Detective Mercer
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Detective Mercer (Character)
from The Brave One (2007)

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The Brave One (2007)
Detective Mercer: Most everybody lies. Dead can't.

Detective Vitale: Guy had a rap sheet longer than my dick.
Detective Mercer: So, in other words, no priors.
Detective Vitale: Easy.

Detective Mercer: Who did you see?
Chloe: I saw Nobody
Chloe: and Nobody saw me.

Erica: So there's nothing you can do about it?
Detective Mercer: Nothing legal. No, wait... I didn't say that.
[Erica rewinds the tape and records over it]
Detective Mercer: Thank you.

Detective Mercer: How did you... pull it back together after what happened to you?
Erica: You don't
Detective Mercer: I'm sorry.
Erica: No, no.
Detective Mercer: Jacked-up question, man.
Erica: It's a fair question. You... you become someone else. A stranger.

Detective Mercer: Now, if your going to use a gun, you make sure it's legal