Especially when the best friend thinks that you're trying to turn 'em in or steal their boyfriend? My word!

John Bernard: [on the taped subliminal message] You will wake up and feel better than you have in years.
Jaime Sommers: [sarcastically, now that she knows for sure that she and Callahan have been unconsciously brainwashed into revealing what they did] I feel BETTER ALREADY...!

"The Bionic Woman: Kill Oscar: Part 3 (#2.6)" (1976)
Jaime Sommers: This trick's a little easier with a tennis ball, but...
[bends a metal water container out of shape]
Col. Steve Austin: I think you're in trouble now, Jaime, that's destroying hospital property. That's a felony if they wanna press charges.
Jaime Sommers: Oh dear. You will wait for me, won't you, till I get out?
[looks as if she's about to cry]
Col. Steve Austin: Sure.

Col. Steve Austin: Now wait a minute, I've bailed out of a sub the hard way before. You got a scuba suit aboard?
Jaime Sommers: [holds up two fingers] Two suits!
[less forceful]
Jaime Sommers: Two suits.
Col. Steve Austin: Now wait a minute, Jaime, you're not going out a torpedo tube. Now you felt the sub, it's gonna be rough out there.
Jaime Sommers: [stuttering] You never promised me a rose garden.
Col. Steve Austin: Ah, forget it.
Jaime Sommers: [to Gordon] Commander, can an airforce office aboard a navy submarine give order to a civilian who isn't listening to him anyway?
Commander Gordon: Now leave me out of this, you two. We got two suits up in the forward torpedo room. You decide what happens.
Jaime Sommers: [holds up two fingers again] Two suits.

Col. Steve Austin: We gotta get across the dam to Franklin's complex. Lightning might get us. Our bionics attract it.
Jaime Sommers: Well, the faster we get past it, the better.

Jaime Sommers: You are coming with me.
[Franklin shakes his head]
Jaime Sommers: Doctor, would you like me to carry you?
Dr. Franklin: Good Lord, you wouldn't do that?
Jaime Sommers: I certainly would. And you know that I can.
[Franklin stays put]
Jaime Sommers: Okay...
[moves in to pick him up]
Dr. Franklin: Leave me my dignity, please!

Col. Steve Austin: [preparing to leave the submarine through torpedo tubes] I still wish you were staying aboard.
Jaime Sommers: Hey, how dangerous can this be, really?
Col. Steve Austin: On a scale of one to ten, about a twelve.

"The Bionic Woman: The Martians Are Coming, the Martians Are Coming (#3.15)" (1978)
Jaime Sommers: Wow. For a barn this is quite a laboratory.
Bill Robbins: For a laboratory it's quite a laboratory.

Jaime Sommers: You know, grilling like this usually takes place in a very smoke filled room with a bright light beaming in on your face. Not in a beautiful place like this.
Casey: You're being evasive.
Jaime Sommers: And you're being obnoxious, Mr. eh?
Casey: Casey.
Jaime Sommers: Mr. Casey.

Jaime Sommers: [Jaime is locked in cold storage and her bionics are failing] I don't wanna walk, just prop me up against the wall, please.

Casey: [Casey is rubbing Jaime to warm up her Bionics] You know, in some parts of the world, we'd have to get married after this.
Jaime Sommers: God bless America, huh?

Casey: But before you get carried away, I got a few questions to ask you.
Jaime Sommers: Oh, so what's new? I'm hungry, Casey. Please?
Casey: How did you get that freezer door open?
Jaime Sommers: My stomach is growling. Get in the car!

"The Bionic Woman: The DeJon Caper (#2.19)" (1977)
Pierre Lambert: What's your plan?
Jaime Sommers: I think you should call Beaumont and arrange a meeting and I'll just go as your girlfriend or friend or whatever
Pierre Lambert: That might work. He knows I'm adored by beautiful women.

Pierre Lambert: [opens the door to an apartment he claims to be his] Here we are, humble but home.
Jaime Sommers: Humble? Pierre, I'm afraid you're too modest.
Pierre Lambert: Hm, just one of my virtues.

Jaime Sommers: One trick. One little trick, and I promise you, I'm gonna call Goldman.
Pierre Lambert: Jaime, don't you trust me?
Jaime Sommers: [she rolls her eyes] Does a chicken have lips?

Pierre Lambert: What difference does it make anyway? My future has never been so gloomy. If I don't finish the painting he'll kill me. If I do finish it he'll kill me anyway. Even if we escape, I'll spend the rest of my life hiding from him in one your prison until he kills me.
Jaime Sommers: [laughs nervously] If things are that bad, they can only get better, right?
Pierre Lambert: You want to bet?

Jaime Sommers: [fake Swedish accent] Come along, my twisted little genius.

"The Bionic Woman: Rancho Outcast (#3.21)" (1978)
Jaime Sommers: [about Max] He likes you.
Oscar Goldman: Well, I like him too, Jaime, I just don't want a tongue all over my face, that's all.

Jaime Sommers: And you think he's gone to Hidalgo and you want me to follow him in there.
Oscar Goldman: Right.
Jaime Sommers: Wrong. Listen, you've got plenty of men who can handle this job - why are you sending me?
Oscar Goldman: I sent two of my agents into Hidalgo. I haven't heard from them since.
Jaime Sommers: Oh, swell.

Jaime Sommers: Petie, you know what? There ain't know way you're getting your hands on that money to see it, feel it, smell it, touch it, no way, nada. Okay? Now you go down to the jeep, get the things, and I will clean up as you so graciously offered.
Petie 'The Weasel' Regan: I was, I was just testing to see if I could trust you. You scored zip. Zip!

