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Quotes for
Charlie Crawford (Character)
from "Spin City" (1996)

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"Spin City: Smile (#5.2)" (2000)
Caitlin Moore: I hired Blake strictly based on his qualifications.
Charlie Crawford: Not on his looks?
Caitlin Moore: Nooo. Why, you think he's good looking?
Mayor Randall M. Winston Jr.: For god sakes Caitlin, open your eyes. The man's delicious.

"Spin City: Hello Charlie (#5.1)" (2000)
Inga: [In a hotel room and hearing the name Charlie Crawford on TV] Charlie, what did you saw you last name was again?
Charlie Crawford: Whoa, lets not rush things.

"Spin City: She's Gotta Habit (#6.8)" (2001)
Charlie Crawford: Look, I don't want you to freak out or anything, but... before she met me, Jennifer was romantically involved with another woman.
Caitlin Moore: Oh my God, she has?
Charlie Crawford: Yeah. You're not offended or disgusted in any way?
Caitlin Moore: No, I'm just more surprised than anything else. Actually I'm little jealous. Every girlfriend I've known has been with a woman or experimented with one, but me.