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Raven Baxter (Character)
from "That's So Raven" (2003)

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"That's So Raven: Out of Control (#2.1)" (2003)
Raven: So, what's going on with you two?
Chelsea, Eddie: Nothing.
Raven: Oh? 'Cause lately it kinda seemed like something
Chelsea: Well, sometimes nothing can seem like something...
Raven: And sometimes something can be something.
Eddie: Unless it's nothing.
Raven: Nothing yet or nothing at all because if it's nothing at all we can do it to-geth-er.
Eddie: Can't.
Raven: Why not?
Chelsea: Because if three people do nothing, then it kinda becomes something.

Raven: Dad, we've always been a three-sum, and if they become a two-sum, then I become a one-sum, then if they break up, we become three one-sums which is definitely not as good as one three-sum!

Chelsea: Are you excited?
Raven: Excited? Don't you mean hurt, disappointed... betrayed?
Chelsea: Oh... no, no, silly! The other excited like, happy!

Raven: Why didn't you tell me what you guys were up to?
Chelsea: I don't know, we knew if we told you, you know... you'd want you to control our every move.
Raven: [interrupting] Ooh! Ooh! I don't even wanna Think about y'all's moves!
Eddie: Well Rae, you're gonna have to 'cauze we're gonna do them...
[Dances His Hips Front to Back]
Eddie: ...on Stage
Raven: What? My Dad runs a clean respectable business, Not having you and your nastyyy...
Tonya: [announcing] And now the salsa-dance stylings of Eddie And Chelsea!
Raven: Sa... sa... salsa dancing?
Tonya: Yeah, sweety. What did you think they were doing?
Raven: Well I thought they were doing something, but a whole 'nother little something...

Raven: [on a power trip before the Chill Grill's opening] The following things are uncool. Mom scatting - yeah, that's got to go.
[Victor laughs, Tonya glares and he stops]
Raven: Two, Dad's face on these flyers - gotta go.
Corey Baxter: [tossing a tomato up and down] Just say the word, Dad.
[kisses tomato]
Raven: Three, Corey - gotta go. You know what? Actually, make Corey number one. So from the top...
[Corey throws the tomato at her]
Corey Baxter: It... slipped?
Raven: My foot is gonna slip.
[takes shoe off and chases him around the restaurant]

Raven: The Three Musketeers!
Eddie: The Three Amigos!
Chelsea: The Three Blind Mice!
[Raven and Eddie give her a look]
Chelsea: Hey, that's really not fair. You guys took all the good ones.

Raven: Mom's scatting... gotta go! Dad's face on these flyers... gotta go!
Corey Baxter: Just say the word dad.
Raven: Corey... gotta go! actually lets make Corey number 1 so starting at the top.
Corey Baxter: [Raven talks continuously and Corey throws a tomato at Raven] It slipped?
Raven: My foot is gonna slip.

Raven: Mom scatting... gotta go!
Raven: Dad's face on this flyer... gotta go!
Raven: Cory... gotta go!

"That's So Raven: Dissin' Cousins (#1.11)" (2003)
Raven: [after Andrea gloats] Actually, I do know how boyfriends are.
Chelsea: [nervously] Yeah, she does.
Raven: Yeah, cause I have one.
Chelsea: Yeah, she does?
Raven: He makes your Jean-Paul look like French Toast!
Raven: He is smart, independent, and totally there for me. And he is Eddie.
Chelsea: Eddie?
Eddie: Bon Jovi ya'll.
Raven: Oh you say the cutest things. Come on Boo.
Eddie: Who's Boo.
Raven: Boo, you.