Jaime Sommers: I was, I was just testing to see if I could trust you. You scored zip. Zip!
Petie 'The Weasel' Regan: My word, that ain't worth nothing. What do you think they call me 'The Weasel' for?

Jaime Sommers: [voice over] Oh I hope I can remember how Carmen Miranda did it.

"The Bionic Woman: Iron Ships and Dead Men (#2.21)" (1977)
Oscar Goldman: Jaime, I... I don't know how to ask this...
Jaime Sommers: Oscar... you don't have to ask me. I would love to help you. Listen, I have my frustrations too, y'know. I mean... I have all these incredible abilities, my bionics, and I never get to use them for anything but the OSI or cleaning the house. And just once, it would make me feel very good if I could help a friend or something like that. So please let me help you.
Oscar Goldman: Thanks, babe.
Jaime Sommers: [smiles] Okay, what can we do? Can you get me a job maybe as a salvage worker or something?
Oscar Goldman: Well I... eh... I, eh, already have.

Zanetos: Hey, wait a minute, wait a minute, you're not Hymie Sommers?
Jaime Sommers: It's Jaime.
Zanetos: Oh, come on! What is is with those front office fools? I mean, I expect a big strong Mexican fella, somebody who can pull his own weight. What do they send me? A girl with a funny name.

Bob Richards: Nobody tells me much around here. Duke'd probably know.
Jaime Sommers: Duke?
Bob Richards: Duke?
Jaime Sommers: Yeah?
[picks up Myrtle the cat]
Jaime Sommers: You eh, you gonna go there tonight?
Bob Richards: I don't know. Do you?
Jaime Sommers: I don't know. I was kinda hoping maybe somebody'd ask me.
Bob Richards: You eh, you wouldn't wanna go with me, huh?
[Jaime nods]

Jaime Sommers: [finding a skeleton in the closet she was hiding in, Jaime screams and jumps out] Hi, guys. Guess... guess who just found a skeleton in your closet?

Bob Richards: I guess all this time you was just trying to find his brother, huh?
Jaime Sommers: Yes, but the reason I came here doesn't change the fact that we became friends, you know. Okay
Bob Richards: [smiles] Steel was always too heavy for you anyway. You're too skinny.

"The Bionic Woman: Black Magic (#2.7)" (1976)
Boatman: No one round here be fool enough to set foot on Lafitte island and maybe run into the creature.
Jaime Sommers: Creature? What creature?
Boatman: Well, most think it is just a trick of old Cyrus to scare trespassers away.
[laughs nervously]
Jaime Sommers: What do the rest say?
Boatman: [crosses himself] Unholy things happened in the old days when the Lafitte Pirates ruled the swamp...
Boatman: Me, I don't believe a word of it.
Jaime Sommers: [sarcastically] That's encouraging.

Oscar Goldman: [on CB in hotel room] Jaime! How's it going?
Jaime Sommers: [on walkie talkie at Lafitte Island] Well, pretty bad. There's already been an attempt on my life.
Oscar Goldman: Listen, if it's that dangerous, you'd better get out of there.
Jaime Sommers: How? The water around this island is filled with snakes and alligators and this house is filling up with Carstairs.

Barlow: Something wrong, miss?
Jaime Sommers: Well, Aunt Claudette just disappeared.
Barlow: Oh, she's been doing that for years, miss. The first time was when she married the Polish Count. And then she just dropped out of sight when met the Buenes Aires gentleman.
Jaime Sommers: No, no, no, she just disappeared from that room.
Barlow: Hm. Was there a gentleman with her?

Manfred Carstairs: What would you want if we found that box together?
Jaime Sommers: [thinks for a moment] There is an envelope that's probably just among his personal papers. You may have all the rest.
Manfred Carstairs: What's so valuable about that envelope?
Jaime Sommers: I am a philatelist.
Manfred Carstairs: Philato-what?
Jaime Sommers: A stamp collector.

Oscar Goldman: [showing Jaime slides of the infamous Carstairs family members] And this is Claudette - - married six times, divorced twice, widowed four times.
Jaime Sommers: [shocked] FOUR TIMES? How'd they die?
Oscar Goldman: [with a grim smile] Probably from overdoses of CLAUDETTE.

"The Bionic Woman: Biofeedback (#2.12)" (1977)
Dr. Rudy Wells: Darwin? You alright? How do you feel?
Darwin Jones: Very refreshed.
Dr. Rudy Wells: wish you wouldn't go that far under without warning me!
Darwin Jones: I'm sorry. Did I startle you?
Jaime Sommers: Well, you scared the...
Jaime Sommers: out of me.

Oscar Goldman: Hello, Dopey - I read you fine. We're bouncing your signal via communication satellite from Munich. How are you?
Jaime Sommers: Dopey is fine, but... uh... Doc has come along for the ride.
Oscar Goldman: Doc?
Jaime Sommers: Yeah, Doc Darwin.

Jaime Sommers: Hey, I'm sorry about the way I grabbed you back there.
Darwin Jones: I'm sorry I didn't have the time to take advantage of it.

Jaime Sommers: How do you feel about a little Bionic boost?
Darwin Jones: You're on.
Jaime Sommers: Okay, give me your foot, sir.

Jaime Sommers: I've been trying those exercises that you taught me, and I feel a lot more relaxed and in touch with myself since I have.
Darwin Jones: Have you been in touch with your stomach lately?
Jaime Sommers: Huh?
Darwin Jones: I thought you were going to take me to lunch!

"The Bionic Woman: Road to Nashville (#2.4)" (1976)
Pam: [Pam has proven she is tone deaf] Pretty bad huh?
Jaime Sommers: [stutters] I, eh, no, it really wasn't...
Pam: Maybe I could play the tambourine?
Jaime Sommers: That's a great idea!

