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Melissa Stone (Character)
from "I Dream of Jeannie" (1965)

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"I Dream of Jeannie: The Lady in the Bottle (#1.1)" (1965)
[Jeannie walks into the room wearing only one of Captain Nelson's shirts]
Major Nelson: Well. Well, look - look who's here.
Melissa Stone: I'm looking.
Major Nelson: Oh, uh, Me-Melissa, this is - This is Jeannie.
Melissa Stone: Tony. I've always prided myself on being tolerant, but - But would you explain to me, what is that girl doing here?
Major Nelson: Uh, w-well, that's the explanation. She's not here.
[Jeannie giggles]
Melissa Stone: What?
Major Nelson: Uh, w-well, she is here, but of course, uh, she's not a girl.
[Jeannie folds her arms, clearly mad]

Melissa Stone: Goodbye Tony.
Major Nelson: No, no. You don't understand.
Melissa Stone: Oh, I'm afraid I do understand.
[Melissa stares at Jeannie standing in front of Tony's bedroom, still clad in 'Master's' shirt, before she faces him again, trying to stay calm]
Melissa Stone: Tony... I may be, tolerant, but...
[explodes in frustration]
Melissa Stone: But that's a GIRL!
[running to front door]
Melissa Stone: IT'S A GIRL!
[slams door on her way out]