Andrea: [talking to group of students] I was strolling down the Chanze A Lizee when this photographer came up to me and asks, "Aren't you Tyra Banks?"
[all laugh]
Raven: [chomping on gum] Look at her. She thinks she's all perfect just because she lives in Europe, shops in Europe, goes to school in Europe, drinks in Europe, eats in Europe...
Chelsea: [pulls Raven's arm] Rae, Rae, we get it now. Europe thing, not good.
[also chomps on gum]
Raven: This has been the worst day of my life.
Andrea: This has been the best day of my life. So, aren't you going to introduce me to your cheer squad? You're the captian, aren't you?
Raven: Uh, yeah. Let's go meet the squad.
[goes toward cheerleaders]
Raven: OK, diving position girls. 2, 4, 6, 8 that is the way we like to... count! Ok, Jennifer you work on that, Angie, ya need some help.
[walks away]
Andrea: Bonjour boys!
boys in school hall: [tip their glasses] Bonjour!
Andrea: Ah, American boys are so cute! If only Jean-Paul wasn't waiting for me back in Paris. You know how boyfriends are Ravee. Oh, that's right! You don't!
Raven: Actually, I do know how boyfriends are.
Chelsea: [speaking nervously] Yeah, she does.
Raven: 'Cause I have one.
Chelsea: [continues speaking nervously] Y-yeah, she does.
Raven: And he makes Jean-Paul look like French toast.
Chelsea: French toast!
Raven: He is charming, cute, and there for me. And he is-Eddie.
Chelsea: [confused] Eddie?
Eddie: Bonjour yall.
Andrea: Eddie's your boyfriend.
Raven: Yes, and there are a million things we'd rather do. Come on boo.
Eddie: Who's boo?
Raven: Boo you.

Raven: [walking into kitchen] Oh, Chels! This looks so nice. Vegetables, rice, allmodine. So, where's the crab imperial?
Chelsea: [scooping rice nervously] In the box?
Raven: [looks in the box and picks up a crab, gasping] Chels, it's still kickin'.
Chelsea: Yeah-yeah-y-yeah. I know Rae. But at the restaraunt, they wanted to kill 'em and I saved 'em. Look, look, look! I saved Danny, oh, and Little Ricky.
Raven: Chels, Chels, I understand that you love the animals and girl, I'm all for that. It's just...
[walking around the kitchen]
Chelsea: Rae, watcha doin?
Raven: Oh, I'm just giving him a tour of the kitchen. Ricky, here's the fridge... and here's the hot pot of boiling water!
[opens pot's lid]
Chelsea: [struggling to put the lid back] Rae no!
Raven, Chelsea: Raven: Chels! Chelsea: Rae, stop!
[fighting over the lid, both fall and have crab stuck in hair]

Raven: [entering dining room with Chelsea] Look who came with me to serve the salad.
Chelsea: Yeah. No one serves salad like I do.
[puts salad on Victor and Tania's plate]
Chelsea: Here's some for Mrs. Baxter and here's some for Mr. Baxter. And here's some
[crab pinches her]
Chelsea: for Corey!
Corey Baxter: She always gets a little emotional when she says my name.
Chelsea: Here's some for Andrea. Here you go Eddie.
[spills a little salad]
Chelsea: Sorry.
[to Eddie]
Raven: And your main course will be ready soon.
Andrea: Are you sure you don't need any help? What are we having anyway?
Raven: Girl, we're having crab. Really, really f-f-fresh crab.
Raven, Chelsea: [in unison, walking toward kitchen] And your salad servers will be leaving now. Buh-bye, buh-bye, buh-bye, see ya!
[waving bye with salad tongs]

Raven: Well, I barely have time to read the yearbook! Cause I'm, uhh... head of the volleyball time and captain of the cheer... society.
Eddie: Cheer society?
Raven: Yes! It's new!
[Andrea looks confused]
Raven: We uhhh... cheer for the elderly. We're like gooooooooo
Raven: old people!

"That's So Raven: If I Only Had a Job (#1.18)" (2003)
Mr. Briggs: I think it's just... nifty that you came down here to defend your dad.
Raven: [smiling hopefully] Yeah?
Mr. Briggs: Ever notice how nifty people never win?

[Raven, Eddie, and Chelsea are in costume, pretending to be someone famous]
Raven: Everyone is looking at me. Why can't I just blend in?
[about Mr. Briggs]
Raven: He's looking me in the eye.
Eddie Thomas: [to Mr. Briggs] Don't do that.

[Raven, Eddie, and Chelsea are in costume]
Raven: [to Eddie] Papi, tell them who I be.
Eddie Thomas: Me?
Raven: You don't expect me to introduce me, do you?
Eddie Thomas: Uh... that's uh... Liz Anya.
Raven: [whispers] Liz Anya?
Eddie Thomas: [whispers] You was about to be Porka Choppa!