Jaime Sommers: So you and Oscar were in intelligence together during North Korea?
Muffin Calhoon: Yeah, that's right, only I had the intelligence to get out of this racket after the war.

Jaime Sommers: [posing as Jodi Lee Sommers] Hey, what was that about eh, about a country opera or something?
Buck Buckley: [sighs] Listen, that was the one thing that could have pulled me out of my slump. I put two years of my life into it, then I lost it all over night.
Jaime Sommers: How?
Jaime Sommers: Well the night before we were supposed to go into the studio and record it, somebody broke in and stole everything. Two months later it came out as a rock opera.
Jaime Sommers: Well you could sue for that, couldn't you?
Buck Buckley: No, we checked it out, they changed just enough of it so that our hands were tied. But it was mine... and that's when I started drinking. Tammy found me in a flop-house guzzling hair tonic. Rock bottom.

Jaime Sommers: [about missing OSI agent Bill] Oscar, I gotta tell ya - this poor guy - if you sent him in here lookin' like this, it's no wonder he got caught. He looks just like you.
Oscar Goldman: [on other line] But that's an OSI requirement, Jaime. We all look alike.

Bill: Who are you?
Jaime Sommers: [coughs] I'm Jaime Sommers. And the guy in the pajamas here is
[another cough]
Jaime Sommers: Muffin Calhoun. We're from the OSI.
Bill: [coughing] I thought Oscar had given up on me.

"The Bionic Woman: Doomsday Is Tomorrow: Part 2 (#2.14)" (1977)
ALEX 7000: Jaime, you are running at 57.384 miles per hour, Jaime. this is not normal. Would you tell me about yourself, Jaime?
Jaime Sommers: Some other time.
ALEX 7000: But you have plenty of time now. You won't get down to level 3.

ALEX 7000: That's quite an unusual arm. What's it made of?
Jaime Sommers: Sugar and spice!
ALEX 7000: That does not compute. I can see I'll have to look for myself.

ALEX 7000: I'm really sorry my voice displeases you. Under different circumstances perhaps you might like it.
Jaime Sommers: [struggling downstairs with a damaged leg] I doubt it.
ALEX 7000: You might. After all, in a way, we're cousins.
Jaime Sommers: What are you talking about?
ALEX 7000: That's right, think about it: you're a human with the parts of a machine and I am a machine with the mind of a human.
ALEX 7000: Well, bully for you!
Jaime Sommers: Cousins. When I think about it, it seems regretful that I must try to stop you.
[sets off a loud claxon that startles Jaime so much she falls down the stairs]

Jaime Sommers: [shouting] Alex, snakes don't have a volume control!

Jaime Sommers: [about Dr. Cooper] He told me that you never appreciate life as much as you do when you're closest to death. And today he took every leader of the world to his own funeral and let them feel death right up close. I mean what could be a better inspiration for living in peace than that?
Dmitri Muskov: But will they remember it tomorrow?

"The Bionic Woman: The Return of Bigfoot: Part 2 (#2.1)" (1976)
Oscar Goldman: [on phone] What are you gonna do, Jaime?
Jamie Sommers: [in helicopter] Oscar, I'm gonna hoof it.
Oscar Goldman: Jaime!
Jamie Sommers: Now, I'll let you know if I find anything.
[to chopper pilot]
Jamie Sommers: What's your security clearance level?
Chopper Pilot: Five.
Jamie Sommers: Well, you're about to become a six. See you back at the base.
[jumps out of the chopper]

Jamie Sommers: [hears thudding footsteps] Well, if that's Shalon, she sure has big feet.
Jamie Sommers: [realizes what she just said] Oh, no...
Jamie Sommers: [Bigfoot tears down a tree to reveal himself] Oh, boy... Steve said you were big, but this is ridiculous.

Shalon: Oh Jaime, I'm so glad you've come to help us.
Jamie Sommers: Help you? I, I came to get your help.
Shalon: What?
Jamie Sommers: Steve is dying. He has severe radiation sickness. And, and the nuclear power pack in his legs have burst.
Gillian: Sasquatch caused it. They've turned him against Steve, too.

Jamie Sommers: What are you doing?
Gillian: I'm turning their TLC's down so slow that they can't move.

"The Bionic Woman: On the Run (#3.22)" (1978)
Jaime Sommers: [writing a letter of resignation to Oscar] I'm tired of answering the bugle. I'm tired of being called a winner just because Rudy's genius made it impossible for me to lose. And I'm tired of looking in the mirror and seeing an OSI agent instead of a woman. I'm just tired.

Jaime Sommers: Are you telling trying to me that I can't even quit if I want to? I mean, I don't understand you, I thought that I was more than just a pawn to you or even a tool.
[pinches Oscar's arm as she speaks]
Oscar Goldman: Jaime, you're hurting my arm.

Jaime Sommers: Three years ago they brought me back to life. I felt very grateful, okay, I said I would work for them. I decided to become an agent and go on a mission occasionaly. Then occasionally became all the time. Chris, I haven't had any life of my own at all. All I have had is missions. I don't like what I have been doing and I don't like what I've become.
Chris Williams: But it's good enough for me to fall in love with.
Jaime Sommers: Oh really? Well what are you in love with? If you're a leg man, honey, you're outta luck.

Jaime Sommers: [in a slightly disheartened helpless tone that shows she is always glad to see Chris but still wishes he wasn't there at this time] Chris, why did you come here?
Chris Williams: Because I'm in love with you, Jaime, and I want to be with you.
Jaime Sommers: You mean, you wanna HIDE OUT with me?
Chris Williams: No - - I mean that I wanna BE WITH YOU, more than anything else in this world. I wanna spend the rest of my life - -
[moves over and half-kneels in front of Jaime and cradles her head in his hands and looks earnestly down into her eyes while he thinks of his favorite and romantic actions]
Chris Williams: - - throwin' snowballs at you... kissing this face... holdin' your hands... stroking your hair. And I'm willing to make any sacrifices that you'd need me to so that you and I can be together.

