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Allan Taggert (Character)
from Harper (1966)

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Harper (1966)
Allan Taggert, Sampson's Pilot: Hey, this detective work is really fun!

Miranda Sampson: My stepmother, Lady Macbeth, is always going to extremes.
Lew Harper: Meaning me, Miss Sampson? I'm a very moderate-type fellow.
Miranda Sampson: Not you, especially. *Everything* she does is extreme. Other women fall off horses without getting paralyzed. Not Elaine. I think it's psychological, don't you
Allan Taggert, Sampson's Pilot: You've been reading too many books.
Miranda Sampson: That's something they'll never accuse *you* of. She's not a raving beauty anymore.
Lew Harper: [disinterested] Can I have a sandwich?
Miranda Sampson: Yes. So she retired from competition. Falling off the horse gave her the chance to do it. For all I know, she did it intentionally. And you've got to admit, it's pretty extreme, hiring a private detective when your husband's been gone just one night.

Allan Taggert, Sampson's Pilot: [Leering at Fay through the door] Well...
Lew Harper: [Dismissively] It's nothing like that. She happens to be a hard night's work

Allan Taggert, Sampson's Pilot: Hey, Lew baby!
Lew Harper: How are ya', beauty?
Allan Taggert, Sampson's Pilot: Top of the morning!

Lew Harper: [asking about Fay Estabrook] She used to be a pretty hot young starlet. What happened to her?
Allan Taggert, Sampson's Pilot: She got FAT!