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Cory Baxter (Character)
from "That's So Raven" (2003)

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"Cory in the House: The New Kid in Town (#1.1)" (2007)
Meena: I'm Meena.
Cory Baxter: I'm... I'm Yroc!
[Meena Flips Card]
Cory Baxter: I'm Cory!

Cory Baxter: I'm in the house!

Cory Baxter: Make the house great again: Cory 2020!

"Cory in the House: Just Desserts (#1.8)" (2007)
Cory Baxter: Mrs. Flowers! What brings you down?
Samantha Samuels: Rainy days and Mondays.

Meena Paroom: I present to you... the official Bahavian dessert: the Nakeeshka!
[Cory and Newt reach for it and Meena stops them]
Meena Paroom: You think you can just dig in like wild animals? First, we must ceremoniously drizzle it with lemon sauce...
[does a sort of Bahavian chant while drizzling the "nakeeshka"]
Meena Paroom: There. Now you may dig in like wild animals.
[Cory and Newt split Meena's pastry in half and taste it]
Meena Paroom: So, what do you think?
Cory Baxter: If this nakeeshka had a dress... I would marry it.
Newt Livingston: [examining his nakeeshka] You know, I don't really say this often... but, AWWWESSOMMMMMMME!

"Cory in the House: Nappers' Delight (#1.6)" (2007)
Sophie: Who wants to play dress up?
Cory Baxter: [sounding like Sophie] Not me!
Sophie: Who means you. And wants to means
[devilish sound]
Sophie: HAS to.

Sophie: Us Whitehouse kids gotta stick together.
Cory Baxter: Yeah.

"That's So Raven: Escape Claus (#1.19)" (2003)
Corey Baxter: 20 bucks in 20 seconds. Cha-chingle bells, cha-chingle bells.

Corey Baxter: [comes downstairs holding a Christmas suit] I found this hanging up in my closet.
[walks to counter and sits down hanging up the suit with the hanger]
Corey Baxter: I will not wear this stupid suit for another stupid picture with Santa, I'm to old.
Victor Baxter: Come on, we do this every year and your mother loves it.
[Cory looks sad]
Victor Baxter: But... between the two of us, how about 10 bucks to get you to go along with the program.
Corey Baxter: [Cory looks hypnotized] Ten bucks!
[he reachs over for the bill]
Victor Baxter: Hmmm, whats the magic word?
Corey Baxter: [takes the money out of Victor's hands] Cheese!
[walks out to the Living Room carrying the suit]
Tanya Baxter: Oh good! I see you found your Christmas outfit! That picture means a lot to your father.
Corey Baxter: [turns around and faces her] Really?
[Tanya nods]
Corey Baxter: I don't know, it's so dorky!
Tanya Baxter: Uh, 10 dollars make it any less dorky?
Corey Baxter: [takes the money and looks innocent] I guess I could do it, for Father.

"That's So Raven: Party Animal (#1.1)" (2003)
Raven: [carrying CD player] Corey, have you been using my CD player?
Corey: No...
Raven: Then why is there...
[opening CD player, holding up balogna]
Raven: *balogna* in it?
Corey: [looking at Raven] Are you mad?
Raven: You got that right!
Corey: Then it's done its job.

Raven: [carrying CD player] Corey, have you been using my CD player?
Corey: No
Raven: [opening CD player, holding up balogni] Then why is there balogni in it?
Corey: [looking at Raven] Did it make you mad?
Raven: Ya darn right!
Corey: Then it's done its job.

"That's So Raven: Five Finger Discount (#3.5)" (2004)
Raven: Cory, I am your big sister ok. I won't judge you.
Corey: Ok, you know that monkey keychain?
Raven: Ummhmm.
Corey: I stole it
Raven: You dirty little thief!
Corey: I thought you said you wouldn't judge me.
Raven: That was before I knew what you were doing!

Victor: Raven, do you remember when we all agreed that we'd step up and take on extra responsibility since your mother is going back to school.
Raven: I know.
Victor: And what was your responsibility for this morning?
Raven: Wake up Cory and bring him down for breakfast!... Oh snap!
[walks up the stairs, Victor resumes massaging her shoulders]
Victor: Peaceful meadow. Peaceful meadow.
Tonya: Maybe going back to school was a mistake.
Victor: No. No, no. Everything is under control. Peaceful meadow. Peaceful meadow.
Raven: [from upstairs off-screen] Cory? CORY! YOU BETTER WAKE UP YA NASTY!
Raven: [they come downstairs back on screen to reveal a half awake Cory with a tooth brush in his mouth and a shirt halfway on over another shirt] Well, my job's done.

"Cory in the House: Everybody Loves Meena (#1.3)" (2007)
Cory Baxter: I had the worst night of my life!
Sophie: I almost married your friend NEWT
Cory Baxter: Well I got on a bus in my underwear
Sophie: Ok then you win!

Jason Stickler: I don't think you wanna go out there in your underwear.
Cory Baxter: [mockingly] But I'm not in my underwe...
Jason Stickler: Turbo!
[the hand dryer sucks off Cory's clothes, leaving him in a white t-shirt and powder blue boxers]

"That's So Raven: Art Breaker (#3.13)" (2005)
Victor: Cory, why is this milk carton filled with grape soda?
Corey: It came from a purple cow?