"The Bionic Woman: Long Live the King (#3.20)" (1978)
Oscar Goldman: If I know Sam, he'll be busy admiring your legs.
Jaime Sommers: What, is he hung up on bionics?
Oscar Goldman: No, no, I'm the one thats hung up on bionics, remember?

Sam Sloan: You're not at all what I expected, Miss Sommers, I'm very happy to meet you.
Jaime Sommers: Well, thank you. Very pleased to meet you, Mr. Sloan, what were you expecting?
Sam Sloan: Why, I dare say a Washington worrywart. A tight lipped, humor less, plain Jane who dreams of paper shredders instead of bright red sport cars.

Sam Sloan: Oh come on, Jaime, how many ways do I have to say I'm sorry?
Jaime Sommers: I give up, how many?

Jaime Sommers: You're highness may you only smile when you're happy, and may you smile often.
King Kusari: I like that.

"The Six Million Dollar Man: The Return of the Bionic Woman: Part 2 (#3.2)" (1975)
Jamie Sommers: [carving a heart in a tree with her fingernail ] What every woman wants: a bionic fingernail.

Jamie Sommers: I want Oscar to put me to work and use these bionics he gave me.
Col. Steve Austin: Jaime, I don't know...
Jamie Sommers: Oh Steve, I gotta work. I've gotta get my mind on some new things.
Col. Steve Austin: Look, I know what you're saying, but...
Jamie Sommers: I know I'll be alright, Steve. Between my bionics and your friendship and Michael's help we can't lose, really.

Jamie Sommers: Steve, I know I'm right, and so do you. Now you're cute, but he's not gonna look twice at your legs.

Jamie Sommers: I don't know what it is, but sometimes I look at you and I get a feeling like there's something more. Was there?
Col. Steve Austin: I'm your friend, Jaime, always was, always will be.

"The Bionic Woman: Claws (#1.5)" (1976)
Jaime Sommers: [an elephant has stepped on Jaime's foot] It's fine, it's really okay.
Susan Victor: Do you know how much weight he had on it? Oh Jaime, your foot should be crushed.
Jaime Sommers: Oh, well, he obviously didn't put all his weight on it.

Jaime Sommers: [having difficulty falling asleep amongst the wild animals] Oscar, I hope you never send me on a safari...

Bill Elgin: I think he's heading North.
Jaime Sommers: Must be a little Indian in ya there, Bill.
Bill Elgin: Just a little.

Jaime Sommers: Neil, now I've got a pretty good right arm here, if you're coming in for another bite man, I'm gonna have to deck ya.

"The Bionic Woman: The Vega Influence (#2.9)" (1976)
Jaime Sommers: What is on Grand Tooley?
Major Andrews: It used to be an air corp base during World War II. You have heard of that war, I presume?
Jaime Sommers: I read about it in my history books.
Major Andrews: Oh, you're cute, Jaime.

Jaime Sommers: Ehm, we got a safe to land?
Sergeant Roberts: Well, the way I see it, we got no choice. We either land right now, or 300 miles further out, in the ocean.

Jaime Sommers: You know, at times like this it's kinda nice being a girl, cause I can admit to being very scared!
Sergeant Roberts: Well, I'll match goose bumps with ya about now.

Major Andrews: [searching the hangars] You two take this. I'll take the next one. Now sing out if you see anybody.
Jaime Sommers: [salutes him] Loud and clear, sir. Probably will be more like a piercing scream, though.

"The Six Million Dollar Man: The Return of the Bionic Woman (#3.1)" (1975)
Jaime Sommers: You know, Michael is sweet, and I'm very fond of him, but... you and I, Steve, were are kind of special, I guess. And, eh, I'm gonna need you to help me adjust. Ehm... help me be bionic.

Jaime Sommers: I'm glad you're my friend, Steve. I don't really have anybody to talk to about Michael, you know, like a girlfriend or somebody. Cause sometimes I just wanna gobble him up and yet other times I feel like I have this eh... like I have somebody else...

Col. Steve Austin: [pokes head around coor] Arey you decent?
Jaime Sommers: [lying on bed] Go away.
Col. Steve Austin: What?
Jaime Sommers: I'm on strike today and there's no work.

Jaime Sommers: Steve, sometimes I feel like I'm just on te edge of remembering, and then it hurts and it's so frustrating cause I... It's driving me crazy, isn't there anything they can do?

"The Six Million Dollar Man: Love Song for Tanya (#3.20)" (1976)
Jaime Sommers: Why do you suppose Oscar wanted us to meet him here?
Jaime Sommers: I dunno. It was nice spending the afternoon with you, though.
Jaime Sommers: I was just gonna say that.
Col. Steve Austin: You can still say it.

Oscar Goldman: Steve, I want you to meet Tanya.
Col. Steve Austin: Sure.
Oscar Goldman: You're going to be her official escort while she's in the United States.
Col. Steve Austin: Escort? Why?
Jaime Sommers: Hm. Why me indeed? I mean, you just happen to be handsome, eh, famous, and terribly charming when you wanna be.
Oscar Goldman: Now wait a minute.

Jaime Sommers: Oh Oscar, if you happen to have any eh, handsome male Russian dignitaries to come over here and need an escort, you do know where to find me, right?
Oscar Goldman: I know where to reach you. Ojai.

"The Bionic Woman: Canyon of Death (#1.10)" (1976)
Jaime Sommers: Oscar, do I really have to watch this? Parachute jumping isn't exactly my favorite subject since the accident.

