Tanya Baxter
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Tanya Baxter (Character)
from "That's So Raven" (2003)

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"That's So Raven: Escape Claus (#1.19)" (2003)
Corey Baxter: [comes downstairs holding a Christmas suit] I found this hanging up in my closet.
[walks to counter and sits down hanging up the suit with the hanger]
Corey Baxter: I will not wear this stupid suit for another stupid picture with Santa, I'm to old.
Victor Baxter: Come on, we do this every year and your mother loves it.
[Cory looks sad]
Victor Baxter: But... between the two of us, how about 10 bucks to get you to go along with the program.
Corey Baxter: [Cory looks hypnotized] Ten bucks!
[he reachs over for the bill]
Victor Baxter: Hmmm, whats the magic word?
Corey Baxter: [takes the money out of Victor's hands] Cheese!
[walks out to the Living Room carrying the suit]
Tanya Baxter: Oh good! I see you found your Christmas outfit! That picture means a lot to your father.
Corey Baxter: [turns around and faces her] Really?
[Tanya nods]
Corey Baxter: I don't know, it's so dorky!
Tanya Baxter: Uh, 10 dollars make it any less dorky?
Corey Baxter: [takes the money and looks innocent] I guess I could do it, for Father.

"That's So Raven: Party Animal (#1.1)" (2003)
Tonya Baxter: And Corey, make sure you take your bath with soup... and water.

"That's So Raven: The Road to Audition (#2.18)" (2004)
Corey Baxter: It's on!
Victor Baxter: Hey, wait a minute. Undercover Superstar isn't on until tomorrow.
Corey Baxter: I know. I've got a new show that I think you guys will enjoy.
Victor Baxter, Tonya Baxter: [Old footage of Victor and Tonya, singing] Your love's been a melody. And the beat's comin' from my heart. And it's going to the top of the chart. We have had our share of loss. We're never ever down in the dumps. I love...
Victor Baxter: Here come the pain.
Victor Baxter, Tonya Baxter: I love the way that you start. And I know we'll never split!
[Victor does a split and injures himself]
Raven: Looks like toast got burnt.
Victor Baxter: Medic!
Corey Baxter: Should I be runnin'?
Victor Baxter: Oh, yeah!
Corey Baxter: Kay!
[Corey starts running, and Victor gets up and chases him]

"That's So Raven: Art Breaker (#3.13)" (2005)
Tonya Baxter: I'm calling William's mother!
[accidentally pulls a candy bar out of purse, after banning sugar from the house]
Victor: What is that?
Tonya Baxter: My cell phone!
["dials" the candy bar and puts to ear]
Tonya Baxter: Hello? William's mother? This is Cory's mother...
Victor: Tonya, hang up the chocolate.