Raven: [dressed as a rockstar] Do you listen to music?
Eddie: Do you watch TV?
Chelsea Daniels: Do you carry a lunchbox?

"That's So Raven: The Lying Game (#2.19)" (2004)
Chelsea: [arresting Raven] You... have the right to remain silent!
Raven: Chelsea? Do you have the keys for that!

Raven: [Larry stares at her] Who are you starin' at?
Larry: The face of evil!

Larry: [to Raven, after licking a cookie crumb from his hand] Please, I'm so weak... can I have some more?
Raven: *More?*
[the classroom shakes and everyone runs back to their desks]
Corey Baxter: [begging to Raven] Sister, please, he'll never make it through the winter! Can't I just give him one marshmallow?
Raven: [staring menacingly at Larry] Well... maybe just one, *but*... he has to catch it in his mouth.
[laughs evilly]
Raven: I'm such a bossy boots!

[after blackcurrant juice soaks her shirt]
Raven: [shouts] Oh, I'm melting! I'm melting!
Raven: [suddenly opening her eyes at Corey] This is all... *your fault!*
[classroom shakes]

"That's So Raven: The Parties (#1.9)" (2003)
[after Eddie and Corey spray pillow feathers all over Nicki]
Raven: That darn Eddie!
Nicki: How am I supposed to go over there like this?
Eddie: Maybe you can fly.

[Raven and Chelsea give Nicki a towel with mud mask on it]
Raven: [looking at Nicki's mud mask] Ooooooh!
Nicki: What is all over my face?
Raven: [takes some on her finger and sniffs it - gasps] Girl, it's pistachio pudding!

[after Corey gets pillow feathers all over Nicki]
Raven: That darn Corey!
Corey Baxter: Me?
[Holds up pillow]
Raven: She broke my pillow!

Raven: [after Chelsea has covered Nikki in hairspray] That darn Chelsea!
Chelsea Daniels: Golly gee, I'm hopeless!

"That's So Raven: Food for Thought (#3.29)" (2005)
Raven Baxter: People, people! Listen to me, please, listen to me. Put down the pies! Do not maximize! You need to exercise! The scales will rise and so will your theighs!

Raven: Guilty as charged for given us food thats bad for us!
Raven: Food court... Gotta go!

Raven: Put the pies down! You got to excrsize! Or the scales will rise and so will yo thighs!
Eddie: Who wants some fries?

"That's So Raven: They Work Hard for His Honey (#3.17)" (2005)
Chantel: I can't wait, Snookypuss.
Eddie Thomas: Me neither, Cookielips.
Chelsea Daniels: [watching Eddie and Chantel rub noses] Aww, that is so sweet. Rae, how come we don't have any cute little nicknames?
Raven Baxter: [giving Chelsea an odd look] Ok... Biscuithead.
Chelsea Daniels: Awww!
[Chelsea gives Raven a hug]

Raven: Chelsea, pull my finger!
Chelsea: Oh, oh, no, Ray, my cousin Earl tries that one on me every Thanksgiving! Not gonna happen!
Raven: Chelsea, pull my finger, I have to get the ring off!

Raven: Chelsea, come grab my feet!
Chelsea: Oh, oh no, Ray, cousin Earl tries that one too!
Raven: Chelsea, come grab my feet, I need to get that ring out!

"That's So Raven: Taken to the Cleaners (#3.4)" (2004)
Raven: [to Cory in a schoolyard sing] Don't you get excited cause you aren't invited!

Ronda: [Chelsea opens door] You had to live on the biggest hill in San Fransico. So who's got the broken leg
Chelsea: Oh her, you wanna see.
[Pulls cover off Ravens Leg]
Chelsea: Chelse!
Ronda: So. Wheres the cast.
Raven: Um I broke that too?
Ronda: You're leg aint broke. You were just too lazy to come and pick up your own clothes.
Chelsea, Raven: [Ronda grabs chips] Hey!
Ronda: That's right, I got yo chips. And You!
[points to Raven]
Ronda: You on my list.
Raven: Well now she's off mine.

Rhonda: Yo leg ain't broken. you was just to lazy to come down to the cleaners and pick them up
[takes chips]
Raven, Eddie, Chelsea Daniels: Hey!
Rhonda: Thats right I got yo chips! You on my list!