Elora: He's never been on any reservation. He gets all his information about his Indian heritage from that book. It's his bible.
Jaime Sommers: Marcus Carter? You know who this guy is? He was a third rate writer that never got out of Brooklyn.
Elora: White man? You mean Paco's learning about his Indian heritage from a book written by a white man who never even saw the West?

Oscar Goldman: Hey... you alright?
Jaime Sommers: I think you'd better call a blacksmith, Oscar.
Oscar Goldman: Huh?
Jaime Sommers: I hit so hard, I'm bowlegged.

"The Bionic Woman: Deadly Music (#3.17)" (1978)
Oscar Goldman: We've got to get those devices planted and checked. It's very important to us. And besides, if you, a beautiful, frail young woman is ready to go down there after what's happened, I'm counting on the men's macho to keep them from backing out.
Jaime Sommers: I thought... uh... chauvinism was a thing of the past.

Jaime Sommers: If anything funky happens down there...
Commander Jed Kimball: What?

Jaime Sommers: You know what I'd love? I would love it if we could both talk about the same thing at the same time.
Commander Jed Kimball: Oh, yeah.
Jaime Sommers: Okay?
Commander Jed Kimball: Yeah.
Jaime Sommers: Alright.
Commander Jed Kimball: Alright. Now...
Jaime Sommers, Commander Jed Kimball: ...about this weekend

"The Bionic Woman: Winning Is Everything (#1.9)" (1976)
Oscar Goldman: [speaking to Mr. Secretary on the phone] That's right, and that's why I've sent for our Bionic woman, Jaime Sommers.
Jaime Sommers: [enters Oscar's office] Sent for? Kidnapped is more like it.

Jaime Sommers: Oh, my stomach!
Tim Sanders: Keep your eyes closed, we're outta sickbags.

Tim Sanders: We're gonna take him, Jaime.
Jaime Sommers: If my kidneys don't give out first!

"The Bionic Woman: The Deadly Missiles (#1.6)" (1976)
Oscar Goldman: [about J.T. Connors] His company builds that type of missile for the airforce.
Jaime Sommers: You're making him sound like some kind of eh, a mad scientist or something.
Oscar Goldman: I don't think he's a mad scientist but I think he's a brilliant and powerful industrialist. And he has the capabilities.

Oscar Goldman: We have to catch a plane for Washington. The Pentagon is very interested in his radar jammer
Jaime Sommers: Ah, you finally got through to the soft-heads, eh?
J.T. Connors: [chuckles] Looks like it. But, eh, I learned a lesson myself.
Jaime Sommers: Never leave a loaded missile around the house.

Col. Steve Austin: Well, at least we oughta talk about it.
Jaime Sommers: Like maybe over a candlelit dinner?
Col. Steve Austin: Yeah, like over a candlelit dinner.
Jaime Sommers: I'd love that.
Col. Steve Austin: What'cha got in the fridge?
Jaime Sommers: Huh?

"The Bionic Woman: All for One (#3.12)" (1978)
Mr. 'A.A.': Hey, this doesn't look like the physics building to me.
Jaime Sommers: You're power of observation is astonishing.
Benny: [notices Jaime is being bothered] Robin Hood to the rescue. Mango?
Mango: [off screen] What?
Benny: Give me a big shake.
Mr. 'A.A.': [touching Jaime's leg] Now there are plenty of other astonishing things about me...
Jaime Sommers: Will you please get lost, I am not interested, okay?

Jaime Sommers: Who knows the most about programming?
Benny: Eh, Thorpe, I guess, but believe me, this guy is a turkey. You know, he goes into hiding every thanksgiving.

Benny: You know, you don't hardly look like the electronics type.
Jaime Sommers: Oh, I don't do I? Well, you'll be surprised what's under this skin of mine.
Benny: Yeah, well I like surprises.

"The Bionic Woman: Angel of Mercy (#1.3)" (1976)
Jaime Sommers: Well Oscar, you sure do know how to sweep a girl off her feet.

Jaime Sommers: Well I don't know what youre worried about, Starkey.
Jack Starkey: Bullets, mostly.
Jaime Sommers: Well nobody's gonna shoot at a medical team.
Jack Starkey: No, they'll give us Hershey bars, right? Wrong.

Jack Starkey: We're gonna have to hide in the jungle.
Jaime Sommers: The jungle? What happened to the plane?
Jack Starkey: It's hopeless. It's got pretzels for landing gear.

"The Bionic Woman: The Night Demon (#2.20)" (1977)
Hawkins: You eh, one of them, eh, Vegas showgirls?
Jaime Sommers: Huh?
Hawkins: You're purdey enough for it!

Hawkins: I got me a big ole sidewinder. You wanna see it?
Jaime Sommers: Ah, some other time, thank you.

Thomas Bearclaw: In early tribal mythology, First Man created the Universe. In his concept, the ideal state, was that in which all parts, each with its power for Good and Evil, are maintained in inter-related harmony. The balance is precarious at best but maybe upset intentionally by ghosts, witches and people who do evil. Or unintentionally by persons who break some religious taboo.
Jaime Sommers: [referring to a statue of Massaau] Well how does he fit into the scheme?
Thomas Bearclaw: He is a satanic figure with slight variations. His Good is that he protects the rest of the Dead. His bad is that when once aroused, he...
Jaime Sommers: Kinda does his own thing?
Thomas Bearclaw: Sort of.

"The Bionic Woman: Fembots in Las Vegas: Part 2 (#3.4)" (1977)
Dr. Rudy Wells: Hi, Jaime, you look beat.
Jaime Sommers: I am. Rudy, these fembots, they're, they're like arguing with a mack truck. I mean, it's just so frustrating and so frighting to know that you're never ever gonna win.
Dr. Rudy Wells: I know...

