Paula Jordan
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Paula Jordan (Character)
from Dinner at Eight (1933)

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Dinner at Eight (1933)
Paula Jordan: My poor Larry. He's dead, Carlotta.
Carlotta Vance: And nothing can be done. That's the unfortunate thing about death. It's so terribly final. Even the young can't do anything about it.

Max Kane: [entering Renault's room] Am I buttin' in?
Paula Jordan: Not at all. I was just going. Goodbye.
[Paula exits]
Max Kane: Pearls in your oysters.

Paula Jordan: I'm all right now. Thank you.
Carlotta Vance: Of course you are, my dear. Now Ernest won't notice a thing.
Paula Jordan: I don't want to see Ernest. I don't want to see anybody.
Carlotta Vance: Yes, you do, dear. But I want to tell you one thing. Don't ever let him know anything about this... 'cause if there's one thing I know, it's men. I ought to. It's been my life work.
Paula Jordan: I can't ever love another man.
Carlotta Vance: No, of course you can't, dear. But if you should, you know, someone like Ernest... he won't want to know anything about your past... as long as you keep it in the past.

Paula Jordan: I'm awfully jealous of the play. Are you really going to act in it?
Larry Renault: Oh, my agent's bringing Bauman up here this afternoon. I might as well sign the contract. Bauman is as good a Producer as there is, I suppose.
Paula Jordan: And I"ll have to sit in the audience and watch you make love to another woman. Well, I hope it flops. That's what I hope.

Paula Jordan: Well, I don't give a hoot what people think!

Larry Renault: What do you want with me?
Paula Jordan: I love you.
Larry Renault: Your young and fresh and I'm burned out.