"That's So Raven: Skunk'd (#2.16)" (2004)
Raven Baxter: [Chelsea took Raven camping] What is that smell?
Chelsea Daniels: Chelsea: That would be fresh air.
Raven Baxter: Well that has GOT to go!
[Starts spraying air freshener]

Chelsea Daniels: [bird sound effect] I hear you, Mr. Bird.
Chelsea Daniels: [toad sound effect] I hear you, Mr. Toad.
Raven Baxter: [interrupting the scene] Chelsea!
Raven Baxter: Tent in a tube.
Chelsea Daniels: And I hear you, Miss Mouth.

Chelsea: [Offscreen inside Raven's tent as a skunk walks through] Hey,Raven! You're boot's back!
Raven: That is not my boot!
[the entire camp breaks out in screams and runs out of the tent, followed by Raven and Chelsea]
Raven: [Throws her skunk boot into the tent] Why don't you just take the other one? Ya nasty...!

"That's So Raven: Don't Have a Cow (#2.2)" (2003)
Raven Baxter: Looks like we have to say the magic words...
Chelsea Daniels: Oh i got this, please and thank you!
Raven Baxter: Please and thank you, FROM THE BOOK!

Raven Baxter: Why couldn't you have been wearing a Halle Berry button?

"That's So Raven: Run Raven Run (#2.3)" (2003)
Chelsea: Look, Rae this whole fight between you guys is just because in fourth grade you were the tooth fairy in the school play and Alana got stuck being tooth decay
Alana: You got that part because you were a kiss up!
Raven: I got that part because I *was* the tooth fairy

Alana: Hey Baxter do you know what time it is?
Raven: No...
Alana: Quarter past payback
Chelsea: [looks at watch] Really? mine only says ten past.

"That's So Raven: Escape Claus (#1.19)" (2003)
Raven Baxter: [about Santa] No wonder it takes eight reindeer to pull this dude!

Chelsea Daniels: Did you get the necklace?
Raven Baxter: Yeah, and we still have time left. Oh look, a shoe sale!
Eddie Thomas: No the plan was to get in and out we got in now let's get out!

"That's So Raven: Party Animal (#1.1)" (2003)
Raven: [carrying CD player] Corey, have you been using my CD player?
Corey: No...
Raven: Then why is there...
[opening CD player, holding up balogna]
Raven: *balogna* in it?
Corey: [looking at Raven] Are you mad?
Raven: You got that right!
Corey: Then it's done its job.

Raven: [carrying CD player] Corey, have you been using my CD player?
Corey: No
Raven: [opening CD player, holding up balogni] Then why is there balogni in it?
Corey: [looking at Raven] Did it make you mad?
Raven: Ya darn right!
Corey: Then it's done its job.

"That's So Raven: Five Finger Discount (#3.5)" (2004)
Raven: Cory, I am your big sister ok. I won't judge you.
Corey: Ok, you know that monkey keychain?
Raven: Ummhmm.
Corey: I stole it
Raven: You dirty little thief!
Corey: I thought you said you wouldn't judge me.
Raven: That was before I knew what you were doing!

Victor: Raven, do you remember when we all agreed that we'd step up and take on extra responsibility since your mother is going back to school.
Raven: I know.
Victor: And what was your responsibility for this morning?
Raven: Wake up Cory and bring him down for breakfast!... Oh snap!
[walks up the stairs, Victor resumes massaging her shoulders]
Victor: Peaceful meadow. Peaceful meadow.
Tonya: Maybe going back to school was a mistake.
Victor: No. No, no. Everything is under control. Peaceful meadow. Peaceful meadow.
Raven: [from upstairs off-screen] Cory? CORY! YOU BETTER WAKE UP YA NASTY!
Raven: [they come downstairs back on screen to reveal a half awake Cory with a tooth brush in his mouth and a shirt halfway on over another shirt] Well, my job's done.