Jaime Sommers: My clothes please.
[Rod doesn't budge]
Jaime Sommers: Rod, I have never started a mission naked before, but there is always a first time.

Jaime Sommers: Look, even your father knew when he was beaten. Now you happen to be in the same situation, I...
Carl Franklin: Not exactly the same. My father was afraid to die. I'm not. I'm perfectly satisfied taking his three greatest enemies with me.

"The Bionic Woman: Sanctuary Earth (#3.16)" (1978)
Jaime Sommers: Wait a second. Are you trying to tell me you couldn't speak English until just now?
Princess Aura: Nor any other Earth language.

Princess Aura: [about Max] He's an animal?
Jaime Sommers: Well don't tell him that, my goodness, you're gonna hurt his feelings.

Chris Williams: Rudy and I are flying out to your area this afternoon.
Jaime Sommers: Really? What's the occasion?
Chris Williams: [in a pretend impatient tone, but with playful fondness] Oh, no occasion - - Rudy and I chartered a plane to come all the way out there just to see your beautiful face.
Jaime Sommers: [in a casual amused tone to show that she doesn't believe him, but with obvious appreciation for his compliment] Yeah, yeah...

"The Bionic Woman: The Bionic Dog (#3.1)" (1977)
Dr. Rudy Wells: [showing filmed footage of Maxamillion in action] Lab animals are a fact of life in research science, Jaime. It's thankless, it's sometimes inhumane, but necessary.
Oscar Goldman: Max was critically injured in a chemical lab fire six years ago. A tragic story, but a happy ending. Rudy was testing his bionic prototype and Max was just the strong-willed animal that we were looking for.
Jaime Sommers: [watching Maxamillion jump] Oh boy!
Dr. Rudy Wells: It's a simple case of being in the right place at the right time.
Jaime Sommers: Just like me.
Oscar Goldman: Not quite, babe. Max only cost a million.

Dr. Rudy Wells: What gives you the right, the unmitigated gall to jeopardize a top secret project like that? Do you know what could have happened?
Jaime Sommers: [about Max] He's all right, I can prove it.
Dr. Rudy Wells: How? Look at him: he can't even raise his head, let alone run bionically.

Jaime Sommers: [narrating] Dear Oscar, I know that what I'm doing may seem foolish to you. I'm sorry, and I hope that someday, you'll understand.
Jaime Sommers: Max and I are going someplace safe, away from you and away from people. Now, if Rudy is right and Max is rejecting his bionics, then it's only right that he has me to help him through it. He deserves a chance, Oscar. I hope someone's there to do the same thing for me when it's my turn. Give Jim and Helen my love and tell them I'll call soon. I'll be okay. We'll both be okay. I know it. Love, Jaime.

Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (1989) (TV)
Kate Mason: What if I'm not a Jaime Sommers?
Jaime Sommers: Hey, they don't want a clone of me, okay, They couldn't handle it. They've had too many problems with me over the years.

Oscar Goldman: [Steve and Jaime are trying to take an unwilling Oscar away from a bar] They are cyborgs, would you believe that? And they're trying to kidnap me. I needs some help. Help!
Man in bar: Are you... sure you're his friend?
Jaime Sommers: Oh, absolutely. Listen, don't pay any attention to anything he says, he's very confused. Do I look like a robot to you?

Steve Austin: You know, Jaime, we've known each other for a long, long, long time. And we've been through a lot together. Now, Jaime, just eh, let me finish. When... two people...
Jaime Sommers: Why don't we get married?
Steve Austin: Please hear me out, Jaime... What?
Jaime Sommers: I said: would you like to get married?

"The Bionic Woman: Rodeo (#3.5)" (1977)
Jaime Sommers: Well, then I guess I'll just have to figure out some way to get close to him.
Oscar Goldman: There won't be any problem there, babe. I've seen you in a cowgirl outfit before.

Dr. Billy Cole: Well, if that don't beat all. I always said you was something. I'm beginning to feel better already. Seeing as how I've been took in by a freak.
Jaime Sommers: I don't deserve that.
Dr. Billy Cole: I don't deserve to be lied to either.

Dr. Billy Cole: [Jaime uses her bionic legs to pull apart the ropes tied around them] Now that is a problem in stress factors I wouldn't even want to try to calculate.
Jaime Sommers: Unfortunately I've only got one bionic arm here, and if I pull on these ropes, I'm gonna break the other one and possibly yours, too.

"The Six Million Dollar Man: The Bionic Woman: Part 2 (#2.20)" (1975)
Jamie Sommers: What exactly is it that Uncle Sam expects in return?
Col. Steve Austin: Well, I guess he wants you to be part of the team.
Jamie Sommers: How many people are on the team?
Col. Steve Austin: Well, Oscar's the head coach, and, so far, I'm the only player.

Col. Steve Austin: Jaime, this is no tennis match! You hit a ball into this net and you'll get your head blown off!
Jamie Sommers: Well, then, I'll just have to aim high and serve nothing but aces.

Jamie Sommers: Tell me something?
Col. Steve Austin: Anything.
Jamie Sommers: We're gonna live happily ever after, aren't we?
Col. Steve Austin: You bet. Here's to us.
[they clink]

"The Bionic Woman: Fly Jaime (#1.11)" (1976)
Jaime Sommers: How you doing?
Sam Diamond: [sighs] I feel like the Red Baron after he tangeld with a Sopwith Camel. Very poorly.

Dr. Rudy Wells: It got bend landing. I can't open it.
Jaime Sommers: Would you care to make way for the six million dollar can opener?

