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Eddie Thomas (Character)
from "That's So Raven" (2003)

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"That's So Raven: Dissin' Cousins (#1.11)" (2003)
Raven: [after Andrea gloats] Actually, I do know how boyfriends are.
Chelsea: [nervously] Yeah, she does.
Raven: Yeah, cause I have one.
Chelsea: Yeah, she does?
Raven: He makes your Jean-Paul look like French Toast!
Raven: He is smart, independent, and totally there for me. And he is Eddie.
Chelsea: Eddie?
Eddie: Bon Jovi ya'll.
Raven: Oh you say the cutest things. Come on Boo.
Eddie: Who's Boo.
Raven: Boo, you.

Andrea: [talking to group of students] I was strolling down the Chanze A Lizee when this photographer came up to me and asks, "Aren't you Tyra Banks?"
[all laugh]
Raven: [chomping on gum] Look at her. She thinks she's all perfect just because she lives in Europe, shops in Europe, goes to school in Europe, drinks in Europe, eats in Europe...
Chelsea: [pulls Raven's arm] Rae, Rae, we get it now. Europe thing, not good.
[also chomps on gum]
Raven: This has been the worst day of my life.
Andrea: This has been the best day of my life. So, aren't you going to introduce me to your cheer squad? You're the captian, aren't you?
Raven: Uh, yeah. Let's go meet the squad.
[goes toward cheerleaders]
Raven: OK, diving position girls. 2, 4, 6, 8 that is the way we like to... count! Ok, Jennifer you work on that, Angie, ya need some help.
[walks away]
Andrea: Bonjour boys!
boys in school hall: [tip their glasses] Bonjour!
Andrea: Ah, American boys are so cute! If only Jean-Paul wasn't waiting for me back in Paris. You know how boyfriends are Ravee. Oh, that's right! You don't!
Raven: Actually, I do know how boyfriends are.
Chelsea: [speaking nervously] Yeah, she does.
Raven: 'Cause I have one.
Chelsea: [continues speaking nervously] Y-yeah, she does.
Raven: And he makes Jean-Paul look like French toast.
Chelsea: French toast!
Raven: He is charming, cute, and there for me. And he is-Eddie.
Chelsea: [confused] Eddie?
Eddie: Bonjour yall.
Andrea: Eddie's your boyfriend.
Raven: Yes, and there are a million things we'd rather do. Come on boo.
Eddie: Who's boo?
Raven: Boo you.

Raven: Well, I barely have time to read the yearbook! Cause I'm, uhh... head of the volleyball time and captain of the cheer... society.
Eddie: Cheer society?
Raven: Yes! It's new!
[Andrea looks confused]
Raven: We uhhh... cheer for the elderly. We're like gooooooooo
Raven: old people!

"That's So Raven: Food for Thought (#3.29)" (2005)
Raven Baxter: People, people! Listen to me, please, listen to me. Put down the pies! Do not maximize! You need to exercise! The scales will rise and so will your theighs!

Eddie: Chill out Chels. Have a porta pie
Chelsea Daniels: Wait the food court has take now?
Eddie: Yeah I got bean and sausage! Actually i ate the bean... Ate the sausage too.

Raven: Put the pies down! You got to excrsize! Or the scales will rise and so will yo thighs!
Eddie: Who wants some fries?

"That's So Raven: If I Only Had a Job (#1.18)" (2003)
[Raven, Eddie, and Chelsea are in costume, pretending to be someone famous]
Raven: Everyone is looking at me. Why can't I just blend in?
[about Mr. Briggs]
Raven: He's looking me in the eye.
Eddie Thomas: [to Mr. Briggs] Don't do that.

[Raven, Eddie, and Chelsea are in costume]
Raven: [to Eddie] Papi, tell them who I be.
Eddie Thomas: Me?
Raven: You don't expect me to introduce me, do you?
Eddie Thomas: Uh... that's uh... Liz Anya.
Raven: [whispers] Liz Anya?
Eddie Thomas: [whispers] You was about to be Porka Choppa!

Raven: [dressed as a rockstar] Do you listen to music?
Eddie: Do you watch TV?
Chelsea Daniels: Do you carry a lunchbox?

"That's So Raven: Out of Control (#2.1)" (2003)
Raven: So, what's going on with you two?
Chelsea, Eddie: Nothing.
Raven: Oh? 'Cause lately it kinda seemed like something
Chelsea: Well, sometimes nothing can seem like something...
Raven: And sometimes something can be something.
Eddie: Unless it's nothing.
Raven: Nothing yet or nothing at all because if it's nothing at all we can do it to-geth-er.
Eddie: Can't.
Raven: Why not?
Chelsea: Because if three people do nothing, then it kinda becomes something.

Raven: Why didn't you tell me what you guys were up to?
Chelsea: I don't know, we knew if we told you, you know... you'd want you to control our every move.
Raven: [interrupting] Ooh! Ooh! I don't even wanna Think about y'all's moves!
Eddie: Well Rae, you're gonna have to 'cauze we're gonna do them...
[Dances His Hips Front to Back]
Eddie: ...on Stage
Raven: What? My Dad runs a clean respectable business, Not having you and your nastyyy...
Tonya: [announcing] And now the salsa-dance stylings of Eddie And Chelsea!
Raven: Sa... sa... salsa dancing?
Tonya: Yeah, sweety. What did you think they were doing?
Raven: Well I thought they were doing something, but a whole 'nother little something...

