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Senorita Rodriguez (Character)
from "That's So Raven" (2003)

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"That's So Raven: Test of Friendship (#1.4)" (2003)
Senorita Rodriguez: Hello, Chelsea, Hello, Raven.
Raven: Hi, Senora Rodriguez. Did you change the midterm!
Senorita Rodriguez: Si!
Chelsea: Is it any easier?
Senorita Rodriguez: Eh... no.
Raven: Is it any more fun?
Senorita Rodriguez: Well, I put it on pink paper and that says *fun* to me!

Senorita Rodriguez: You have until the end of my Ricky Martin CD

"That's So Raven: On Top of Old Oaky (#3.16)" (2005)
Chelsea: [singing] On top of Old Oakey, all covered in leaves
Senorita Rodriguez: [singing back to her sacrcastically] Oh, Chelsea stop singing, I'm begging you please!

Raven Baxter: [looking around the tree] So this is Old Oakey, huh?... Yeah, it ain't so bad.
Eddie: Yeah, I could kick it up here.
Chelsea: Aw, come on. You guys don't have to do that.
Raven Baxter: But we want to, Chels.
Eddie: And now that we're all up here, ain't nothin' gonna bring us down.
Chelsea: Hey, c'mon guys, let's sing it altogether.
Raven Baxter, Eddie, Chelsea: [singing together] On top of Old Oakey!
[the tree suddenly snaps and starts to tip over]
Raven Baxter: Oh snap, for real!
[they all scream as the tree fall over with them on it. Senorita Rodriguez runs to the window]
Senorita Rodriguez: [calling down] Are you guys okay?
Raven Baxter, Eddie, Chelsea: Yeah.
Senorita Rodriguez: [singing] Well, now Old Oakey is on top of you!
Senorita Rodriguez: Oh, I crack myself up!