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Max Kane (Character)
from Dinner at Eight (1933)

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Dinner at Eight (1933)
Larry Renault: [Kane, his agent, is breaking the news to him that he's washed up] You're trying to throw a scare into me.
Max Kane: Oh, no. l'm just telling you the truth... You know, you never were an actor. You did have looks, but they're gone now. You don't have to take my word for it. Just look in any mirror. They don't lie.
[Forces Renault to look at himself in a nearby mirror]
Max Kane: Take a good look. Look at those pouches under your eyes. Look at those creases. You sag like an old woman! Get a load of yourself! Wait till you start tramping around the offices, looking for a job, because no agent's going to handle you. Sitting in those anterooms hour after hour, giving your name to office boys that never even heard of you. You're through, Renault! You're through in pictures and plays and vaudeville and radio and everything. You're a corpse, and you don't know it. Go get yourself buried!

Max Kane: [entering Renault's room] Am I buttin' in?
Paula Jordan: Not at all. I was just going. Goodbye.
[Paula exits]
Max Kane: Pearls in your oysters.

Max Kane: How's the great profile today?

Larry Renault: Who's going to - play the part?
Max Kane: This, eh, Cecil Bellamy.
Larry Renault: That piffling little - why, he's English in the first place.
Max Kane: Well, the part says, English explorer.
Larry Renault: I can be English. English as anybody!