Corey: [eating at table with Tanya and Victor] Mmmm, this is really good, what do you call this?
Victor: Fresh fruit.

"That's So Raven: Out of Control (#2.1)" (2003)
Raven: [on a power trip before the Chill Grill's opening] The following things are uncool. Mom scatting - yeah, that's got to go.
[Victor laughs, Tonya glares and he stops]
Raven: Two, Dad's face on these flyers - gotta go.
Corey Baxter: [tossing a tomato up and down] Just say the word, Dad.
[kisses tomato]
Raven: Three, Corey - gotta go. You know what? Actually, make Corey number one. So from the top...
[Corey throws the tomato at her]
Corey Baxter: It... slipped?
Raven: My foot is gonna slip.
[takes shoe off and chases him around the restaurant]

Raven: Mom's scatting... gotta go! Dad's face on these flyers... gotta go!
Corey Baxter: Just say the word dad.
Raven: Corey... gotta go! actually lets make Corey number 1 so starting at the top.
Corey Baxter: [Raven talks continuously and Corey throws a tomato at Raven] It slipped?
Raven: My foot is gonna slip.

"That's So Raven: Dissin' Cousins (#1.11)" (2003)
Raven: [entering dining room with Chelsea] Look who came with me to serve the salad.
Chelsea: Yeah. No one serves salad like I do.
[puts salad on Victor and Tania's plate]
Chelsea: Here's some for Mrs. Baxter and here's some for Mr. Baxter. And here's some
[crab pinches her]
Chelsea: for Corey!
Corey Baxter: She always gets a little emotional when she says my name.
Chelsea: Here's some for Andrea. Here you go Eddie.
[spills a little salad]
Chelsea: Sorry.
[to Eddie]
Raven: And your main course will be ready soon.
Andrea: Are you sure you don't need any help? What are we having anyway?
Raven: Girl, we're having crab. Really, really f-f-fresh crab.
Raven, Chelsea: [in unison, walking toward kitchen] And your salad servers will be leaving now. Buh-bye, buh-bye, buh-bye, see ya!
[waving bye with salad tongs]

"Cory in the House: That's So in the House (#1.16)" (2007)
Cory Baxter: [talking to sister Raven via cell phone] Raven? Hey, how fast can you get to Washington, DC?
Raven Baxter: [enters the room] Is *this* fast enough?

"That's So Raven: The Lying Game (#2.19)" (2004)
Larry: [to Raven, after licking a cookie crumb from his hand] Please, I'm so weak... can I have some more?
Raven: *More?*
[the classroom shakes and everyone runs back to their desks]
Corey Baxter: [begging to Raven] Sister, please, he'll never make it through the winter! Can't I just give him one marshmallow?
Raven: [staring menacingly at Larry] Well... maybe just one, *but*... he has to catch it in his mouth.
[laughs evilly]
Raven: I'm such a bossy boots!

"That's So Raven: The Parties (#1.9)" (2003)
[after Corey gets pillow feathers all over Nicki]
Raven: That darn Corey!
Corey Baxter: Me?
[Holds up pillow]
Raven: She broke my pillow!

"That's So Raven: Mad Hot Cotillion (#4.13)" (2006)
Corey Baxter: Introduce yourself, talk about... school! Or TV, music!
The Juicer: Okay... school! TV! Music? Oh nice job, Casanova!

"That's So Raven: Bend It Like Baxter (#3.8)" (2005)
[Corey can't see a thing in his stolen glasses. He trips, falls and destroys Cindy's display]
Cindy: Corey, my project! How could you?
Corey Baxter: It wasn't easy.

"That's So Raven: They Work Hard for His Honey (#3.17)" (2005)
Corey Baxter: [to Victor] Daddy, I'm dumb!

"That's So Raven: Soup to Nuts (#4.15)" (2006)
Raven Baxter: WHAT? Senior surprise day? And I missed it?
Corey Baxter: Yeah! Because you were 'so cold, so cold!'
Raven Baxter: You keep goin, you gonna be out cold in a second.
Corey Baxter: I see you feelin better.

"That's So Raven: The Road to Audition (#2.18)" (2004)
Corey Baxter: It's on!
Victor Baxter: Hey, wait a minute. Undercover Superstar isn't on until tomorrow.
Corey Baxter: I know. I've got a new show that I think you guys will enjoy.
Victor Baxter, Tonya Baxter: [Old footage of Victor and Tonya, singing] Your love's been a melody. And the beat's comin' from my heart. And it's going to the top of the chart. We have had our share of loss. We're never ever down in the dumps. I love...
Victor Baxter: Here come the pain.
Victor Baxter, Tonya Baxter: I love the way that you start. And I know we'll never split!
[Victor does a split and injures himself]
Raven: Looks like toast got burnt.
Victor Baxter: Medic!
Corey Baxter: Should I be runnin'?
Victor Baxter: Oh, yeah!
Corey Baxter: Kay!
[Corey starts running, and Victor gets up and chases him]