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Jeannie's Father (Character)
from "I Dream of Jeannie" (1965)

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"I Dream of Jeannie: My Hero? (#1.2)" (1965)
Jeannie: I came as quickly as I could to tell you the news. Oh, Mama. I can hardly wait for you to meet your new Son-In-Law.
Jeannie's Mother: Oh, my dear.
Jeannie's Father: And what does he do for a living, my daughter?
Jeannie: Oh, he flies through space, Papa.
Jeannie's Father: From this he makes a living?
Jeannie: He is most clever.

Jeannie's Father: It is sad. We were such a happy family before the tragedy overtook us.
Anthony 'Tony' Nelson: Tragedy?
Jeannie's Father: When our daughter refused to marry the wicked Djinn and he turned her into a genie.
Anthony 'Tony' Nelson: Oh, yes, that. Well, every family has its little problems. Will the wedding be soon, Sir? I'd like to see it, but I really ought to be getting back to Cocoa Beach.
Jeannie's Father: What is this 'Cocoa Beach'?
Anthony 'Tony' Nelson: It's a little town east of... Baghdad.

Jeannie's Father: Tell me, my son, how many camels dost thou have?
Anthony 'Tony' Nelson: Why... why none. I...
Jeannie's Father: None?
Anthony 'Tony' Nelson: Well... well, I mean, I have none with me.
[both chuckle]
Jeannie's Father: My daughter tells me that thou art a prince among princes.
Anthony 'Tony' Nelson: Well, you know how Jeannie exaggerates.
[both laugh]
Jeannie's Father: I would wager that thou hast a king's ransom in goats and oxen.
Anthony 'Tony' Nelson: Yeah, well, I-I can honestly say I have as many goats and oxen as anyone in Cocoa Beach.
Jeannie's Father: I'm pleased to hear that.