"That's So Raven: When in Dome (#3.22)" (2005)
Jennifer: [to Raven] What's your favorite kind of beans?
Raven Baxter: Pork n'
[laughs hysterically while Chelsea and Jennifer stare]
Raven Baxter: Get it? Pork n' beans!
Chelsea Daniels: Oh!
[laughs hysterically]
Jennifer: I just don't find it very easy to laugh about someone eating a poor little piggy.
Chelsea Daniels: Oh, yeah, I never thought of that. Sorry I laughed, Jennifer.

Jennifer: [Raven starts spraying her hair with hairspray] Do you realize how harmful that hairspray is?
Raven: To my hair no I got conditioner in it, its all good.

"That's So Raven: He's Got the Power (#2.15)" (2004)
Chelsea: Eddie's so popular. He should get a TV show or someting.
Raven: Come on, Chelsea. Who would watch a show about a teen physic?
Chelsea: Yeah...
Raven: [camera goes back to her and she is staring directly at the camera for about 5 seconds]

Raven: [dressed in '70s clothes with Chelsea] We are two *foxy* mommas you just *don't* wanna mess with!

"That's So Raven: The Road to Audition (#2.18)" (2004)
Emmett: A-ha! Singing in the hallway? You'll be spending lunch in detention.
Raven: What? You little power-trippin', grade-skippin' wannabe police cape, Emmett!

Corey Baxter: It's on!
Victor Baxter: Hey, wait a minute. Undercover Superstar isn't on until tomorrow.
Corey Baxter: I know. I've got a new show that I think you guys will enjoy.
Victor Baxter, Tonya Baxter: [Old footage of Victor and Tonya, singing] Your love's been a melody. And the beat's comin' from my heart. And it's going to the top of the chart. We have had our share of loss. We're never ever down in the dumps. I love...
Victor Baxter: Here come the pain.
Victor Baxter, Tonya Baxter: I love the way that you start. And I know we'll never split!
[Victor does a split and injures himself]
Raven: Looks like toast got burnt.
Victor Baxter: Medic!
Corey Baxter: Should I be runnin'?
Victor Baxter: Oh, yeah!
Corey Baxter: Kay!
[Corey starts running, and Victor gets up and chases him]

"That's So Raven: Art Breaker (#3.13)" (2005)
[after Eddie just fed her a Jalopeno Pepper Popper]
Raven: What? You picked a potentially painful pepper popper to pop into my pecker?
Eddie: Possibly.

[Miss Petuto is not interested in what Chelsea has to say about her statue]
Miss Petuto: Chelsea, why don't you let your art speak for itself?
Raven: WATER!
[Raven jumps off the podium and scares the admirers]

"That's So Raven: True Colors (#3.10)" (2005)
Chelsea: [filling out application] Special skills, none, experience, none, why you want this job, don't know.
Raven Baxter: Hey Chels you might want to put a positive spin on that application.
Chelsea: Well, what did you write?
Raven Baxter: For special skills I put down design my own clothes.
Chelsea: Okay, special skills can whistle through nose, I can do that.

[Raven leaves the house before dinner time]
Victor Baxter: What did I tell you? I said I'm making a special dinner in honor of black history month.
Raven Baxter: No disrespect, but I want to celebrate getting this job. So I'm black... and I'm history.

"That's So Raven: Gettin' Outta Dodge (#3.15)" (2005)
Bianca: I brought cookies.
Raven: Where did you steal them?
Bianca: No. I made them with love.

"That's So Raven: Psychics Wanted (#1.17)" (2003)
Madam Cassandra: I think I'm getting something.
Raven Baxter: Yeah, this.
[Raven hits her with the giant finger]

"That's So Raven: Teach Your Children Well (#1.12)" (2003)
Raven: [Quickly expalaining the plot outline for Romeo and Juliet] Boy likes girl, girl likes boy, they both die, cry cry cry, the end.

"That's So Raven: Leave It to Diva (#2.11)" (2004)
Raven: Nana, I'm physic.
Donna Cabonna: Oh that's preposterous!
Raven: No, its... posterous.