Raven: The Three Musketeers!
Eddie: The Three Amigos!
Chelsea: The Three Blind Mice!
[Raven and Eddie give her a look]
Chelsea: Hey, that's really not fair. You guys took all the good ones.

"That's So Raven: Saving Psychic Raven (#1.8)" (2003)
Carly: [Raven is in mid air after trying to leave the research office] She belongs with us!
Eddie: She belongs with us!
Raven: I *belong* on the ground!

Carly: Dr. Sleevemore does'nt like visitors during research hours.
Eddie: Research? Girl yall are melting cheese!

"That's So Raven: On Top of Old Oaky (#3.16)" (2005)
Eddie: Hey, Jake. You got barbecue sauce all over your shirt.
Jake Haskell: What? No I don't...
Eddie: [Eddie spills barbecue sauce all over Jake's shirt] You do now.

Raven Baxter: [looking around the tree] So this is Old Oakey, huh?... Yeah, it ain't so bad.
Eddie: Yeah, I could kick it up here.
Chelsea: Aw, come on. You guys don't have to do that.
Raven Baxter: But we want to, Chels.
Eddie: And now that we're all up here, ain't nothin' gonna bring us down.
Chelsea: Hey, c'mon guys, let's sing it altogether.
Raven Baxter, Eddie, Chelsea: [singing together] On top of Old Oakey!
[the tree suddenly snaps and starts to tip over]
Raven Baxter: Oh snap, for real!
[they all scream as the tree fall over with them on it. Senorita Rodriguez runs to the window]
Senorita Rodriguez: [calling down] Are you guys okay?
Raven Baxter, Eddie, Chelsea: Yeah.
Senorita Rodriguez: [singing] Well, now Old Oakey is on top of you!
Senorita Rodriguez: Oh, I crack myself up!

"That's So Raven: Art Breaker (#3.13)" (2005)
[after Eddie just fed her a Jalopeno Pepper Popper]
Raven: What? You picked a potentially painful pepper popper to pop into my pecker?
Eddie: Possibly.

[Miss Petuto and Arthur are admiring the Raven statue]
Arthur: It's like there's a pressure building from within.
Eddie: [running up] I wouldn't stand too close.

"That's So Raven: Ye Olde Dating Game (#1.10)" (2003)
[Raven hides behind a bale of hay]
Raven: How do I look?
Eddie: Rae, the bale's not hiding the booty.

"That's So Raven: A Fight at the Opera (#1.16)" (2003)
Eddie Thomas: [Raven and Chealsea Are watching a tape and they hug] Aww... doesnt that make you wanna go
Raven Baxter, Chelsea Daniels: Awww

"That's So Raven: Escape Claus (#1.19)" (2003)
Chelsea Daniels: Did you get the necklace?
Raven Baxter: Yeah, and we still have time left. Oh look, a shoe sale!
Eddie Thomas: No the plan was to get in and out we got in now let's get out!

"That's So Raven: Teacher's Pet (#4.20)" (2007)
Eddie Thomas: Do you mean to tell me that one whole war started over a woman?
Courtney Dearborn: Well, imagine Beyonce got stolen by Canada.

"That's So Raven: Separation Anxiety (#1.20)" (2003)
Victor: Okay, so Eddie, what kind of pancakes do you want? We got blueberry, boysenberry, raspberry, and strawberry.
Eddie: How about Halle Berry?

"That's So Raven: Stark Raven Mad (#3.2)" (2004)
Sierra: I'm Sierra, Raven's new best friend.
Chelsea: Raven has a new best friend?
Eddie: She's just a little kid, Chelsea.
Chelsea: I gave her the best years of my life!

"That's So Raven: The Parties (#1.9)" (2003)
[after Eddie and Corey spray pillow feathers all over Nicki]
Raven: That darn Eddie!
Nicki: How am I supposed to go over there like this?
Eddie: Maybe you can fly.

"That's So Raven: A Dog by Any Other Name (#1.14)" (2003)
Chelsea Daniels: Yeah, but now, Rae, I have no boyfriend.
Raven Baxter: Yeah, well that guy is crazy because you have 'it' going on.
Eddie Thomas: Yeah, Chelsea, you have 'it' going on. Well, I mean not really, 'cause we're friends and friends don't look at other friend's 'its'.

"That's So Raven: Bend It Like Baxter (#3.8)" (2005)
Eddie: Guys! Guys! I have the funniest thing.
Chelsea: [laughs real hard] That was hilarious!
Raven: Chels, he hasn't said the funny thing yet.
Chelsea: Or maybe you just don't get it Rae.

"That's So Raven: They Work Hard for His Honey (#3.17)" (2005)
Chantel: I can't wait, Snookypuss.
Eddie Thomas: Me neither, Cookielips.
Chelsea Daniels: [watching Eddie and Chantel rub noses] Aww, that is so sweet. Rae, how come we don't have any cute little nicknames?
Raven Baxter: [giving Chelsea an odd look] Ok... Biscuithead.
Chelsea Daniels: Awww!
[Chelsea gives Raven a hug]

"That's So Raven: He's Got the Power (#2.15)" (2004)
Eddie: [tries having a vision but can't] Uh...
Katina: Um, what's wrong?
Eddie: Uhhh I don't know. I can't see it anymore.
Katina: Well if you can't see the future, we have no future.

"That's So Raven: Taken to the Cleaners (#3.4)" (2004)
Rhonda: Yo leg ain't broken. you was just to lazy to come down to the cleaners and pick them up
[takes chips]
Raven, Eddie, Chelsea Daniels: Hey!
Rhonda: Thats right I got yo chips! You on my list!