Millicent Jordan
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Millicent Jordan (Character)
from Dinner at Eight (1933)

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Dinner at Eight (1933)
Carlotta Vance: And then I had a restful, nice luncheon... with four lawyers. On the 88th floor of the What's-its building. You know, the Sky Club. A cloud floated right into my soup plate.
Millicent Jordan: Yes, it's terrible. But, we get used to it.

Millicent Jordan: You're joking! Ask that common little woman to my house and that noisy, vulgar man? He smells Oklahoma!

Millicent Jordan: I don't know where I'm going to find someone to fit in with the Ferncliffes.
Hattie Loomis: Only a rubber plant would fit in with the Ferncliffes.

Millicent Jordan: [First lines] Darling, I've got Lord and Lady Ferncliffe! They'll come to dinner next Friday. I just had a radio from them on the boat! Wasn't that brilliant of me, getting the Ferncliffes?

Millicent Jordan: [On the phone] Lucy? How are you my dear? Listen, Lucy, Lord and Lady Ferncliffe arrive from London tomorrow. And I want you and Wayne, a week from tonight. Yes. Dinner at Eight.

Millicent Jordan: [Talking on the phone] Don't you want to know the date?
Kitty: Oh, sure, honey. Friday. A week from tonight. Dinner at Eight.

Millicent Jordan: Let's see. I'll put him between Carlotta and that Packard woman.
Hattie Loomis: See if you can get him first and let nature take its course.
Millicent Jordan: I do hope he's free for tonight.
Hattie Loomis: Free, white and forty-five.

Millicent Jordan: He knows Carlotta. We met him at her place in Antibes three years ago. He was simply a sensation! The girls fighting to get into his car. And on the beach, well, my dear, he wore even less than the girls.

Millicent Jordan: And, now, on top of everything else, the Ferncliffes aren't coming to dinner! They call up at this hour, the miserable cockneys, they call up to say they've gone to Florida. Florida!

Oliver Jordan: The thing that's troubling me the most, Millie, is that - well, I'm afraid the Jordan line is gone.
Millicent Jordan: Gone?
Oliver Jordan: We're broke.
Millicent Jordan: Oh. Well, everybodies broke, darling! Don't let that worry you.

Dinner at Eight (1989) (TV)
Millicent Jordan: They call me up at this hour the miserable Cockney to say they've gone to Disney World! Disney World! And who am I going to get now! Nobody! Because nobody wants to have dinner with the rat family! Trouble! You don't know what trouble is either of you!

Millicent Jordan: What were Ricky and the dessert man fighting about?
Miss Wendell: Inflation...
Millicent Jordan: Inflation! Inflation! Ricky and the dessert man had to have a fight about inflation! In the kitchen! It is almost five o'clock!
Miss Wendell: We can't use the aspic.
Millicent Jordan: I know we can't use the aspic. Ricky and the dessert man have stomped all over it! Do you suppose we could call up the aspic lion store and order another one?
Miss Wendell: I don't think there is an aspic lion store...
Millicent Jordan: I know there isn't an aspic lion store! That is the point! that is the whole point!

Millicent Jordan: Paula comes in looking like a rat, you come in looking like a rat! What are we, the rat family?

Millicent Jordan: Get rid of her before she starts drinking your aftershave!