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Dixon Bainbridge (Character)
from "The Mighty Boosh" (2003)

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"The Mighty Boosh: Tundra (#1.4)" (2004)
Dixon Bainbridge: Naboo, are you in some shamanistic trance?
Naboo: No, I'm listening to Fleetwood Mac.

Naboo: What's in it for me?
Dixon Bainbridge: I don't know, a Kit Kat.

Dixon Bainbridge: I don't like to finish on a downer. Here's a song: Turn around. Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you're never coming round. Turn around. Every now and then I get a little bit worried that the best of all my years have gone by.
Dixon Bainbridge and Bob Fossil: [Bob Fossil starts dancing] And I need you now tonight! And I need you more than ever! And if you only hold me tight! We'll be holding on forever! And we'll only be making it right...

[Howard and Vince are tied up back to back in an arctic cave, waiting to be sacrificed]
Howard Moon: This is difficult for me, but I feel as though I should say this... I love you, Vince.
[Vince smirks, then tries to stifle giggles]
Howard Moon: What you doin'?
Vince Noir: [Giggling] Nothing.
Howard Moon: Are you laughing?
Vince Noir: [laughing] No...
Howard Moon: [Over Vince's laughter] You better not be laughing at me... now.
[still over the laughter]
Howard Moon: I'm telling you I love you.
Vince Noir: [Giggles] It makes me laugh.
Howard Moon: That is so humiliating.
Vince Noir: You just got me off guard.
Howard Moon: Really.
Vince Noir: Yeah, it was out of the blue.
Howard Moon: I'm telling you I love you, and you're laughing at me.
Vince Noir: Well, I love you.
Howard Moon: You don't love me.
Vince Noir: I do!
Howard Moon: You're just saying you love me because I said it to you. It doesn't work. It doesn't mean anything.
Vince Noir: [grinning] No, I love you!
Howard Moon: No, you don't.
Dixon Bainbridge: [Stepping into view] What a touching scene...

"The Mighty Boosh: Jungle (#1.5)" (2004)
Bob Fossil: Howard is asking questions about Tommy.
Dixon Bainbridge: Well just do what we did the last time.
Bob Fossil: Ride around in a lorry and beat up midgets?
Dixon Bainbridge: No, put him in the Wolf Room. He'll be dead by morning.