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Quotes for
Albert Graves (Character)
from Harper (1966)

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Harper (1966)
Sheriff: Who is this clown?
Albert Graves: He's a private detective working for us.
Lew Harper: Yeah, I used to be a sheriff 'til I passed my literacy test.

Albert Graves: Aw, hell.
Lew Harper: Aw, hell.

Elaine Sampson: Are you going to rescue my Ralph for me?
Albert Graves: Oh, now Elaine, I don't want you to worry.
Elaine Sampson: How can I worry with men like you on the job?
Sheriff: Now there's a pretty brave woman.
Lew Harper: Yeah, gutty as hell.

Albert Graves: Did you meet Sampson's daughter?
Lew Harper: That ugly, skinny kid? Yeah, we passed in the night.
Albert Graves: [Takes out a cheesecake picture of Miranda] Oh, Lew, isn't she incredible?
Lew Harper: Oh boy, you dirty old man.
Albert Graves: Go on. You think I'm too old.
Lew Harper: Nah. When she's a hundred, you only be a hundred and twenty-four.
Albert Graves: You think I'm old enough to be her father.
Lew Harper: You're old enough to be her *grandfather*.
Albert Graves: Ah, go to hell.
Lew Harper: Solid Citizen Albert, hung up on a chick at your age. That's a hoot!

Albert Graves: He was scum, Lew. I swear it.

Albert Graves: You were hired by a bitch to find scum.
Lew Harper: Yeah... every time I hope it's going to be Prince Charming sending me out to scout out Cinderella.