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Quotes for
Naboo (Character)
from "The Mighty Boosh" (2003)

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"The Mighty Boosh: Tundra (#1.4)" (2004)
Dixon Bainbridge: Naboo, are you in some shamanistic trance?
Naboo: No, I'm listening to Fleetwood Mac.

Naboo: What's in it for me?
Dixon Bainbridge: I don't know, a Kit Kat.

"The Mighty Boosh: Call of the Yeti (#2.1)" (2005)
Naboo: He's gone too! It's all part of the ritual. Vince, ignore the Hippie Nonsense. You're a punk, stay punk. Think of Johnny Thunders. Block it out.
Vince Noir: What about you?
Naboo: I'm a Shaman. My mind is a fortress.
[Naboo starts dancing with the Yetis]

"The Mighty Boosh: Hitcher (#1.8)" (2004)
Bryan Ferry: I am Bryan Ferry!
Naboo: Have you ever seen Bryan Ferry?
Bryan Ferry: Yeah, what's your point?
Naboo: You look like Terry Wogan.

"The Mighty Boosh: Jungle (#1.5)" (2004)
Vince Noir: I can't believe Bainbridge is selling the zoo!
Naboo: He's a ball bag.

"The Mighty Boosh: Mutants (#1.2)" (2004)
Naboo: What happened to my frog?
Bob Fossil: You smoked it last night!
Naboo: Oh yeah.

"The Mighty Boosh: The Priest & the Beast (#2.2)" (2005)
[Howard and Vince have a meeting with a record executive]
Vince Noir: You better start getting the magic potions out, Mowgli, or we're gonna hurt you.
Naboo: All right, calm down.
[he hands them each a glass of yellow liquid]
Naboo: This is Liquid Music. It'll turn you into musical geniuses.
Howard Moon: What is this?
Naboo: It's the tears of Mozart...
[they both drink it down]
Naboo: ...mixed with the urine of Mark Knopfler.
[Howard and Vince make a face]
Howard Moon: How long does it last?
Naboo: Three hours. Quick, run! Play like you've never played before!
[they leave fast]
Bollo: You are truly wise, Naboo. Do you think with magic potion they will get record deal?
Naboo: I doubt it - that was just Lucozade.