"That's So Raven: Sweeps (#3.6)" (2004)
Chelsea Daniels: Oh, so you want to change my script?
Raven Baxter: No, I'm not saying I want to change your script....Maybe just give it a litle tweaky-tweakying.
Chelsea Daniels: Fine Rae, "tweaky-tweaky" yourself silly!
[storms out]

"That's So Raven: To See or Not to See (#1.21)" (2004)
Raven Baxter: [gasps] Grandma, are you psychic?
Grandma Vivian: Well, I don't know who this "Grandma" is, but Viv is. How did you think I knew what Corey was up to with his whoopie cushion... in fact, he's on his way downstairs right now with a couple of water balloons.
Grandma Vivian: Corey, don't even think about it!

"That's So Raven: Ye Olde Dating Game (#1.10)" (2003)
[Raven hides behind a bale of hay]
Raven: How do I look?
Eddie: Rae, the bale's not hiding the booty.

"That's So Raven: The Big Buzz (#3.9)" (2005)
Chelsea: Ray, maybe you should go see the school councilor or something?
Raven: [in a whiney voice] Okay.

"That's So Raven: A Fight at the Opera (#1.16)" (2003)
Eddie Thomas: [Raven and Chealsea Are watching a tape and they hug] Aww... doesnt that make you wanna go
Raven Baxter, Chelsea Daniels: Awww

"That's So Raven: Chef-Man and Raven (#3.21)" (2005)
Victor Baxter: Rae, you shouldn't have accepted that challenge for me.
Raven Baxter: Why?
Victor Baxter: Because of a man named Leonard Stevenson.
[Chelsea screams]
Chelsea Daniels: What? It sounded scary.
[Rae and Victor leave the room]
Raven Baxter: Dad, who is Leonard Stevenson?
[Chelsea screams again off-screen]
Victor Baxter: Chels, get away from the door.
Chelsea Daniels: Sorry.
Victor Baxter: Leonard Stevenson. More commonly known as Captain Cook Off.
Raven Baxter: Dad. You know Captain Cook Off?
Victor Baxter: Unfortunately.

"That's So Raven: Boyz 'N Commotion (#3.14)" (2005)
Raven: Yeah, the boys got my back.
Bianca: [sarcastically] Yeah, and I was partying with Beyonce last night.
Chelsea: Oh, my God that is so cool, is she nice?
Raven: Chels, she doesn't know Beyonce.
Chelsea: Then why was she partying with her, duh?

"That's So Raven: Test of Friendship (#1.4)" (2003)
Senorita Rodriguez: Hello, Chelsea, Hello, Raven.
Raven: Hi, Senora Rodriguez. Did you change the midterm!
Senorita Rodriguez: Si!
Chelsea: Is it any easier?
Senorita Rodriguez: Eh... no.
Raven: Is it any more fun?
Senorita Rodriguez: Well, I put it on pink paper and that says *fun* to me!

"That's So Raven: Separation Anxiety (#1.20)" (2003)
Raven Baxter: [shouts] Morning sunshine. Who's gonna have a good day today? We are.

"Cory in the House: That's So in the House (#1.16)" (2007)
Cory Baxter: [talking to sister Raven via cell phone] Raven? Hey, how fast can you get to Washington, DC?
Raven Baxter: [enters the room] Is *this* fast enough?

"That's So Raven: Radio Heads (#2.13)" (2004)
Raven: Chelsea, I just saw the future!
Chelsea: Rae, sweetie, you always see the future.
Raven: No, Chelsea, it was way, way in the future. We were on our 75th school reunion.
Chelsea: We went to 75 schools?

"That's So Raven: Adventures in Boss Sitting (#4.5)" (2006)
Donna Cabonna: Wait young lady, you made a commitment to work for me 24/7!
Raven Baxter: I didn't know it meant all day all week!

"That's So Raven: A Dog by Any Other Name (#1.14)" (2003)
Chelsea Daniels: Yeah, but now, Rae, I have no boyfriend.
Raven Baxter: Yeah, well that guy is crazy because you have 'it' going on.
Eddie Thomas: Yeah, Chelsea, you have 'it' going on. Well, I mean not really, 'cause we're friends and friends don't look at other friend's 'its'.

"That's So Raven: Saving Psychic Raven (#1.8)" (2003)
Carly: [Raven is in mid air after trying to leave the research office] She belongs with us!
Eddie: She belongs with us!
Raven: I *belong* on the ground!