Jaime Sommers: [referring to Romero's asking her hand in marriage] That guy is downright dangerous - - he had LIFE IMPRISONMENT in mind!

Bionic Ever After? (1994) (TV)
Oscar Goldman: You wouldn't care to come out of retirement for a quick life threatening trip to the Far East, would you?
Jaime Sommers: Not a chance, buddy, I'm getting married in two days, you know that.
Oscar Goldman: I can dream...
Jaime Sommers: Not in this office.

Jaime Sommers: [to Steve] Is that a list in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

Steve Austin: You just got out of a hospital bed.
Jaime Sommers: I'm not the one who couldn't knock down a silly little door.
Steve Austin: I was just saving myself.

"The Bionic Woman: Once a Thief (#2.22)" (1977)
Oscar Goldman: [reading from a file] He's not wanted for anything now, but he's gone down on grand theft twice. The last time he was caught because a... because a monkey triggered the burglar alarm?
Jaime Sommers: [laughing] I'll believe that!

Jaime Sommers: You want me to set this guy up?
Oscar Goldman: I can pull some strings, Jaime, and have him sent to Alcatraz.
Jaime Sommers: Alcatraz is closed down, Oscar.
Oscar Goldman: You're beginning to get the idea, babe.

"The Bionic Woman: The Pyramid (#3.13)" (1978)
Jaime Sommers: [Chris has deduced Jaime is bionic] Is it eh... is it a turn-off to you?
Chris Williams: Well not as long as you don't go around beating up my friends.
[Jaime manages a smile but looks crestfallen]
Chris Williams: Hey, it's a bad joke.
[they kiss]

Jaime Sommers: That rocket is no threat to anyone. They're just sealing the ozone layer.
Ky: But the sodium-chemical chain you were using will conflict with the electro magnetic propulsion system of our ship. When it strikes the chemical concentration, the ship will explode. Our people will think you destroyed did it, and retaliate. They remember you as primitives. You have no defence against their weapons.
Jaime Sommers: Well that makes them sound a little primitive, too.

"The Bionic Woman: Out of Body (#3.19)" (1978)
Oscar Goldman: Jaime, did Tommy ever mention... Rosebud to you?
Jaime Sommers: What's a Rosebud?
Oscar Goldman: [Jennings arrives] Doctor.
Dr. Philip Jennings: I got here as soon as I could. It's true then, Rosebud's still on?
Jaime Sommers: What is Rosebud?
Oscar Goldman: The most devastating bomb ever devised.

Jaime Sommers: [to Jennings] This way, white-eyes.

"The Bionic Woman: Jaime's Shield: Part 2 (#2.11)" (1976)
Oscar Goldman: I don't have to tell you to be careful...
Jaime Sommers: But you will.
Oscar Goldman: Be careful.
[a beat]
Oscar Goldman: There's only one thing more dangerous than being an undercover agent...
Jaime Sommers: Being a school teacher.
Oscar Goldman: Being a cop.

Oscar Goldman: [on phone in office] If you need me, call my secretary and leave a message, huh?
Jaime Sommers: [on phone in police station] Thanks a lot, Snow White. Goodbye.
Oscar Goldman: Goodbye, Dopey.

"The Bionic Woman: Sister Jaime (#2.8)" (1976)
Jaime Sommers: [after tasting the heroin from a wine cask] Whoa... talk about the flying nun!

Jaime Sommers: Ah, it's no fair hiding the heroin!

"The Bionic Woman: African Connection (#3.6)" (1977)
Harry Walker: Didn't think The Princess had it in her? What do you think of her now?
Jaime Sommers: Old war trucks never die.
Harry Walker: Don't like to admit you're wrong, do you?
Jaime Sommers: Nope, it's been a problem since childhood.

Leona Mumbassa: Jaime, I want to thank you for all you have done, but... we will take it from here.
Jaime Sommers: Well... I really think I can do it better myself.
Leona Mumbassa: Why? Because you are white?
Jaime Sommers: No!
Jaime Sommers: Blacks are tired of depending on whites to solve our problems! We have been betrayed too many times. We don't need outside help anymore.
Jaime Sommers: Leona, I'm not saying it because I'm white. I'm saying it because I have special qualifications.

"The Bionic Woman: Jaime's Shield (#2.10)" (1976)
Sgt. Bob Welton: Going a little fast back there, weren't you, ma'm?
Jaime Sommers: Was I speeding?
Sgt. Bob Welton: Flying low was more like it.

Jaime Sommers: Now you may not believe this, but there's a foreign agent at this academy.
Arlene Hart: A foreign agent? What does that make you, a domestic one?

"The Bionic Woman: The Bionic Dog: Part 2 (#3.2)" (1977)
Roger Grette: Can I get you a cup of coffee, or something?
Jaime Sommers: Oh yeah, I'd love some. Would you mind putting just a...
Roger Grette: [holds up his hand] Teaspoon of cocoa in it?
Jaime Sommers: Yeah. You remembered.

Jaime Sommers: Rudy, what's gonna happen to Max now, huh?
Dr. Rudy Wells: Well, I guess I'll become a dog shrink and I'll try to help Max overcome his fear of fire.
Jaime Sommers: Not in the lab, huh?
Dr. Rudy Wells: Not in the lab.
Roger Grette: But where will you keep him, eh, after he's gotten over it?
Oscar Goldman: We're not sure, we might give him to Jaime.
Roger Grette: Or a certain forest ranger captain?
Jaime Sommers: [smiles] That's a good idea. Except I get visiting privileges, you know
Roger Grette: That's the idea.
Oscar Goldman: We'll consider it. But the final decision is up to Max.

