Oliver Jordan
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Oliver Jordan (Character)
from Dinner at Eight (1933)

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Dinner at Eight (1933)
Carlotta Vance: Oliver! Duckie! Oh, I'm never so glad to see anyone in all my life.
Oliver Jordan: Carlotta, this is a surprise! Why, you look marvelous.
Carlotta Vance: Do I? I do, don't I?
Oliver Jordan: Divine!
Carlotta Vance: Oh, Oliver, actually, you're looking handsomer than ever. Oh, Oliver.
[runs her hand down through Oliver's hair]
Carlotta Vance: Oliver.
Oliver Jordan: A little gray.
Carlotta Vance: Gray? Nonsense. Distinguished!

Oliver Jordan: Of course, this Depression isn't going to last forever. But, if it takes a little longer, than we figure, I want to know if you and your associates would be in a position to sort of tide us over?

Oliver Jordan: International star returns to stage...
Carlotta Vance: Never! I'll have my double chins in privacy.

Oliver Jordan: The thing that's troubling me the most, Millie, is that - well, I'm afraid the Jordan line is gone.
Millicent Jordan: Gone?
Oliver Jordan: We're broke.
Millicent Jordan: Oh. Well, everybodies broke, darling! Don't let that worry you.

Dinner at Eight (1989) (TV)
Carlotta Vance: I love profligate guest, jackets with linings... swiss chocolates apre' sex...
Oliver Jordan: Still?
Carlotta Vance: Still.