"That's So Raven: Mother Dearest (#1.3)" (2003)
Raven: [Dressed as her "mother"] I heard you stole my babies locker!
Bully: Look all i was
[Raven hits him with her purse]
Bully: Now you get your things outta there pronto am i making myself clear?
Bully: But i was just
[Raven hits him with her purse again]
Raven: Now dont you but me boy! And you if you mention any of this to Eddie I've got a bigger purse with buckles! OW!

"That's So Raven: On Top of Old Oaky (#3.16)" (2005)
Raven Baxter: [looking around the tree] So this is Old Oakey, huh?... Yeah, it ain't so bad.
Eddie: Yeah, I could kick it up here.
Chelsea: Aw, come on. You guys don't have to do that.
Raven Baxter: But we want to, Chels.
Eddie: And now that we're all up here, ain't nothin' gonna bring us down.
Chelsea: Hey, c'mon guys, let's sing it altogether.
Raven Baxter, Eddie, Chelsea: [singing together] On top of Old Oakey!
[the tree suddenly snaps and starts to tip over]
Raven Baxter: Oh snap, for real!
[they all scream as the tree fall over with them on it. Senorita Rodriguez runs to the window]
Senorita Rodriguez: [calling down] Are you guys okay?
Raven Baxter, Eddie, Chelsea: Yeah.
Senorita Rodriguez: [singing] Well, now Old Oakey is on top of you!
Senorita Rodriguez: Oh, I crack myself up!

"That's So Raven: That's So Not Raven (#2.8)" (2004)
Raven: I was designing since I was in diapers. I used to design my own diapers. In fact, I used to put glitter and sayings and, y'know, little flowers. Trying to add a little beauty to the doody.

"That's So Raven: Bend It Like Baxter (#3.8)" (2005)
Eddie: Guys! Guys! I have the funniest thing.
Chelsea: [laughs real hard] That was hilarious!
Raven: Chels, he hasn't said the funny thing yet.
Chelsea: Or maybe you just don't get it Rae.

"That's So Raven: Raven, Sydney and the Man (#4.1)" (2006)
Raven Baxter: [At Cory's Bro-Mitzvah doing bad comedy] Oh, turkey leg. Where for art thou turkey leg?
[Takes a bite]
Raven Baxter: You are in my stomach, turkey leg. Yes, you are!
Sydney: Yo, turkey! Stuff it!
Raven Baxter: Who's sayin that? You don't know nothin bout no comedy!
Sydney: I know you're dyin up there!
Raven Baxter: So? I got some food. You ain't eatin.

"That's So Raven: Mr. Perfect (#3.30)" (2005)
Stanley: My love is like a boomerang, it keeps on coming back.
Raven: Well my foot is like a pendulum, it will keep on swingin'...
Stanley: OK, I'm gone!

"That's So Raven: Soup to Nuts (#4.15)" (2006)
Raven Baxter: WHAT? Senior surprise day? And I missed it?
Corey Baxter: Yeah! Because you were 'so cold, so cold!'
Raven Baxter: You keep goin, you gonna be out cold in a second.
Corey Baxter: I see you feelin better.

"That's So Raven: Cake Fear (#3.33)" (2005)
Raven: Yum.
[Eating sudae]
Raven: This is good. What did you put in this?
Ms. 'Pushover' Patterson: A dash of... CINNAMON!
Chelsea: [Starts choking] Oh, cinnamon?

"That's So Raven: A Goat's Tale (#2.14)" (2004)
Raven: [Eddie and Chelsea are arguing continuously] Hey! Hey! This is ridiculous! It is just a goat! It's just a goat. We need to be focusing on what is important here. Boyz in Motion, Motion at midnight.

"That's So Raven: Mismatch Maker (#3.20)" (2005)
Chantel: Oh. There he is. Talkin' to Lori... Whadda ya think they're talkin' about?
Raven: I don't know, but ya know: They DO have History together...
Chantel: HISTORY! With MY Cookie Lips?

"That's So Raven: Hook Up My Space (#4.6)" (2006)
Raven Baxter: Ahhhh! Shut Up!
Sky Huffington: No... you shut up.

"That's So Raven: Pin Pals (#4.2)" (2006)
[In her excitement, Raven drops the piano cover on her hand]
Raven Baxter: [through her teeth] If I wasn't so excited, this would really hurt.