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Denzil (Character)
from "Only Fools and Horses...." (1981)

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"Rock & Chips: Pilot (#1.0)" (2010)
Roy Slater: [menacingly] You're new. You should have some respect.
Denzil: [cheekily] I know I should - but I'm from Liverpooool.

Trigger: I've never met anyone called Denzil before.
Denzil: You must be the only fella in the world called Trigger.
Trigger: No, there's a boy down my street called Trigger.
Del Trotter: That's you, Trig.

Jumbo Mills: So, what brought you to London?
Denzil: Me old man got off at a job. He's working in the docks.
Jumbo Mills: [Interested] Really? What does he do at the docks?
Denzil: He's a security guard.
Del Trotter: Oh, right. Well, me and Jumbo'll have to pop round and meet your family sometime. We can tell your Dad about the ancient customs at London docks.
Denzil: Yeah. Just give us a bit of time to settle in.
Jumbo Mills: Yeah, no hurry.
Del Trotter: We'll pop round tonight.

"Rock & Chips: Five Gold Rings (#1.1)" (2010)
Denzil: Trig, you've just put four sugars in there.
Trigger: Yeah. Gives you energy.
Denzil: But it's Bovril.
Trigger: I can't help it if I've got a sweet tooth, Denzil.

Denzil: What? You just get engaged to a girl, and she comes across with the goods?
Del Trotter: It's give and take, Denzil. In a week or so later, before she starts talking about lampshades, you let her see you drunk, she chucks the ring back at you. It's easy, ask him.
[points at Albie Littlewood, who reacts]
Del Trotter: You've had a lark, you've still got your ring. Next!

"Only Fools and Horses....: To Hull and Back (#4.8)" (1985)
Denzil: Corinne and I have just got back together again and I've had to promise her that I'd stop seeing you, stop getting drunk, stop gambling and get a steady job.
Del Boy: Is it my fault you married a wrong 'un? No reason to give me a volley.