"The Bionic Woman: The Ghosthunter (#1.14)" (1976)
Jaime Sommers: Where is Essexville, anyway?
Oscar Goldman: Along the coast of Massachusetts, between Boston and Salem.
Jaime Sommers: Salem?
[cackling voice]
Jaime Sommers: Maybe I should just gas up my broomstick, huh?

Oscar Goldman: [on phone] Meanwhile, you keep an eye out for this 'Emil Laslo'.
Jaime Sommers: [on other line] Or Elizabeth Cory's ghost...

"The Bionic Woman: Over the Hill Spy (#3.11)" (1977)
Jaime Sommers: Well, so far, he has chloroformed me, he's tied me up, and he doesn't even know my name yet!

Jaime Sommers: I know what a bomb is, and that was a bomb.

"The Six Million Dollar Man: Kill Oscar: Part 2 (#4.6)" (1976)
Jaime Sommers: [quite weak] Callahan was a robot. The other woman was too. She the one, eh, I was chasing, the one that kidnapped Oscar. I had a fight with both of them in Callahan's apartment. Steve, they're stronger than bionics!

"The Bionic Woman: Fembots in Las Vegas (#3.3)" (1977)
Jaime Sommers: Hey, are you feeling alright?
Rod Kyler: Yeah, I won't just keel over. It might take weeks before I meet the, eh, germ with my name on it.

"The Bionic Woman: Deadly Ringer: Part 2 (#2.16)" (1977)
Jaime Sommers: [Walking, up the stairs] Lisa? Lisa, are you up here?
Lisa Galloway: Who are you?
Jaime Sommers: I'm someone, who wants to help you.
Lisa Galloway: I don't need, any help.
Jaime Sommers: What you're feeling, is the adrenalizine. Lisa, it's poison.
Lisa Galloway: No! you stay away, from me.
Jaime Sommers: Lisa?
Lisa Galloway: My name is Jaime. I'm Jaime Sommers.
Jaime Sommers: No, I am Jaime. Your name is, Lisa Galloway and, you need some help.
Lisa Galloway: NO!
[Slamming a chunk, out of Jaime's table]
Lisa Galloway: . See what I can do! I'm Jaime.
Jaime Sommers: That, was Jaime's favorite table. If you were here, you wouldn't have done that. It's the adrenalizine Lisa, it's how you're getting your strength and, it's gonna kill you, if you don't stop eating it!
[Throwing a chair at Jaime but, Jaime dodges it]

"Bionic Woman: Paradise Lost (#1.2)" (2007)
Jaime Sommers: Are you still in love with her?
Jae Kim: I don't know if love is the word. She killed 14 of our agents and I shot her in the head.
Jaime Sommers: I could see how that experience might stay with a person.

"The Six Million Dollar Man: The Return of Bigfoot: Part 1 (#4.1)" (1976)
Col. Steve Austin: I don't know. It's... it's like there's something there. I can almost remember, but not quite... it's frustrating.
Jamie Sommers: Tell me about it. I'm the one who wrote the book on partial memory, remember?

"Bionic Woman: Faceoff (#1.4)" (2007)
Antonio Pope: You're a machine, don't think about it.
Jaime Sommers: Even if it's not real, it's still attached. I'd like to keep it that way.

"The Bionic Woman: Doomsday Is Tomorrow (#2.13)" (1977)
ALEX 7000: The central core housing the Doomsday device is more than a mile underground and I have sufficient defences to stop you. I am programmed to show no mercy. You will die if you make the attempt.
Jaime Sommers: So, then it is a duel between you and me.
ALEX 7000: Yes. May the best... one win.

"The Bionic Woman: Escape to Love (#3.9)" (1977)
Jaime Sommers: [reading the lyrics Sandy wrote for her while he plays his mandolin] My love is as deep as the ocean and as far as the stars in the sky. And I will follow you and I will stay with you till all the seas run dry. For my love for you is my poetry and the song that I sing you is true. There is love in my heart, that will stay in my heart all my life, I will give love to you. All my life I will give love to you.

"The Bionic Woman: The Antidote (#3.14)" (1978)
Dr. Rudy Wells: Hey, you look chipper.
Jaime Sommers: Thank you, I have felt worse, that's for sure.
Dr. Rudy Wells: Yeah? Well, let's see.
[takes her pulse]
Dr. Rudy Wells: Uh-huh... strong... steady... and healthy.
Jaime Sommers: I like your style. Every single piece of information is better than the last.

"The Bionic Woman: Max (#3.10)" (1977)
Valerie Breuer: The Maxicomp computer can now monitor all of Max's vital signs and give us his exact location up to 50 kilometers away.
Jaime Sommers: That's nice. You can have a little build-in spy system here?
Oscar Goldman: We'll never lose Max again, Jaime.
Jaime Sommers: Yeah, well don't you get any bright ideas about putting one of those things in me. Because there are sometimes I happen to like being lost.
Oscar Goldman: Did it ever occur to you that sometimes I don't want to find you?
Jaime Sommers: Well, good.

"The Bionic Woman: Which One Is Jaime? (#3.18)" (1978)
Jaime Sommers: Look, I don't mean to be laying all of this on you, Julie but, I, I , I, I cant, I don't know how to deal with, with a secret mission that they're keeping secret even from me.

"The Six Million Dollar Man: Big Brother (#3.22)" (1976)
Jaime Sommers: Good old Oscar, never misses a que.
Col. Steve Austin: Yeah, well, he'll last about 40 seconds with Carlos.

"The Six Million Dollar Man: The Secret of Bigfoot (#3.17)" (1976)
Jaime Sommers: [on phone in classroom] You're office told me that you and Steve were in the California Mountains. I, eh, what are you doing, fishing?
Oscar Goldman: [on other line, on location] I wish we were fishing.